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John asks…

Eczema question, alternatives to steroid creams?

I have a friend who’s son is about 6 and has pretty severe eczema, she is at her wits end for treatments and always looking for suggestions. Of course she doesn’t want to over use steroid creams for specific reasons. Anyone make some recommendations for other medications or creams she can use?

admin answers:

Hi, she can try one of the natural treatments available on the – some of them do work. For my eczema I use herbal cream by Champori quite successfully. It takes just a couple of weeks to clear the spots and then they stay clear for months on end.
Let her try it: Champori comes with money back guarantee so if it doesn’t work – it’s free.

Richard asks…

My son may have Psoriasis as opposed to Eczema, what are possible treatments?

My 5 year old has skin trouble that up til today was thought to be Eczema. I have a guy friend who’s wife is a nurse and she says it’s possible it’s Psoriasis. We have been dealing with this for about a year now, with no sucess with his antihistamine, steriod cream and/or neosporin. I am taking my son for a physical tomorrow, and am bringing up this suggestion to my doctor. But was wondering, what, if anything there is out there that may be useful. Anything topical does not work, so it would have to be something oral.
Kay and Gina, thanks for the suggestions, but anything put on the skin is not helping, at all, not even his prescribed steriod cream. I know that a while back he was on an antibiotic that may have done wonders to clear it up for a while, but once he was off it, it came back. I just don’t want my son on anything that may have to be taken more than once a day, and yes, bathing is a battle, I’m lucky if I can get him to take one once every 3 days.
LOL @ Yidiot. Thanks for the valuable information, hehehe
Mae, as mentioned, anything put on the skin does not seem to help, however, we do use a soap called Cetaphil, and it keeps the skin clean, but the spot that is most annoying is an area he likes to scratch like mad some days.

I’m looking for something that will stop him from scratching, since band aids and creams don’t help.
Here’s a link to what his leg looks like:

admin answers:

Most people probably wouldn’t expect me to know the answer to this question

Chris asks…

My 17 yr old she cat has eczema, any remedies.?

Hi Tango has had this eczema, for nearly 2 yrs. she has had vet treatment, and he said to bathe her in flea shampoo, which we do every wk, but she goes frantic, when her itching start’s, we know a lot about cat’s and problem’s but this is baffling. We hate to see her suffer with the itching. any remedies? Thank’s Bully Beef.

admin answers:

Try getting an aloe vera plant and use the flesh inside the leaves on the exzema,its brilliant

Linda asks…

Survey : What do you do to treat your eczema?

I asked a question a little while ago about how i could rehydrate my skin. So now i wanted to do a survey on.

1. How long have you had eczema?

2. How sever is it?

3. What treatment are you using?

4. Is it working? If so how long did it take for you to see results? and on a scale 1 to 10 10 being the best how much better has your condition gotten since the use of your method.

admin answers:

Nvr had it….but my suggestion is…scratch it or put ice on it

Sandy asks…

Post scabies or eczema?

I’ve had scabies for two months and a half, well about two weeks ago I put the cream on and everything started clearing and I didn’t itch that much, went to the doctor to check it out and turns out I have eczema in some areas, well I started to break out in small areas but not every where again, so I used the cream again from head to toe and I woke up and washed it off this morning, now on my right side there is a patch from armpit to thigh that is very large and red, it wasnt really that bad over there till I used the cream. It somewhat looks like scabies and itches like it so can permethrin 5% make scabies worse? Or does anyone think this is a allergic reaction or maybe a big patch of eczema. Im worrying because it looks really bad its not really bumpy its just like one large patch with no gaps that won’t stop itching. I havent itched this bad since I first got scabies after the first treatment the itching hasn’t been bad at all but the areas of eczema but after this 2nd treatment I’ve been itching like crazy again, please help

admin answers:

At this point I don’t think the scabies is the issue any more. That stuff is pretty effective in killing them off. I work at a derm office and when people are treated with that permethrin or other parasite killer, they do return many times because their skin is now very itchy from the treatment. Remember, that stuff has a pesticide in it to kill the scabies and I would think that what you are experiencing is a reaction (either allergic or irritation) to the permethrin. I would suggest that you return to your doctor or dermatologist for further care, which may include using a steroid cream or even prednisone if the skin condition requires it. Try to wash with a gentle perfume free soap such as Dove unscented soap for sensitive skin or Cetaphil wash, and avoid any moisturizers with perfumes in it. I do think you need a doctor’s recommendation on further evaluation and care of your skin.

Jenny asks…

Please help–I am pretty worried about taking this steroid cream the doctor prescribed?

He took zero medical history, only filled out form with name and address and insurance. No assistant took any medical history.

I was told I have eczema..I broke out in an extremely itchy rash on my calves after remodeling. He concurred it was probably an allergy (to the dust or possible mold stirred up) that went to eczema.

Natural treatments I tried did not help. I want to get rid of it as it is unsightly and itchy but I am worried about potential problems.

He ordered a steroid cream (betamethasone dip aug .05% cream) for 6 weeks. He said it would be a lot better in a week but if I discontinued it before 6 weeks, it may come back.

I have just been told I may have high blood pressure, I had a fasting blood sugar of 151 (but ai c was 5.9)..this means I am prediabetic they said, Also I have developed severe gout and have arthritis. I am also clinically depressed and long felt I had adrenal insufficiency due to high stress for 20 years and symptoms of this.

