How To Prevent Eczema

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How To Prevent Eczema

Does someone you know have eczema and you are wondering how to prevent eczema? If you know anyone who suffers from this skin condition you understand the pain and embarrassment that this condition can cause. People who suffer from this ailment find all kinds of ways to cover up their infections because they do not want to be bombarded with questions or stares by people who do not understand this illness. If you have ever wondered how to prevent eczema; then you have come to the right place. We will discuss some of the things you can begin doing to make sure that you do not contract this illness.

Moisturize: You may not currently have this skin condition; however if you do not learn how to keep your skin nice and moisturized you may become affected with this illness. Many people who suffer from dry skin contract this condition. Begin using lotion everyday when you are at work. I always carry a bottle of lotion with me in my car and pocketbook. Your hands can become very dry during the day; so begin applying lotion to them throughout the day.

Diet: Begin eating more salads; yes if you love salads this is one of the best things you can do on how to prevent eczema. However the salads should not be one that you can pick up through the drive through. The salads that are best for fighting off eczema are salads that contain fresh raw vegetables like; alfalfa sprouts, bean sprouts, celery, carrots and several other vegetables. If you eat a salad everyday; your chances of avoiding this condition will increase.

Cooked Foods: Yes we all love to eat a grilled steak; however the more cooked food that we eat throughout the day can cause us to attract the skin condition. Cut your cooked food consumption to only 35% of your diet throughout the day. The other 65% should be more raw foods. The cooked foods are hard on your digestion system; and will cause your body to work harder. You want to consume foods that are better for your digestion system.

Cleanse Your Body: This is a must you want to get rid of all the bad toxins that build up in your body. If you can learn how to cleanse your body at least twice a month; you will learn how to prevent eczema; and your health will improve overall. However before you cleanse you should ask your physician which cleansing product the recommend.

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