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Donald asks…

Fainting spells in 3 yr old boy…please help ?

Hello- I am seeking ANY advice/
suggestions in regards to my 3 yr old nephew. He has had these “fainting episodes” that began after a bad fall last November. At that time he fell off a bed onto his head/neck and as my sister immediatly picked him up, he appeared to be taking a deep breath to begin to cry, but instead his body stiffened up, his eyes rolled back and he fainted as she held him. He regained conciousness a few seconds later, and took several short breaths and just sort of sat in shock for about an hour, then he began to play as if nothing happened. We took him to emergency to make sure he was fine, which they reported he was. Since this inital fall however, everytime he has a fall/injures himself; this exact thing happens, and he faints. We have taken him to several MD’s, and one recently diagnosed him with “Vasovagal Syncope”. One MD suggested he may have asthma that is triggering these episodes. My sister is beside herself with fear that there may be a more severe underlying cause to these episodes. She has actually had to give him mouth-to-mouth breathing on 2 of these occations. Are there any types of tests that can be run to check for any type of neurological damage, etc.. Another trigger is if he begins to cough it quickly escalates to heavy coughing and he loses his breath which causes him to faint. His doctor has prescribed a steroid inhalant he has to take when this happens. Please offer any suggestions of types of specialists you may recommend that he see. Also, not sure if this is relavent but he does have minor food allergies (peanuts, eggs) and since birth has always had severe eczema. Please offer any advice you can. Joey always was a healthy, carefree toddler, and since last November after his fall, he seems to have several issues that keep arising, of course most alarming his faiting spells. Thank you very much is advance for ANY advice you may be able to offer!

admin answers:

Your fears are well advised..get him a FULL MRI..this is a brain and spinal exrays …also they CAN DO a Neurological Study to see what is causing this problem, don’t settled for a no..and get laymans’ terms as to what they real problem is..NOT asthma. His coughing is causing his heart to skip a beat and sometimes to stop, also causing his BP to either drop to escalate, causing him to faint..I think his BP is dropping more than expected…..the steriod Inhalent is making his nostrils and lunges to inflate to give him more air, but nothing to do with his fainting. You need a childrens’ specialists…stay away from the ER, unless and emergency…ER doctors do NOT know what is going on…GET A CHILDREN DOCTOR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.. Also have the doctor check for a pinched nerve in the neck and spine area…that fall has created a lot of mysteries and problems….check WebMD for more of your solutions…in the mean time MRI and A doctor for children…..Good Luck and may God watch over this prayers are out to U and the baby..

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