I read this steroid cream
cream can cause blood glucose to raise and be not advised to take if one has high blood pressure or diabetes. Also it interferes by increasing inflammation which may hurt my gout/arthritis and can exacerbate depression. It causes weight gain and redistribution of weight (in a bad way). If used more than a week, it can cause the adrenal glands to shrink and may cause a rebound effect if not gradually tapered off. It takes the adrenals about 3 months to start working right again and producing its hormones (I think cortisol).

I have a phobia about medicines and almost never take them but I am afraid this eczema rash on both legs will never leave if I don’t use it, I am angry this doctor did not ask me one medical question or get any medical history. I recently was forced into an HMO) and he is the only doctor I see who is an approved dermatologist. The office was packed and I was only with the doctor about 4 minutes..It was fast for everyone it looked like. I am used to doctors
who spend 15-30 minutes with me and they always take a history..I am unsure if I should take it. Do you feel it would be safe? Would he have prescribed it if it was dangerous with certain medical conditions? Does anyone have any experience with taking a steroid cream like this.
I have had this rash since December several problems getting in sooner and two doctors didn’t know what it was, but they were not specialist like this doctor who took no history and glanced at the rash a minute.

admin answers:

Get a second opinion. See another doctor. Explain to them that you are wary of this cream because of your health history. I only read into the first part of your additional information because I’d read enough right there to know that the doctor made a mistake. Any time you have to watch your blood sugar or blood pressure a doctor should NEVER prescribe something that can throw your body for a loop.

The new doctor should take your medical history into account and either prescribe something to help keep your medical conditions in check (less preferred as this can cause problems, too) or even prescribe a different treatment for the eczema (preferred). Or he might find that it isn’t eczema at all.

Good luck, and hopefully you’ll find the right answers.



Reading further, and I apologize I missed this, since you’ve been forced into an HMO, call the insurance company and explain the situation. REPORT THE DOCTOR TO THEM! This kind of negligence needs to be noted. They should be able to assign a new dermatologist for you as well.

Nancy asks…

Anyone ever heard of Eczema and Athsma being related somehow?

My daughter is 6 months old and has eczema. We found out she is weezing too and so the doc. gave us a nebulizer to give her breathing treatments daily. I read something about them being related.. but how? Best answerer gets 10 points… (if anyone even cares bout that ne ways)

admin answers:

Eczema and asthma both have a degree of allergy or sensitivity to something – like dust, or dairy, or wheat….. Many people with eczema also have asthma and vice versa.

My daughter suffered from both when she was very young. Interesting thing was that if I abstained from chocolate and took a multivitamin daily, she was fine. Obviously, she wasn’t on solids and I was still feeding her!

She outgrew her asthma, and only gets eczema now if she eats too much chocolate. So I guess she’ll always be a skinny-binny, at least while her chocolate consumption/eczema is under control!

Donald asks…

Atopic Eczema in 2 year old boy, any experience with this?

My grandson (2) has Atopic Eczema. He has huge red blotches on his skin, especially his arms and legs, a little on his tummy and some on his neck. These itch a lot. In the heat he gets clamy and it seems to worsen a bit. Any suggestions about treatment? He lives in Scandinavia. They haven’t managed to get this cleared-uo. Could it be an allergy to food or something else? Do you have any suggestions for treatment? (They have been to doctors and homeopaths.) He is normal and active, so this doesn’t affect him in that way. Thanks.

admin answers:

My friend had the same problem with her son. She took him off of dairy & his skin cleared up in a few weeks.

Atopic eczema is usually caused by inhaled or ingested allergins, such as foods, pollen, dust or animal dander. Some experts indicate that intestinal dysbiosis (disruption of the normal bacterial flora of the gut with a disproportionately high concentration of unfriendly bacteria) can promote atopic eczema, as supplementation with probiotics has been shown to improve this condition.

David asks…

could i b pregnant?

im afraid i might b pregnant here are the details:
lmp : 0ct 17. 06 this was 1st m.p since stoping depo
was on depo for 10 months ended depo aug. 30 ’06
b.f. & i “fooled around” w/out protect. it only lasted bout 30 -45 sec tops. this happened about 7 times since oct. 28
he did not ejaculate.
took preg. test on nov. 17 and 21 ’06 both negative.
on wed. nov 28 breasts started hurting out of nowhere
sore breast only “sign”
currently on 2 steroids for treatment of eczema
no $ for test any time soon
going crazy please help

admin answers:

Sorry honey but it sounds like you fooled around during your fertile period. FYI: You fertile period is for 24 hours, 10 to 14 days from the FIRST DAY of your period. If yours was the 17th, you would be fertile anywhere between the 27th -1st.
Most pregnancy tests won’t predict the first 3 weeks, which, if you are pregnant, is the period in which you took the tests.
Take another one. Find away to come up with the $, this is important!! Most dollar stores sell them for $4 or under. Keep in mind, the first trimester is the most crucial, where are vital organs are developing. Any abnormal formings can result in miscarriage, so if you are planning on keeping the baby if you are pregnant, than act as if you are, even if your not sure. Take prenantal vitamins, eat healthy, and avoid tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. And call a pharamacy and ask about steroids and pregnancy, they will be happy to help.
I hope everything works out ok
please keep us posted!

Another FYI : cramping is NOT a sure sign of “one in the oven” Woman cramp up for many reasons, including menstration, fertile periods, formation of cysts, and yes, you can experiences cramping when pregnant. But it is not a sure sign, so please ignore that information from woodworki… (no offense jesse, but that info is false). But the pre-ejaculation part is true.

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