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Donna asks…

Toddler with a rash…………….?

My daughter is 16 months old and she developed a rash about 2 weeks ago. It was only in her armpits and down her sides, but now it’s spread to the creases in her arms. I thought it was a heat rash, but it seems to be getting worse. She has a Dr. appt. tomorrow, but it’s making me crazy not knowing what it is! I kind of thought maybe eczema, but it does not seem to bother her at all. I haven’t seen her scratch at it at all. The rash is little red/pink bumps. So, my question is has anyone ever experienced a heat rash that lasted several weeks? I keep her cool and she sleeps in a light t-shirt and her diaper. Also, she hasn’t been sick, she hasn’t had any new food and I haven’t changed anything (laundry soap, bath soap, etc.) Any thoughts would be great!

admin answers:

My guess is heat rash. When my son used to get it (he also has eczema) it would come and go so is it possible that it goes away but comes back quickly?

Heat rash never bothered my son at all but he would scratch and dig at his eczema so that is why I think its just heat rash.

George asks…

skin cancer in a toddler?

my son is 3 – and very fair. He’s never had a sunburn and I am am always careful about putting sunscreen on him since he is so fair… he wears a hat with a wide brim HOWEVER, when he rides his bike he has his helmet on which doesn’t protect his ears, and I am thinking most times I forget to put sunscreen on his ears 🙁

Anyway, about 3 weeks ago I noticed a dark red/purplish spot in his ear ( outer ear, inside but near the top) I thought maye I missed a spot with the sunscreen and he got a burn. Then about 5 days later I saw he had what appeared to be smear of dried blood in his ear I cleaned it up and out some cream on it … the next day the scab/dried blood splotch returned. Now I am noticing another similar spot ( no blood ) in a different part of the same ear, and a similar spot on the very outer upper rim of his other ear ( so now spots on both ears)

I have a doc appointment this afternoon to get him checked , when I made it the receptionist had me explain it to her and she wanted to get us in right away instead of waiting till monday (because it “doesn’t sound good” she said) So now I am totally freaked out!!!! anyone know what this might be???

ps- ds2 has eczema and their grandma has quite severe psoriasis…..

admin answers:

I have no idea what it is, but be sure to tell the doctor that the receptionist freaked you out. She should have said something like, “I’ll get you in right away since you’re so worried.”

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