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David asks…

Does anyone’s toddler have bumps on arms/torso?

My 21 month old has some skin-colored, raised bumps all over his elbow crease and some on his torso. He’s had them about 2 weeks, no other symptoms such as fever, itching , etc. He’s had his chickenpox vaccine, we haven’t changed detergents recently, he doesn’t go to day care or interact with a lot of other kids…..
We just got back from the base clinic and the Dr. said it looked viral and to wait a few more weeks to see what happens. Said it does not look like eczema because it is on the torso also and is not red……..does anyone else’s child have these bumps? What did you do???

admin answers:

Yep! My 19 month old and I are going through the same thing. I had them first, then she got them. There is three other people in this house and no one else has them.

Ours are tiny red bumps on our legs and arms, and torso. I have some on my face as well.

We went to the doctor and she said it’s a contact rash… We haven’t switched to anything new either… No others symptoms other than they are there… She gave us some Hydrocortozone (sp) cream and that’s it…. I’ve had mine for a month now… They won’t go away!! She said it’s the perfect time of year for skin problems… I put lotion on my daughter everyday, so I don’t see why it would be from the cold weather??

I hope he gets better!

Ruth asks…

Allergies or something else in toddler?

My son Evan who is 2 is constantly sick and he has eczema. He always has a cough or a runny nose, He’s been put on a inhaler because he keeps getting repository issues. He’s had RSV, pneumonia, viruses, bacterial infections, he’s had it all. Seems like I am always taking him to the doctor. There are several doctors at his office and hes seen them all, well a couple times I hear he might have allergies, we got a referral to an allergist but can not get in until July, why so long. The doctor told us not to worry about trying to find another doctor because he seemed pretty stable right now, well in the past week he is getting worse, I notice Evan breaking out in hives, well not all over but in spots, coughing(more so dry),red itchy ooze eyes, green mucus nose, I know allergies run pretty bad in my family. I not sure if this could be allergies or something else but I just hate always running him to the doctor, he been there at least twice a month( original Visit then follow up) for something.
I was also told that is it common for children at his age and children that are at a daycare center to get sick a lot more often. I’m just worried, he always has something and the doctor is always throwing a medicine at him.
he had xray’s before and sweat chloride test to test for CF and blood work and the only thing was allergies to cats and dogs, but we do not have any pets, I do not beleive they tested him for anything else, but the doc wants him to see an allergist. I know my dad has bad eye allergies that his eyes get red and waterand my mom has bad nasal allergies and I think i might a a little of both. The doctor said it might be allery and asthma related becasue of his breathing patterns and one visit he was having dicreased oxygen but it went up after a albuteral/steriod treatment.

admin answers:

I’m not a doctor but have raised 3 children and definitely know if mucus is green he needs to be on antibiotics. It really is not uncommon for children his age to be sick twice a month, although it seems like they are never well. None of his symptoms sound like allergies to me, all three of mine had asthma and allergies. I don’t want to alarm you but believe it or not I have heard of children swallowing little things that get lodged in the wind pipe and stay sick and on antibiotics constantly until it is discovered. Maybe X-rays? Best of luck and I hope I helped a little

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