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Linda asks…

What can i use to clear up my eczema?

I have eczema really bad on my legs. I tried about everything . Can someone give me a suggestion ? I would love to be a cheerleader and thats wats gettin in my way of doin that.

admin answers:

Unfortunately eczema is very hard to tame and you could grow out of it as you get older. I’m sure you well know there are plenty of creams and treatments out there that are supposed to sooth and treat eczema however they rarely work in the case of myself and my brother, he had sever childhood eczema and I suffered in my adult life. I have found a cream called double base that control my eczema but im sure as you also know what works for one does not necessarily work for others.

The main problem in the future would be the sweat that occurs when you do a lot of exercises. Could you wear tights while cheer leading to hide the eczema like the flesh coloured thick tights? There are a type of “wet wraps” on the market that you put on at night and take off in the morning. Have you tried covering your legs in your usual cream and bandaging them at night? This will give the cream chance to soak in and moisten the skin, however if you are using a steroid cream you should not plaster that on. Zinc in caster oil can be a good one to try. However as both you and I know very little will stop the constant itching. I hope this helped a little good luck x

Charles asks…

Anyone have eczema, need help to stop the itching?

I was diagnosed w/ eczema about 2 years ago. It seems to get worse at certain times of the year, Fall and winter usually. I have not had a problem all summer long and all of a sudden I’m itching like crazy and breaking out again, what on earth causes eczema? I put on lotion w/ collidal oatmeal twice a day and it isn’t helping for now. Anything to help it?

admin answers:

I also have eczema, for years, I buy the Cortaid or Cortizone 10 cremes at your local store or pharmacy. It will help take the itch away. Mine also gets worse in the winter, but if I have been cooking or even making a salad with fresh tomatoes, I itch like crazy. Watch what you are cooking with and try one of these cremes I mentioned.

William asks…

Can evening primrose oil make eczema worse?

I started taking evening primrose oil capsules about a fortnight ago, in the hope it would help improve my eczema, but its actually got worse. Does anyone know if this is a possible side effect?

admin answers:

Yes I think it is. Someone recommened it to my mum (when I was about 3 and had it really badly) I had a bath with it and my eczema got a lot worse. Although it can help some people clearly for others it doesn’t suit. I’d avoid using it and keep using any creams you have that are prescribed because these really help even though you might not realise it!
Hope it improves, sadly there is no miracle cure =(

Mark asks…

is eating pork and beef should be avoided if you have an eczema or any skin allergies?

i have an eczema and i went to see the dermatologist. i have avoided eating like poultry,certain vegetables with seeds and etc.
how about eating beef especially pork. do this foods could give triger to my skin allergy?

admin answers:

No you don’t need to avoid them unless you are allergic to those products specifically.

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