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Maria asks…

I am considering becoming a vegetarian and I need some help from your becoming a vegetarian experience?

Thanks to Onision (onision’s channel and his site I am thinking about changing my ways from a meat eater to a veggie lover. I always loved sweet fruits and vegetables anyway so it might not be so hard. The problem is im only 13 so some of my family members are not taking me seriously and I haven’t told my parents yet. Plus I’m black and you know how black people are with their meat (luls just joking just being stereotypical for a moment). Plus I have eczema and possibly many other skin flaws, diseases, etc. and I thought eating healthier might be a good change for my health inside and out. Another thing is that im a cheerleader now and I am also a base and I don’t wanna sit there and just stuff my face with barbecue nachos and stuff at the games I wanna have fruit bars strawberry fruit bars yum) and may be it will train me to start liking water a little bit more ( don’t like water too much but Absolutely HATE v8 plain veggie juice yuck) and help me stay stronger with out losing or gaining too much weight. By the way I am or should be about 103lb because I weighted about six months ago and I was 103lb and I been working out soooo yup. (yea I got abs….not :D)


admin answers:

Jazbama, this is a brave move!

The biggest issue you will have to deal with is not nutrition. It is the lack of respect people have when people make choices that are contrary to their own. I suggest that early on you open a dialog about respecting each others decisions.

To be successful as a vegetarian, you need to take responsibility for learning nutritional facts. That way, when someone says, “Well, how do you get the protein you need?” You will be equipped to give an intelligent answer.

In the mean time, I hope you will visit my web site. It has nutritious, easy to prepare recipes that can be prepared for everyone in the family whether they are vegetarian or not. Some of the recipes don’t even require cooking!

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