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George asks…

If my daughter has eczema, would it be okay for her to wash and moisturize her face?

She has eczema, which was obviously inherited from my husband, who inherited from his father. Her face flakes a lot, and baby wash isn’t helping. Cetaphil was ineffective. I was wondering if she was too young to use facial wash and cleanser. She doesn’t have any acne, just a few blemishes. But I don’t really care about the pimples, acne, blemishes, etc. I’m talking about any facial products to not irritate her skin condition.

admin answers:

A friend of mine told me that she used goat milk to wash her face with. Also if I remember correctly eczema can be significantly controlled by consuming green leafy vegetables (which are full of magnesium) and are extremely beneficial in this case. Hope this helps!

Betty asks…

What is a good soap to use if you have eczema?

I am a 26/m, and probably about 4 or 5 years ago I found out that I had eczema….yes I got it extremely late in the game, but hey what can you do.

Anyways I’ve been useing Cetaphil Bar Soap ever since then, but was wondering if there were any other kinds of soaps that I could use, maybe even some body wash?

admin answers:

I know some people like Arbonne’s Intelligence line or Aveeno. Anything that is very pure and natural.

Thomas asks…

How do I treat eczema on nipples?

I’ve been using exfoliating gloves, and about week ago the skin on my nipples became very dry. I didn’t moisturise it. Now one of the nipples is flaky, red and itchy. I had eczema on my hand a few months ago, and it looks similar. How can I heal it quickly?
I can’t apply the same oinment which I used to cure the hand.

admin answers:

You didn’t say what the ointment for the hands is, so I cannot comment on whether that can be used on the nipple area. But, assuming that it’s also eczema on the nipples, you can use some hydrocortisone ointment on the nipples safely.

Nancy asks…

What are some good products to use to help calm eczema rashes?

I’ve had eczema since I was little. And I’ve tried a few products that gave temporary relief. I was wondering if you could tell me about products that’ve helped you in the past or certain regimens that have worked for you.


admin answers:

Keep your skin moist with a skin cream.

Steven asks…

Is there any way to clear the darkness left by an eczema rash?

I had rashes from eczema in certain areas (above my eyes, legs, back of neck) and all of them left dark skin. Girls keep asking me if i’m wearing eye makeup!.. How can I get this cleared?! I’m not asking about how to clear a rash, but the darkness left by a rash.
Any suggestion is much appreciated!

admin answers:

When i was little i had eczema all over me…the scars do go over time..but try decubal cream..its intense and leaves ur skin really nice specially if its dry 😀 but for the oil definetly it reduces scars by a lot overtime 😀
hope that helps xx 😀

Ken asks…

What can I do about my atopic eczema?

I have atopic eczema and have a rash around my lips.What can I use to rid of it.
I know that when I was younger I would use hydro cortisone for rashes on elbows,knees, and wrists,but I don’t believe hydro cortisone is suitable for use on the face.
Any suggestions?

admin answers:

Like the fifteenth time I answered this tonight!

Don’t you guys look for already answered questions?

I guess they don’t have a great system for looking up the already answered questions. Check out this video, it is of kids that had eczema. They where treated in Japan with 2.5 PH water on the skin, and drinking 8.5 to 9.0 PH water.


You can get this water in the United States and other places. I am in California and have treated two people for this.

Good Luck !

Helen asks…

If my eczema cream that was supposed to be refrigerated is not, will it work?

I was recently prescribed a tube of eczema cream for use on my face, that contains mild steroids. The chemist instructed me that it was supposed to be refrigerated, but i left the cream in the hands of my mother while i went to school so she could put it in the fridge for me. Unfortunately, my mother did not put it in the fridge and left it out. It has not been refrigerated for about 5 hours. Will it be useless and should i just go out and get another one? Thanks.

admin answers:

It’s fine to use

Lisa asks…

how do you get rid of dark spots caused by eczema?

I was diagnosed with eczema about one or two yrs ago, don’t really remember exactly when right now, and ever since I’ve been struggling with this skin condition. It all started in my hands and now I see this in the inner parts of my arms and around the back of my shoulders. I sometimes get it on the back of my legs too. All the itching (sp) and dryness leaves dark spots in my body and I hate it. How can I get rid of the dark spots…will they go away on their own?

admin answers:

While there r some creams in the market claiming total removal of spots its always advisable to consult a dermatologist first.

Donald asks…

Has anyone figured if there is a connection to kids with cradle cap and eczema?

My son who is 10 months has had ezema since about 4-6 weeks old. He had a terrible case of cradle cap. Has anyone else have a bad case of cradle cap and now hows a eczema issue is there a connection?

admin answers:

They are pretty much the same thing. Both similar forms of Dermatitis.

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