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Lisa asks…

I have eczema and need help? trouble with men?

I have suffered from eczema for many years now and recently found out it is a form of eczema called “Dyshidrosis” I am learning to live with it but I feel so ugly it itches so bad as anyone with a skin disease will know. I find it hard to find guys i mean I am a big girl and thats enough in its self sometimes but to have this on top will I have ever find someone who can care about me and not think of my condition?
I am getting so depressed on it atm and don’t want to be can someone please help?

admin answers:

Most of the answer are going to say be your self and really that’s all you can do. If someone really cares then they’ll except you for you. It seems like as women all we do is try to please others by lsoing weight,waxing or even plucking. Just be you and put yourself first and the rest will fall into place.

Linda asks…

I *really* want to enlist in the Coast Guard, but…

While meeting with the Coast Guard recruiter, I answered a few screening questions.

He asked if I had any skin problems- like eczema. While I don’t have a skindisease“, I do have a few keloids (small raised scars caused my acne in my teens) on my shoulders. The recruiter wasn’t sure what I was talking about, or if it would disqualify me from enlisting. He’s hopeful tough.
Does anyone know?

Also, I have taken the anti-depressant Welbutrin XL for anxiety, prescribed my a medical doctor. I’m not depressed, suicidal, or homicidal. The proverbial **** just hit the fan, and life was a bit too hectic. I was told that I would have to be off the medication for at least a year before he can process any paperwork. Does anyone know if I’m going to be disqualified anyway? Am I wasting my time?

admin answers:

L. Keloid formation, if the tendency is marked or interferes with the wearing of military equipment

I don’t think the keloids will be a problem.
What he said about the Wellbutrin sounds right. I’ve seen that somewhere but can’t find it about being off medication for a year. I couldn’t find it in the medical disqualifications though. Below is the link to it if you care to read it.

Maria asks…

Acne/Skin Diseases and The Evil Eye?

There are many causes of acne and various treatments for it, for example a woman suffering from oestrogen dominance can develop acne and taking Agnus Castus can clear this problem up. People with a weak liver can place a magnet over the liver and within a month have a much stronger liver and hence clearer skin and a better functioning body. Some people never know the cause of their acne, but simply taking antibiotics seems to do the trick.

But what about when you’ve tried the western medicine approach, herbal and chinese, magnetic therapy and acupuncture, what about when you’ve tried everything but still you have persistent skin problems… acne seems like a curse, and so can rosacea, eczema, and the list goes on… but what if it actually is a curse.

The Evil Eye is one such curse, it’s belief is still very much alive in countries such as Italy and Spain. It can be caused intentionally or unintentionally, and happens when a person purposefully wishes bad luck on a person through envy or jealousy, sometimes it can just happen through a compliment or staring with envy, if you google Evil Eye it will explain I’m not very good at explaining.

I just find this interesting, it could all be nonsense, but I find that most of the time, I’m not saying always, but ALOT – acne and other skin disorders affect attractive people… I see some people, they are fat, drink, smoke and they have a fine complexion, where as others are drinking gallons of water, eating well, taking Dr pills and still have terrible oil and cysts. And it’s like, gosh, he/she would be so pretty with clear skin… and suddenly average people are now more attractive just because they have clear skin.

Maybe these beautiful people were envied by someone with the Evil Eye, and in turn ended up cursed with a skin disorder, because let’s face it, that would be the ultimate revenge or want, to destroy their looks! And not just the attractive, but the clever, there’s always the spotty geek in school, had people envied his/her ability’s? And now his/her success is jeopardised by taking away their confidence?

I’m not saying I believe in this, it’s just something that has come to light and I’m wondering what others think, have people ever felt they were cursed or have they had experience of curses and removing the evil eye?

Comments welcomed : )
LOL yeah I agree with the Hollywood thing, though I know Brad Pitt battled with acne and acne scarring for a long time. And some celebs have had their downfalls, just not all in the form of skin problems.

admin answers:

In that case.. Half of Hollywood would have hideous skin diseases. Utter rubbish sorry.

Donna asks…

Can I pass army/navy/air force MEPS physical exam with back acne?

I have a lot of back acne from when I was a teenager. Right now, most of them are gone, but the scars are still there everywhere and they have darker color and look very very obvious. I guess this is something that I inherit from my parents cuz both of them had back acne when they were younger too.
So I’m planning to join the army, but sadly, in the preliminary questionnaire that I filled in my recruiter office last month, I already answered “No” for the question “Have you ever had any skin disease like acne, eczema, etc.” My recruiter insisted that I should put “No”. I think it’s because on my face I almost have no acne and so he assumed I must not have any on my body.I didn’t tell my recruiter that I had back acne because I was very embarrassed about this.

