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James asks…

is it normal for my baby to have a rash around her face, neck,and chest?

what could it be? should i take her to the doctors.the red spots seems to go away everytime I give her a bath, but it comes back. it dosnt seem to hurt or bug her she sleeps fine.

admin answers:

Have you tried using a different lotion? Both Huggies and Johnson & Johnson make gentle/unscented lotions and soaps.

Also it could just be a heat rash. Is it hot where you live? If so try giving her a wipe down through out the day with a cool damp cloth.

Or what about the laundry detergent you use? Try using half of what the insructions say and no fabric softner.

If you have already done these things or you try them and they don’t work I would definetly take the little one to the doctor. It could be an allergy to food or formula.

Good luck!

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