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Michael asks…

How do I remove eczema scars?

I’ve had eczema since I was about 6/7 when I changed houses. I’m 13 now, when I was in primary school I only had a small amount of eczema on my elbow parts but since 7th grade eczema has developed all over my body and now left scars on my arms, legs, and body. Now I don’t want to look at my body. Is there a way to remove eczema scars?

admin answers:

Try using cocoa butter as a moisturizer on these parts, if you aren’t allergic to it. It works great to soothe dry skin that gets itchy too, and helps fade the scars faster. (I have those scars too!)

Also, I don’t know if you can go see a dermatologist to get help to keep it under control. Ezcema is one of those things that will never really go away. Maybe s/he could prescribe creams (hyrdocortisone creams) or medicines (antihistamines) that will help relieve the itch.

I know that the scars may not be too pleasant to look at, but don’t let it interfere with your confidence! Over time they will get lighter and lighter.

Richard asks…

Does anybody know a good lotion for somebody that has eczema?

Eczema is somebody with dry skin, but the lotion can’t have a scent because if it does I get a rash on my arms. I was thinking about Jergens Ultra-Healing Moisturizer. Please help!

admin answers:

Hello there. For my eczema the herbal cream/spray combo by champori works the best: my patches cleared almost completely in just 2.5 weeks and I haven’t had a flare up in over a year now. Try it: it comes with money back guarantee, so if it doesn’t work – it’s free.

Sandy asks…

What does eczema have to do with asthma?

My 19 month old son, has a rash and when we looked it up in one of the many children books we have. There was some kind of link between eczema and asthma. We went t othe doctors gfound out it is mild eczema, but forgot to ask about the asthma.

Thank You for your help

admin answers:

There is a link between asthma and eczema because both are allergic conditions. People who are allergic may have more than one allergic condition.

Mark asks…

can i join the military with hives and eczema?

i wanted to know can i join? if i have hives and eczema? and should i keep studying for the AQFT? or the ASVAB? i mean im really having a hard time thinking about all this i mean i really want to join but i don’t wanna study if there gonna tell me no because i have hives and eczema
i need some help on this please im like really depressed on this topic.

admin answers:

The best person to ask is the recruiter for the service that you want to go into. They will have to send you to MEPS for a physical. The recruiter can also look up the things that would disqualify you and that would help too.
Good luck!

Linda asks…

I have been Diagnosed with Eczema on my face using Hyrocortisone but worrying about side effects.?

I have been prescribed the moisteriser DoubleBase to use on myface,it seems to work however certain patches of Eczema keep coming up, meaning i have to use the Hydrocotisone frequently.

I’ve used it for about 2 months now and im worrying about the side effects. Are there any alternatives???


admin answers:

Hello there. I suggest that you should try cream/spray combo for eczema from It is herbal (steroid-free) and works better and faster on my eczema than anything else I tried: I haven’t had a relapse for more than a year now after only a couple weeks of treatment. Champori comes with the money back guarantee, so if it doesn’t work – it’s free.

Nancy asks…

how do i get rid of the eczema on my scalp?

i have had really bad eczema all my life, but i only started getting it on my scalp about 2 years ago.
ive heard that it can be caused by puberty and extreme temperatures. ive been to the doctors and they suggested a few different shampoos but nothing has cured it. it is veeerrry sore and irritating, which stops me from living my life the way id like to. please help ! ANY advice is appreciated.

admin answers:

I have finally found the answer and it has taken me years of research to figure out. Go to Amazon and order 1 – Nutiva 24 oz Organic Hemps Seed Oil (has the omega oils 3-6-9) and 1- Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 54-Ounce Jar by Nutiva, 1 bottle of 25,000 IU of vitamin,Barlean’s Organic Oils Organic Evening Primrose Oil, 120 softgels/1300 mg each. 1 shower cap, preferable plastic, 1 box of stevia or susta at, 1 bottle of NOW, Candida Clear, (If you want get a a bottle of “Super Enzymes 180 tabs” and “Amino Complete” and “8 Billion Acidophilus and Bifidus” from NOW brand also) 1 or 2 bars of dove soap. And need the “Body Ecology” book: – This book teaches how to stay away from Candida Overgrowth that causes Eczema with proper foods to eat to have a normal life again.

