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William asks…

Anyone Use Olive Oil As a Body Moisturizer On Baby?

I read that olive oil is a great moisturizer for baby’s skin. Is it ok to use it on her face as well? I am 99% sure the answer is yes, but just wanted to make sure. Also she puts her hands in her mouth, what if it’s on her hands?

admin answers:

Olive oil has long been a natural moisturizer and cure for cradle cap, even relieves eczema… So, yes it’s safe for her face and even safe if she eats a bit of it off her hands.. IMO I’d rather my babies eat olive oil than any lotion product.

Charles asks…

What brand of lotion is best for baby?

I putting together a list for the registry and want a specific brand of things….I’m trying to avoid 8 different brands of lotion so I was wondering can you guys give me any suggestions on what works best for your baby?(shampoos as well)

admin answers:

I just use the regular Johnson’s baby lotion…in the pink bottle. My daughter has eczema so it’s really gentle on her skin. And I use Huggies shampoo and body wash in one. It smells so yummy!

Nancy asks…

How do I get rid of my daughter’s cat?

Both my children have eczema and I think the baby will get it as well if I keep this cat. How do I ease the pain of ridding my house of this cat?

admin answers:

Take the cat either to a shelter or someone who does “Angels for Animals”, that is more humane then leaving at the side of the road or at a farm. Then tell your daughter you think she/he met another cat “friend” and they ran off. She would take it alot easier if she didn’t think it got hit or lost.

Betty asks…

How do I know what direction to have my fans going? HELP!!!?

We live in a very old house. It has been added onto a couple times so it is long and skiny with a long hall. We have central heat/air and the vents are in the floors. The livingroom is staying cold (its summer time here) and the back part of the house where the bedrooms are are staying quite warm. I have a daughter with severe dry eczema and the back part of the house staying warm is causing her to break out horribly. We have to keep a lot of doors shut in the hall to keep her out of rooms. Also wondering if that makes it harder to cool the house also. Any help any one can give will be greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

Instead of closing doors i would put up baby gates, because it’s helps the house cool if all the doors are open. Also get on a step ladder and look above your fan blades and there should be a switch to make then fan either pull air up or push air down. Switch it both ways and stand under the fan until you feel the cool air coming off the fan. We live in a 180 year old farm house so i know how it is!!! We have stand up fans that we move from room to room also.

Richard asks…

Does being breast fed have an effect on allergies later in life?

Specifically, are formula-fed babies more likely to suffer from allergies as adults?

admin answers:

Skin Clinic Dubai,

Breast fed kids have comparatively less risk of developing allergy (Atopic eczema)

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