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Donna asks…

How can I get rid of of rash?

On my babies arm, leg, and tummy. They are small patches of dry skin.

admin answers:

A little pricey, but aquaphor in the tub/jar works wonders, esp if sensitive skin is also a problem. A great, inexpensive alternative is just plain ol’ petroleum jelly. Apply it while the skin is still damp, or swab the skin with a damp rag first.
The problem with dry skin & babies/toddlers is that the skin has a hard time holding & maintaining moisture, so you have to provide the means sometimes. Best for me is to apply immedialtely after bath & cover affected areas (sleeves, pajamas rather than exposed) to “seal” the moisture in.
If you dont maintain/monitor this, it can very easily develop into an ongoing problem such as eczema.
Good luck.

Ruth asks…

what are the advantages of the chillows?

hi i have facial eczema, and really itch badly at night, so it never heals. i’ve just heard about chillows, has anyone tried them? what are the advantages of them??

Thanks in advance!
apparently chillows are pillows which u fill with water once, and they keep you cool throughout the night and it helps eczema. anyone ever tried anything like that?

admin answers:

Don’t know what chillows is!

Signs and symptoms of eczema may include itching, small blisters with oozing, and thickened and scaly skin.Eczema can be treated with preventive measures and medications. The goals of treatment are to ease symptoms, especially itching, and to control the rash.

Treatments for atopic dermatitis (eczema) aim to reduce inflammation, relieve itching and prevent future flare-ups. Over-the-counter (nonprescription) anti-itch creams, along with other self-care measures, may help control mild atopic dermatitis.

Although atopic dermatitis is related to allergies, eliminating allergens is rarely helpful in clearing the condition. Occasionally, items that trap dust — such as feather pillows, down comforters, mattresses, carpeting and drapes — can worsen the condition. Allergy shots usually aren’t successful in treating atopic dermatitis and might even make the condition worse.


* Corticosteroid creams or ointments. Your doctor may recommend prescription corticosteroid creams or ointments to ease scaling and relieve itching.
# Antibiotics. You may need antibiotics if you have a bacterial skin infection or an open sore or fissure caused by scratching. Your doctor may recommend taking antibiotics for a short time to treat an infection or for longer periods of time to reduce bacteria on your skin and to prevent recurrent infections.
# Oral antihistamines. If itching is severe, oral antihistamines may help. Diphenhydramine (Benadryl, others) can make you very sleepy and may be helpful at bedtime. If your skin cracks open, your doctor may prescribe mildly astringent wet dressings to prevent infection.
Immunomodulators. A class of medications called immunomodulators, such as tacrolimus (Protopic) and pimecrolimus (Elidel), affects the immune system and may help maintain normal skin texture and reduce flares of atopic dermatitis. This prescription-only medication is approved for children over the age of 2 and for adults.
Infantile eczema
Treatment for infantile eczema includes identifying and avoiding skin irritations, avoiding extreme temperatures, and using bath oils, lotions, creams or ointments to lubricate your baby’s skin.

Betty asks…

as a breatfeeding mother is there anything in my diet that may cause my baby to have excema?

my son had it as a baby and still has it at 7 years old. it looks like my daughter might be developing it too. i’d like to nip it in the bud before it gets any worse.

i have never had excema but my mother has it.
i did some more research and found that dairy products irritate excema.

its sure gonna be hard to give up cheese but its worth it.

why do people answer questions that they dont actually KNOW the answer to?

admin answers:

Food has nothing to do with eczema. Most times it’s a genetic skin disorder. A lot of kids develop it but most will outgrow it. The best product I found was the Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Cream. It’s specifically formulated for dry skin or babies with eczema. Cleared up my son in 24 hours!

Jenny asks…

Do steroid cremes work as if I was taking steroids?

I have had eczema since I was a baby and my doctor has prescribed me Locoid steroid creme all this time. I was thinking if it works just as if I’d be taking steroids. I do very much fitness by the way and does it really build up muscles or the thing steroids do? I am very muscular for a woman to be.
Oh, and if I’d go to a doping testing would this show? I am doing sports and will maybe need to go.

admin answers:

No, those are very different kinds of steroids. Different steroids do different things. Anabolic steroids are the kinds that build muscles. There are apparently cream forms of them–to help athletes beat the drug tests–but this is not the same kind as used for eczema. These are corticosteroids. Your biggest side effect would be thinning of the skin with the stronger ones.

So my guess is that you’re muscular because you exercise, and the steroid cream is incidental.

If it were me, I would mention that I use steroid cream for eczema if I had to take a sports test, and let them do the test. They’re searching for anabolic steroids, and they aren’t going to find them, so you’ll be fine.

Ken asks…

How do you take care of your feet?

I just had a baby and have NO time to go out for mani’s and pedi’s. I would like some tips on how to take care of my hands and feet at home, so that they are not so dry. I have used creams and a scrub in the bathtub but the skin on my feet is still dry. I suffer from exczema but don’t have it on my feet. Any tips on home pedis are welcomed. Thank you

admin answers:

Evening primrose oil is most effective when taken orally or applied directly to the lesions. Medical herbalists recommend foot and hand baths, twice daily, made from a handful of each of the following added to 1 3/4 pints (1liter) of water: elecampane leaves and flowers, celandine leaves, artichoke leaves and cabbage leaves.

Homeopathy-Take 4 times a day for up to 14 days: Graphites 6c of eczema that mainly effects the palms and the areas behind the areas, oozing a honey-like discharge;

Medical Treatment: Bath preparations and soap substitutes moisturize skin and allay itching. Steroid creams and ointments of various strengths relieve symptoms and encourage affected areas to heal.

Hope I helped

Susan asks…

My Daughter is 3 months and she has dry skin on her forehead and ears?

i had eczema as a child, is 3 months too young to have that. she rubs her face alot and also her eyes, maybe allergies?

admin answers:

It’s not too young to have it. I used to work at a daycare, and a baby in my room had to be rubbed down with prescription lotion a couple of times per day.

Her skin may be itchy. Try using some unscented baby lotion and see if that helps.

Joseph asks…

When did you move to kids or adult soaps?

One of my contacts asked a questions that made me wonder..

When did you move your LO’s baby products to kids or adult shampoo, conditioner and soaps. Belle is still using aveeno baby shampoo & soap. She definitely could use some conditioner though.

If you have moved them already, what is the age and what products?

admin answers:

My 13 month old still uses baby products.

My 3 year old doesn’t any longer, obviously. I probably switched her around 2. She has wild thick long hair and needed conditioner too. We use herbal glo conditioner with tea tree in it. She has mild eczema and psoriasis.

I use all-natural chemical free products on both of my kids, especially my 3 year old due to her sensitive skin. I use goats milk soap (Billy Goat Soap) or neem and tea trea soap (Earth to Body), shampoo bar for dry skin (Big Tub Botanicals), Herbal glo conditioner. Sometimes we use bubble bath and body wash – love Green Beaver and Purity cosmetics kids line. They have an awesome strawberry ice cream scented foam bath, body wash and lotion. And we use either unscented body butter for eczema (Rocky Mountain Soap Company) or eczema oil (Awaken my senses) on her skin after a bath.

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