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Mandy asks…

could my son’s body be fighting an infection?

Well, the raw skin on my son’s scalp hasn’t gone away yet, don’t expect it to, but my son refuses to allow me to comb, brush, or wash his hair since this started, the lump on his scalp is about 3 fingers wide, but only bothers him when touched.. I notice, too, that he has a lump under his scalp near the base of the scull on the right side, and two more lumps, each about pea sized, behind his left ear. Could the treatments for Eczema have caused an infection of some kind? He’s not sickly, he’s not vomiting, no constipation or diarrhea, just pain when you try to treat the top of his head, which gets dried out, but gets red and raw when treated with mineral oil or eczema cream.
and yes, I am taking him to the doctor, just want to know other’s opinions.
Gage Volkann

This is a really nice comment coming from a troll….my son is 6 years old. Sheesh.
All troll posts will be reported, thumbed down, and removed, thank you.
I haven’t tried Aloe Vera, but have tried Eczema Cream and/or Baby Oil, depending on how it responded to either one. The cream seems to dry it out, while the baby oil makes it real slippy.

My son’s school nurse said it is eczema, but the painful lump is what’s bothering both him and me.

Washing his head is a struggle, he will only let me get it wet and use a minimal amount of shampoo, if any, because he says it stings/burns.

I’m worried there’s infection, because he had a similar situation on his left leg a year ago around this time, and had to be on an antibiotic and a prescribed steroid cream to keep the swelling down. It eventually cleared up on it’s own after that.

I would like to be able to post pictures, but my son won’t sit still long enough for me to do so.

admin answers:

It’s hard to tell without seeing pictures. Have you tried using Aloe Vera on the areas that looked infected?

Aloe is really good at handling skin problems that pop up. I personally use an aloe cream called corium 21 for my eczema issues on my arms that worked wonderfully. You could try that? I know they offer a full refund if it doesn’t work for you.

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