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Donna asks…

Question about so called “eczema? Please help?

Hey 🙂 For years my parents said I have eczema, the doctors apparently said that too. Yeah one problem.. I don’t think it is eczema. I’ve searched for relative “eczema and none match mine :O It’s not itchy at all, I don’t have patches, I have alot alot of little red bump things, and really dry skin, but like I said, eczema is itchy and in patches, and mine isn’t. I try alot of doctor recomended eczema cream, skin softener creams, etc. and not one works! I have asthma, allergies (no food ones though) and I’ve always had them. Except I got asthma in grade 1 or 2.. Please help!

admin answers:


Perhaps the doctor is swayed by your asthma, because asthma and the “atopic” (pronounced eh – TOPP” – ikk), type of eczema tend to go together.

I agree that eczema of whatever type, is normally itchy and in patches, and that no itching brings the diagnosis into question. I would also have expected any of the cortisone creams, (hydrocortisone, betnovate, synalar etc.), to help an eczematous rash.

We don’t have enough information to offer an alternative diagnosis. One important diagnostic feature of eczema is that it is “symmetrical,” that is to say that the right half of your body should be a mirror-image of the left half of your body, – like, (rash on right elbow) = (rash on left elbow).

If the rash is asymmetrical in your case, – just on one side of your body, – then that makes it much more likely that there is some localized cause for it. Little bumps that you can feel, are usually described as “papules” in medical jargon. You sound to have a widespread dry papular rash, and there are plenty of different ones of those.

If the rash is symmetrical, then looking further into the exact areas affected is still very helpful in diagnosis? Plus, does it affect your scalp?

It would be useful to know which parts of your skin are the dry-est, but for places like your hands and forearms I think you might consider getting some white cotton gloves, – pasteing your hands in Vaseline at bedtime, – and going to sleep in the cotton gloves. That’s what I do. Also, I have some long cotton socks I have cut the toes off, – I also do my forearms and elbows with Vaseline, and put the cut-down socks on at bedtime, — (the heel of the socks, goes over the point of my elbows).

What some enquirers here do, is to take some digital pictures of their rash, post them on a picture site, and then post the link to them here.

I hope this is of some help.

Best wishes,

retired uk gp

George asks…

Could this be eczema or something else?

For as long as I can remember i’ve always had little bumps on my legs and my elbows… i didn’t ever think anything of it since they wern’t that noticeable. This past year though I’ve gotten rashes about 6 times… most of the time being pretty harmless, except for one time when i woke up and i looked like i had two puffy bee stings under my eyes. Recently I just got it back again. It had been cold out so I had been keeping this portable heater close to my legs and I started getting itchy. Soon enough it spread to my arms and stuff and the past 3 or 4 days i’ve had the puffy bee sting looking eyes again. This time though the itching all over my body has been crazy and I have lots of little inflamed bumps. I still can’t help but itch sometimes, even though I know it’s not good to do so. I put some natural eczema cream on about 3 days ago and it felt too lotion-y for me. I want something that feelings cooling and stops the itching. Then someone suggesting putting hydrogen peroxide on it and I did and the next day after it has felt like my face and neck is raw. I’m now trying this other eczema cream which is working a lil better, but it sometimes bugs me cuz it feels like vasoline. I’ve seen a little improvement, but I wonder if that’s cuz it was already on it’s way out. So does this sound like eczema or something else? Did the hydrogen peroxide burn my skin?

admin answers:

Sounds to me like you’re body is being exposed to some chemical or ingredient that you are intolerant ……… It could be a change of washing powder, laundry powder, shampoo, conditioner, perfume, body soap perfume cleaning spray, pretty much anything different you’ve been exposed to ……… Have you changed any of your personal care products or laundry powder lately?? Being on the elbows, that would suggest to me that it is an intolerant reaction to something in your clothes ……….. Try ditching your laundry powder and getting a low allergy or ecologically friendly one and see if that changes things ……. In the meantime, just dump a cupfull of white vinegar into the rinse cycle of your washing and this will eliminate the nasty sludge and chemical residue left on your clothes from commercial varieties of laundry powder.

I’m sorry you’re in such discomfort mate …… To resolve the ghastly itch in the meantime, go get yourself some white vinegar and put about a cupfull into a bathtub and fill the tub with warm water…. Get in the bath and soak in that for 15 minutes …… Being carefull not to get vinegar and water in your eyes or it will burn …… The acid mantle of your skin has been stripped and the white vinegar and warm water dilution will realkalise the ph level ….. By doing this the dreadfull irritation should be gone…… The vinegar and warm water mixture will remove any chemical buildup / residue left by commercial shampoos and conditioners body soaps etc and also leave your skin silky and smooth.

You could also try to eat more fresh fruit and green vegies and their juices as they are rich in vitamin C which has been shown to have antihistamine properties …… Like leafy and green vegies, strawberries, blackberries, watermelon, pears (all fruits low in sugar) …… If you are taking otc antihistamines or lots of aspirin you are losing lots of vitamin C …….. ;0)


peace baby

Betty asks…

Scabies? Impetigo? Eczema?

I have a mild case of eczema (the occasional itch, a few red patches, the occasional open sore, etc) but on Friday night, I saw two little bumps on my skin, thinking they were just mosquito bites, I ignored the problem. The problem progressed, and my skin got bumpier ( i know this is gross) but anyways, my mother ended up taking me to the ER because the original two bumps had moved ALL up my back, stomach and up my the time I got to the hospital, the bumps had moved up to my forehead. I don’t think this could be impetigo…because its not oozing yellow crap…but idk. My doctor diagnosed me with with severely infected eczema, but I saw a pic and a small description of scabies, and I really think I have it. But I’m not sure. I’m not attaching pictures for the sake of your mental health….but if this helps, I have tiny little bumps moving all up my body, yet they’re going away when I use eczema cream…yet I’m still worried about the open cuts getting that MRSA thing or whatever. I’m only 12, so this is kind of scary. Please help. I really want to wear shorts again.
I’m currently on an antibiotic and I’ve been taking benedryl.

admin answers:

Sounds like urticaria or possibly angioedema , i would suggest trying a antihistamine to diagnose wether its a allergy or not . Just buy some typical hayfever meds which are antihistamines like benadryl or cetirizine , if you find this helps improve the situation then it is possibly the case that you have developed an allergy , though it may indicate a auto immune problem that needs to be addressed and possible refferral to an immunoligist .

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