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David asks…

hi im a down 13 yr old?

1.School hasnt been so great. Yeah i hand in projects and get good grades but i dont really socialize and i dont have friends to really hang out with.

2. I feel like its hard to lose my weight ( size 11 womens and 150 punds) btw i lost my weight down to 140 and then i gained all my weight again! =(

3.i have eczema, its a skin disease and its like eating me inside out. it hasnt improved and ive visited many parents keep bringing creams and stuff that hurt and make it worse! (they didnt work)

4.Boys >.< ive fallen for a few over the yrs and none have felt the same wway.

Thankyou for reading this! I don't have anyone to talk to about this and I feel bummed and I really had to let this out.

admin answers:

You need to hang in there and always keep your head up

keep trying to be social and be confident and im sure there’s someone out there who wants to be your friend

dont worry about your weight 150 is perfectly normal and don’t get down on yourself over a silly thing like that

your skin is unfortunate but its something you were born with and you need to take what you were given

and if you cant find a boy dont worry theres more than one boy in the world youll find the right one eventually

trust dr. Molecule!


Jenny asks…

Does anyone here know about Mega nerve vit supplement?

If yes, do you know what it is for? Does it have anything to do with my complaints about my fingertips which seems to itch inside, kinda hurts too or sort of has a tingling sensation? Only my fingertips in my left hand feel like this. I don’t think its eczema or other skin diseases cause it feels like its from inside. More like in the nerves… and I clean my nails often. Do you think my typing in the computer keyboard has anything to do with this too? What’s the worst case scenario in this? Thanx.

admin answers:

I didn’t find this vitamin online but your description is good, typing may lead to carpal tunnel which may lead to tingling sensation so first of all you want to see a doctor to ensure if carpal tunnel syndrome is your problem and go from there, good luck

Richard asks…

Are there any kosher laws regarding the health of the chef / cook?

say if the mother of a jewish family has a skin disorder, like eczema or psoriasis – does that mean she cannot cook for her family? or is that a non-issue and she can cook for the family?

what about the maid, if she has these skin diseases which are hard to be rid of, does that mean she has to stay out of the kitchen?

just out of curiosity …

admin answers:

Read the book of Leviticus it has lots of information concerning health issues.

Steven asks…

Help, skin is red and has bumps!!!?

So i think I have a skin disease
It covers the back of my legs and the top part of my thighs, it looks like razor bumps but A LOT of them and they are super noticeable! They look like Razor Bumps but ten times worse, no joke
If someone could help me and tell me some ideas of what I have is called that would be great!

I have been using lots of lotion for a while and it doesn’t get better, and it isn’t eczema either (I looked it up and looked at pictures and my skin doesn’t look like that)

p.s- please be serious about this!

admin answers:

I have the same skin condtion. Mine, usually is on the back of my upper arms and they pop out on my thighs in winter. It is called Keratosis Pilaris, or chicken skin. They could be tiny, like I have tiny ones all over the sides of my stomach. It happens when your skin doesn’t know how to exfoliate it’s self. What helps for me, you’ll find your own regimine that may work, but what works for me is that I keep a pumice stone in my shower. I rub that all over my body, and rub a little harder on the areas that are most vulnerable to break outs. Shaving everyday helps the thigh area. Good moisterizers after the shower right away when the skin is most is also good, but not real greasy ones because that could make it actually worse. Nivea skin cream is really good. Do not use anything for eczema either, that will make it worse. It isn’t dry skin, but excess skin. It is hereditary, and very common! Saphora has a line of skin products for this. A good body scrub like Neutragena body scrub is really good. Look it up on wikipedia for more info and treatments!

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