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Susan asks…

What about fragrance free laundry detergent?

I have a 1 month old…instead of buying the baby detergents…what options are out there for fragrance free detergents? So I can wash all our clothes together instead of separating them.

admin answers:

My three old has eczema and my DH has really sensitive skin. So i am forced to use something different than what i normally used. I have found that there is ALL free and clear and tide has one. That does really well. Also Bounce has a dye and fragnce free dryer sheet. None have irritated her. I know that the baby detergents are pretty expensive thats when i found the dye free detergents. I just found at walmart Purex Baby for i think 3.97 a bottle that cleans really well and smells wonderfull.

James asks…

I have a 5month old baby with sandifers sydrome which requires a lot more care, am I entitled to dla?

It is very rare less than 1% of babies suffer with this. My son also has eczema+ has an inhailer+ suffers with holding breath episodes.

admin answers:

Eczema, the reason for inhaler, an holding his breath will not make a diffrence, I had loads more problems than that as a kid an nothing, but im not sure about the syndrome or that young, you may get disabilty careers allowence from a certain age

Nancy asks…

Which is the cheapest website to purchase California Baby products?

Looking to buy california baby body wash to treat eczema. I am having to change out all shampoo, condition, body wash, and lotion.

admin answers:

You can buy California Baby products for cheap from

George asks…

Is going natural and organic really healthy for my family, as they claim?

My husband and I have a 6 month old baby girl and a 3 year old boy, is going natural and organic really worth the costs?

admin answers:

Yes definitely. Its medically and scientifically proven that your body takes in the “artificial” and “synthetic” chemicals, along with the natural chemicals, that you apply on it because our skins are very prone to penetration. Over the years this adds up to create harmful and even cancerous effects inside the body.

“Natural” means that the ingredients are derived from plants. “Organic” means that the plants have been cultivated with strict guidelines to mitigate the use of fertilizers and/or synthetic ingredients and pesticides.

However, it is equally important to keep in mind that not all natural and organic products are reliable or completely natural and organic. This is why always make sure you go for a company that sells certified and finest quality natural and organic products. I really like Nature’s Basin as a company which sells certified and an excellent range of natural and organic products for babies, expectant moms, news moms etc. It is run by mothers who are environmentally and health conscious individuals who wanted to offer the finest natural, organic and mineral based beauty products.

In addition kids can be prone to reactions even eczemas etc and when their skin is so sensitive you really need to ensure that you use organic and natural which will softly heal the skin and not aggravate it with artificial ingredients.

Jenny asks…

If the mom eats things SHE is allergic to and breastfeeds?

Is it bad to eat things you’re allergic to if you are breastfeeding? Assuming the baby is NOT allergic to milk, for instance, but you are. but you don’t notice much of a reaction to milk and you still like to drink it. Could it cause histamine to be in your breastmilk?

admin answers:

I worried about the same thing. I too was ingesting something I was allergic to while breastfeeding for months (well, I have IgE antibodies towards it, according to a RAST test – but symptoms are very very minor, if any at all). My baby had no problems with it. I asked my allergist, regular doctor and dietician, and they all say that the baby is “a different person” and may or may not be allergic to what you were allergic to and may or may not have a problem with the antibodies being transferred through breastmilk. The thing about allergies is that you might *still* have antibodies towards cow’s milk from childhood, which show up on a blood/skin test, but you might not actually be “allergic” to it (in other words, you don’t really get symptoms). I would just watch for signs in the baby – eczema, wheezing, nasty stuff in the diaper. If no symptoms in the baby, then don’t worry about it – eat what you like to eat, just keep benadryl around for both you and the baby (liquid) if you are that nervous, and an epi-pen if you need one. Lord knows, I worried myself sick after I found out, and it wasn’t worth it – the toddler (2 yrs old) is fine.

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