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Without your Health you have nothing. Lets get started with supplements, how they work, and what they do.

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A dietary supplement, also known as a food supplement or nutritional supplement, is intended to be added to your diet and provide certain nutrients, such as Vitamins, Minerals, Fibers, fatty Acids, or Ammino Acids.

Each vitamin is typically used in multiple reactions, and, therefore, most have multiple functions.

Vitamins your body needs are as follows:

  • Vitamin A = For your vision
  • Vitamin B1 =
  • Vitamin B2 =
  • Vitamin B3=
  • Vitamin B4=
  • Vitamin B5=
  • Vitamin B6=
  • Vitamin B7=
  • Vitamin B9=
  • Vitamin B12=
  • Vitamin C =
  • Vitamin D =
  • Vitamin E =
  • Vitamin K =
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