I will go to the MEPS a few days from now, and I’m kinda frustrated. I heard that if our preliminary questionnaire and the second one don’t match, they will definitely send me home… or if I have acne, they will also reject me. I don’t know what to do now, can anyone please help me what to do? Thanx a lot

admin answers:

Come on. You had acne. The question was “Have you ever had any skin disease like acne, eczema, etc.” And you LIED about it? Because you were EMBARRASSED? How you going to shower with a bunch of guys if you can not even talk about it?

You HAD acne. The answer to the question is YES. Tell the truth and if they ask why you said NO the first time, tell them your recruiter told you to say NO.

They are not going to DQ you for a history of acne. Good grief if they did that, they would have NO recruits at all.

Ken asks…

Emotion problem……..HELP needed?

I liked this girl for a long time(about 4 and a half years) since i was 11 years old. I have eczema(a type of skin disease) and because of that i have a low level of confidence. Last year she went into a relationship with a boy who is much more attractive than me. They seem so happy together and i feel jealous.They are still together but i just care too much about her to forget her. I visit her facebook page and her blog everyday. I have pictures of her on my pc and also videos.My friends tell me to move on nut I can’t seem to do that. I don’t know what to do. Any advise?????

admin answers:

Find other attractive girls! The girl you like isn’t the only pretty girl in the world. Open up your eyes, and see what people are really like.
You’re also creating an obsession about her…I know it’s hard, but delete all the pictures and videos you have of her. Try to occupy yourself with an activity that would keep your mind off her, and make you stop checking her Facebook and blog everyday.

I recently have overcome a similar experience as you, and I succeeded. You just have to be willing to try and overcome it.

Sharon asks…

Does the skin rash associated with Fifth Disease burn? What other rashes burn and look like this?

Hi, off-and-on for about 3 months I’ve had deep red/purple patches that come and go on my face and they burn very badly. I’ve tried everything from aloe, to moisturizer (thinking it might be dry skin), even Cortaid in case it was some sort of eczema (I have eczema on other parts of my body too). No doctor has been able to give me an answer as to what it is — on doctor said it was probably something allergic, like hives (I’m a very allergic person), and the other said it could be anything from rosacea to a tumor in my intestines!!!

It looks EXACTLY like this:

It began one day that I popped a pimple on my cheek, and it’s been there ever since. Somtimes I don’t have it for a week at a time — and other times it’s red for days straight. It burns really badly too. Does anyone know what this might be?

P.S. The reason I asked about Fifth disease is because it just looks so similar to that rash in the pic
It’s also only on my cheeks and the patches are anywhere from the side of a deck of cards to the size of a dime. Thanks for any help!

admin answers:

That picture looks like rosacea to me. My younger daughter gets it. When my older daughter was young she had Fifths disease, twice! Once we were in Connecticut with my mom in hospice. One of mom’s friends, a well respected diagnostician, freaked out over the rash and said the girls shouldn’t come see grandma anymore…My sister lives in CT. She took the girls and gave the a bubble bath. This caused more differ net rashes. We went to sister’s skin doctor who was the head of the Academy of Dermatology and was one of those doc’s who related really well. He looked at the three of us and said that we have an extra fold under the eyes which is an indicator of future skin problems.
We can’t use any sort of perfumed products, everything must be hypoallergenic, etc. He said older daughter had Fifths. The other rash was from bubble bath. That was in 1992. In recent years, younger daughter gets a facial rash, just like that in the photo you linked, with is rosacea. It is on and off. Cold or hot make it worse. Spicy foods make it worse. There is lots of information on the web. Look it up, because it’s not just a skin disease. It is a circulatory problem. There are natural things that help. I don’t know them because my daughter only uses a product called Dermarest.

Nancy asks…

Tell me more about MRSA?

You know, that skin disease?
Cuz i have this like, dry spot on my leg.
And I pick at it sometimes, Im sorry. xD
I kinda have eczema in some places, and idk if this is just another spot but Ive put medicine on it and it still wont go away. And usually, it would.

–>But my parents are trying to schedule and appt. with a derma to check it out first.

admin answers:

Mrsa is not a skin disease its a germ that is staphylococcus resistant to a usually strong drug methicillin
full form is methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus
needs stronger antibiotics
so its right ur doc will advice medicines and maybe drain if there is pus
i doubt if u have mrsa it is usually hospital acquired

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