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Lizzie asks…

How do you make eczema go away?

So, i get eczema every winter on my knuckles. Ive gotten it every winter since about 4 years ago. When i get it, it cracks and bleeds. I have a doctors prescription and eczema cream, but it doesnt fully make it go away. Right now, because its warm out, my hands are clear, but once the cold comes it will come back. Is there any way i can make it stay away? Thanks. 🙂

admin answers:

I have gotten it on my elbows every winter. The only thing that I do is to control with my prescription. I use the cream in the AM and again in the PM before I go to bed. Stress is also a precursor to how bad it gets. So if you can lower your stress in any way that can sometimes help. I am afraid though that you will probably have this break out your entire life. When you do use the cream make sure that you rub it in all the way. The cream works best when there is nothing left to rub in. So don’t quickly rub and leave it. Rub it completely in and use only as much as needed for the area. If you use a lot thinking it will do better, you have been mislead. It just wastes it. Cortisone is best when you use the least amount but also cortisone weakens bones so be sure to not apply it to every little thing that you have. It is toxic to you body. P.S. Avoid scratching it too! It irritates it even more and then it weeps and spreads.

Susan asks…

how can i control my horrible eczema and feel comfortable about it?

Okay my friend is having a weekend long birthday party at a hotel with a nice pool. I have eczema on my back,arms,neck,and legs.How can i make my eczema better for i wont be embarrassed and look nice…

admin answers:

You need to find out what the triggers are that are causing your eczema to flare up. Once you find out this information you will be able to control your situation a whole lot better, even to the point of your eczema disappearing completely.

It is possible to get rid of your eczema in 10 days you just have to know what steps to take and execute them in a certain way. Here is a website that will give you more information about what you ask, it will also help you to find the things that are triggering your eczema as well so you can get rid of it permanently.

Follow the link to a website with more information for you to learn all the things that I just described.

It will help you tremendously especially if you are trying to get it cleared up in time for that party…

Good Luck!!

Chris asks…

Will eczema go away on its own and what should I do about it?

I have eczema, and it’s kind of mild. It’s on my feet and some on my hands. It does not itch anymore, but what can I do to help it go away faster, and would it go away on its own? It’s sort of red right now and there aren’t any opened cuts. I think it might be inflamed. Any suggestions on what I should do? Also, can eczema evolve into a form of skin cancer? Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

I have never herd fo eczema becomming skin cancer. You can take aveeno oatmeal baths to sooth your skin and you can apply a fragrence free moisturizer for sensitive skin.

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