Start taking the Vitamin D and Primrose Oil pills every day with breakfast, keep in fridge… (as with enzymes, amino, and Acidophilusis get those also)

When the sun is shining, with the oil on your skin get some sun, as the sun will heal the eczema as the body can only make natural vitamin D from the sun.

First if you hair is long, get a hair cut from friend or family member or go to your barber or hairdresser. Then at night get into shower, get hair/scalp wet, then with skin brush…brush your scalp to get excess skin off. Then before you go to sleep, dry off hair and you or someone massage Organic Hemp Seed Oil into your scalp rub in for 5-10 minutes with fingers and or skin brush if want to …put a shower cap over your head and go to sleep.

Allow the hemp seed oil to deactivate the eczema while you sleep and moisturize your scalp. (Have a couple of towels over your pillows and bottom sheet.) Then wash your hair with dove soap the next morning to get some of the oil out.

Wait 2 days….and every day….take vitamins…drink lots of filtered water….no more fluoridated water (watch video’s on youtube about fluoride water that we drink, shower, bath in) (Get a shower filter on amazon and a brita water filter container purify water)

Then 2 nights later before you go to sleep, take a skin brush and brush your scalp, and then wash scalp with dove soap and water. Then you or someone massage the “Organic Coconut Oil” into your scalp rub in for 5-10 minutes with fingers and or skin brush if want to. Then put shower cap on and go to sleep. (Have a couple of towels over your pillows and bottom sheet.)

So switch off every 2 or 3 days of massaging Hemp and Coconut oils into scalp. If there is eczema or psoriasis on skin apply hemp and coconut oil where needed.

During the next 60 days carry the little packets of stevia or susta in your pockets or purse to add to your drinks or food when needed. Release sugar as it feeds what causes eczema called “Candida Over growth” (google that) . Eat only organic raw foods as much as you can. Consume green smoothies made with your vita mix or blender will accelerate the healing. Try and eat as many non sweet vege’s as you can…add only a few sweet vege/fruits to starve the Candida as much as you can. Go to and enter “green smoothie” into search engine….practice making them with tutorials…take notes…and then make and drink them.

Durring 60 days visualize your skin right now healed, and thank the eczema for teaching you to eat a new way, a better way, and that if it comes back it is communicating to you…to stay away from processed foods, candy, High Fructose Corn Syrup, anything in a box with MSG. If the eczema comes back it is telling you with the color red…to stop…like a stop sign…stop and go back to green foods…the color green will heal your skin.

Eat greens…like Kale, Spinach, etc….The color of green foods is the color of “Go” !!! There are Green “GO” foods, and red rash “STOP” foods. Your body will show you which foods it wants to eat, the way it reacts. You will feel scratchy and itchy with red rashy eczema foods. Your body will feel free and fresh with green smoothy foods.

Enjoy 🙂

Ps. This may seem expensive to buy all these things….if add it all up…it is the cost of a Dr. Appointment and the meds that you buy that will never ever work. These foods will heal you. You can also buy a few things a month and then over time you will have all you need to heal your self and be free from this torturous dis-ease.

Lisa asks…

Have you ever been prescribed prednisone for eczema?

I was recently prescribed prednisone for severe eczema & am concerned about possible side effects. If you have taken prednisone, what was your experience?

admin answers:

Hi there. Before you subject yourself to steroidal treatment (prednisone in one) you should try natural anti-eczema cream and spray from It is harmless, and works well: cleared my condition in just under 3 weeks! (if it doesn’t work for you – it’s free. They offer money back guarantee policy)

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