Treating Eczema

Article by Nir Hukima

Eczema is a skin concern and Lotiyeahas seriously because development is a process of suggesting a direct link between ongoing stress and allergies.Bahakcnatah brings a terrible itch eczema disease to bleed eczema does not appear “out of the blue.” Fixed diet causes poor appearance – a large amount of processed foods, physical inactivity, weak immune system, accumulation of toxic waste, continuous power.(In modern life in world did not return reasons to be continuous voltage)Eczema appears in various forms – wet eczema – due to sweating between the toes, dry eczema. Treatment essential oils are effective for relieving leg solving the problem of eczema.Almost all forms of eczema are related to stress and an important part in the work of Arromatrafist expressed de-stressing without which treatment will not be complete.Cases of eczema in children going on child reacts to his parents’ nervousness and often desirable to treat one or both parents together to bring relief child who suffers.

Some cases of eczema due to allergies. Given what we know about the connection between allergies is also important to stress here do everything to reduce the tension at the same time determine which substances that irritate the skin removed as possible. Such substances can cause allergic reactions.Allergies can develop in soaps, cosmetics, home chemicals, dust, plants or a food allergy.

Outbreak of eczema is the body’s attempt to get rid of toxins that have accumulated in the skin case to use essential oils in massage and baths go so toxic even a short fast or cleansing diet when doing this temporarily exacerbated eczema because the body begins to release more toxic waste, then there is the suffering patient support eczema in crisis and encourage healing before extrusion improvement.

Eczema treatments

Methods of treatment eczema treatments will be appointed in segmented into three parts:Massage, therapy baths, creams therapeutic essential oils based.

Massage – massage to purify body, remove toxins, waste removal, evacuation of fatty acids, to strengthen the body, stimulate body tissue regeneration.

General Body Massage – stimulate tissue regeneration in the body, strengthen the immune system against allergiesApplying essential oils and massage thoroughly in eczema will use the following essential oils: Anegalika, Atlantic cedar, grapefruit, basil, cypress, Giunifr, geranium, tea tree, shot, lavender, myrrh, lemon balm, sage.The purpose of massage is to strengthen the body cope and separating accumulated toxins.These essential oils massage and strengthen the body and turn fatty acids is a useful aid solution for treating Eczema but not enough.

Anegalika – called angels oil origin in northern Europe (Germany), known in China named Dong Kwai considered a medicinal plant in ancient times.The most prominent trait is strengthening the body and separating toxins from the body. Soothes the skin in cases of sweating feet and help prevent itching and the patient will feel the improvement.

Abzilkom – Abzilkom Greek word is king is considered a spice and herb appreciation for Greek culture today.Native to North Africa and France in the Seychelles.Fresh basil oil strengthen and improve the general condition of the skin especially in cases of eczema, soothes skin irritation and will help calm the situation eczema.

Geranium – geranium origin of Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, France, and Spain.Who geranium excellent for cleaning the skin to treat eczema and strengthening, regulating the secretion of sebum, diuretic and helps rid the body of accumulated fluids.

Melissa – soothes skin irritation against allergies, oil is a favorite for me for treating Eczema allergy expression coping.It reduces acidity in the body and helps prevent sweating what will improve the condition of eczema.

Tea Tree – You can apply it directly on the area of ??eczema, stimulates the immune system and increases the immune capacity against pollutants.A combination of lavender with tea tree as soon as the disease may shorten the duration of disease and even prevent it.Tea tree oil is not irritating the skin treatment cream compound integration necessary to solve eczema treatment.

Massage therapy with essential oils, a thorough treatment of eczema will be handled by trained senior Arromatrafist.

Treatment baths – treatment baths using essential oils is very important therapeutic treatments for eczema since baths will give a sense of calming eczema, prevent sweating feet and toes.Treatment baths oils Ashlbe the following baths oils: lavender, shot, Anegalika, Basil, mortars, and cypress.

Lavender – lavender is a multi-purpose but the main attribute for treating Eczema Eczema is a relaxing area itching, prevent sweating feet and fingers, soothing irritation Skin – Eczema against the soul.Contributes to a uniform bright-looking skin and rub it directly on the skin.

Shot – the origin of Hiro Libya, Iran, along the Red Sea, North East Africa Somalia.Shot in Arabic – Mr smoked because bitter flavor.Production method – steam distillation industries mainly in the Middle East.Hiro was used incense ancient cultures, and many medicinal properties.Eczema treatments will not give up on it for several reasons:

* Excellent wet eczema slow Sahgaledtam* Strengthens and improves skin condition and helps keep skin animals* A powerful antiseptic, Argantoar skin, oil required to treat eczema.

Cypress – one of my favorite oils in Latin means to live forever – due to the green.Egyptians and Romans dedicated it to me the death of the underworld.Production method of steam distillation of leaves and cones.From personal experience cypress oil gives excellent meditations sense of belonging and connection to the ground.Been pre-eczemas has excellent features and shrinking excess sweating situations.It prevents excessive sweating feet.

Site oils creams and ointments – therapy creams is a must for recovery eczemas application is in itching, sweating, eczema.Eczema Treatment Cream will consist of the following oils:Mandarin – one fat, including skin diseases listed eczemasMelissa – Great eczemas wet, eczema on a background of mind, stimulates the body tissue regeneration, prevents sweating feet, a great oil for treating Eczema.Lavender – disinfects and cleans the skin and soothes skin irritation and promotes healing process and the problem of eczema.Cypress – Collapse properties and states of excess sweating excellent feet.Geranium – helps get rid of accumulated body fluids.Moore – to prevent sweating feet, wet eczema, improvement in skin condition eczema.

Warnings:Oil Anegalika – not pregnant, not diabetic patients.Atlantic cedar – not pregnant, may irritate the skin (before treatment should be patch test)Basil – not pregnant, not of blood pressure problems, prohibited for use in situations of excess estrogenCypress – not a blood-pressure problems, not pregnant,Giunifr – not pregnant, should not kidney disease,Geranium – may cause skin irritation (before treatment should be patch test), may decrease blood sugar levels and therefore not suitable for diabetics, Vhipoklyakmia, not recommended for pregnant strong influence on the system Ahhormanalit.Shot – Do not use it over 3 weeks since the Pototoksi, may cause headaches, not pregnant, not epilepsy.Moore – No point putting oil bath Moore because it does not dissolve in water, not pregnant.

* Treating Eczema whether wet or dry eczema is a complex treatment is required healing crisis.* Treatment must be done in all three treatments I mentioned: local massage (massage zones) baths, creams and lotions and treatments daily spread.

For example, Ylang Ylang oil helps prevent headaches dosage is 3 drops Ylang Ylang dilution of almond oil in this situation it will help headaches migraines if the dose will be the 3 drops Ylang Ylang opposite situation can arise due to the double effects therefore essential oils should be used wisely addresses the recommendation of Personnel only!

* This article should not be a direct reference or self-care instructions for diagnosis and treatment.Train a treatment plan will be made by the author of the article and supervised.

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