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Mary asks…

Will My Skin Remain The Same Or Change Back How It Used To Be?

Before I was pregnant I had acne not too bad but it was a problem and ever since I had gotten pregnant my face has cleared up completely.

Also my knuckles have gotten really dry and the doctor said its eczema. I was just wondering if anyone has had something similar and might be able to tell me what may or may not happen after the pregancy.

admin answers:

I’m honestly not all that sure, but I believe that each person is a bit different. I don’t know what the general happening is but I know that my cousin’s skin stayed the same after her first pregnancy (had acne before, cleared up during the pregnancy and stayed clear, but after her second child some of the acne came back). My best friend on the other hand was pretty clear faced before her pregnancy and the hormones from her pregnancy (well I think it was the hormones) made her skin act up a bit more and after the pregnancy it stayed “acted up”.
I dont know about other’s but I believe it is never really known until after the baby is born how your skin will fair.
If you’d like it to stay clear (which I’m going to say is a yes) then I wish you luck that that happens, but I’d say that if it does come back you could always look into that skin care thing that Vanessa Williams uses Proactive or something like that, or talk to your primary doctor about maybe a prescription to use. GL.

Ruth asks…

how do you feel about baby oil as a body moisturizer?

especially in the winter? or do i need to get actual body lotion?

how about baby oil for irritated skin? like after epilating?


admin answers:

I have used it before and I would recommend using cream instead. I use the Eucerin brand for my eczema and it works great. It’s unscented and available at and grocery store.

Charles asks…

How do I get rid of extremely dry skin?!?

I have eczema and I have dry skin on my face, and it’s so annoying! I mosturize like crazy using only non-perfumed body lotion and exfoliate to get rid of flaky dry skin but everyday my skin still looks terrible!

It’s so embarresing and I don’t want to deal with it anymore.
Any suggestions??

admin answers:

My friends brother also has eczema. They used Gentle Natures Eczema for Baby. I doubt there’s any fragrance since its for baby’s but you can check for yourself. Also if you put lotion on a clean towel and rub it quite vigorously it helps a bit. Here’s a to the product i was talking about

Linda asks…

Does the things i eat or drink help to make my baby’s gripe worse ?

I’m afraid to eat all the things that will provide me and my baby with the proper nutrients we need, because i am told that it’s the things i eat or drink that makes the griping worse.

admin answers:

I am not sure what “gripe” is but if you are nursing, everything you eat and drink affects baby

My friend had a baby who was very allergic to milk and eggs. Her baby would get really bad eczema from head to toe amongst other symptoms. She could not frink milk or eat eggs the whole time she was nursing or the baby would break out and have reactions- as long as she stayed away from the allergens , baby was fine.
If you think this may be the case, have your child allergy tested and then stay away only from the things he/ she might be allergic to- you also want to avoid caffiene and artificial sweeteners. This will help you greatly so that you can get the nutrients you both need but avoid only the specific foods that might be a problem.

Sharon asks…

Do you feel unattractive after having a baby?

I have a 5 month old son who I absolutely adore but cant help feeling so yuk after having him!
Rory was 10LB 11 OZ and I am quite petite so the extent of stretchmarks and loose skin is quite extensive.
I feel like my husband is not attracted o me anymore- while knowing that our sex life was sure to change after having a baby.
Any words of wisdom ladies?

admin answers:

I’m right there with you. When I was pregnant, I felt so beautiful, I loved my belly and my skin looked great and……ah, I miss it.

After the baby, my eczema has flared up big-time, especially on my face and neck which I can’t hide like when it’s on other parts of my body, my belly has stretch marks, my hair texture has changed….I just don’t feel attractive at all. I used to feel sexy with a bit of lingerie but since I’m breastfeeding I wear nursing bras and I know that they make pretty/sexy nursing bras, but I can’t afford those so I’m stuck with the plain cotton ones. Leaking breasts, red itchy skin, stretch marks, bad hair…….it’s all a pretty bad combo lol.

Even with my monstrous appearance, my husband still loves me and is still attracted to me. He is the only person that makes me feel somewhat attractive right now, and he is the one that really matters. If your husband isn’t avoiding lovemaking, I’d say you’re ok.

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