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Ruth asks…

eczema help?!?

for about afew months now ive had severe eczema on my arms but didint go to the doctor because i thought home remedies would work ,well the dont work at all . so im planning to go to the doctor but i just wanna know if they do a blood test or just give you a cream?also if you have any ideas that may help please share . and by the ay do the eczema creams the doctor gives you really work well?

admin answers:

The eczema creams that doctor gives do more harm than good: they are all based on steroids and depress the immune system. Read about their side-effects before venturing into using them. You should try and find a natural alternative to those “medicines” . There are many on the market and many of them work. For me personally the anti-eczema cream by Salus2005 (available on eBay) works the best.

William asks…

Aveeno Eczema Care Moisturizing Cream & Body Wash?

Can you please tell me where I can find Aveeno Eczema Care Moisturizing Cream & Body Wash? Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy are running out. And please don’t say ebay because I already know about it.
Thank you in advance

No, I am not the one that asked about it on 🙂
Shadow, thank you for your help 🙂

admin answers:

Are you the one who left the comments on

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon Aveeno Eczema Care but right when I heard about it, I found it on for like $8. Which at that time, I thought was a rip off because normal Aveeno products are around $5. Anyway, I bought 3 6oz tubes. I was just searching for them online and I can’t find them anymore! Or they’re like $25 a tube!

The only other Aveeno substitute I can think of are their Aveeno Baby soothing products. They said that it’s good for babies with eczema as well. I have one tube of that, and it seems to work well.

I went to an allergist and he suggested Vanicream products. I got one of their lotions and it’s ok, I still think the Eczema Care is superior though. He also suggest I get a product called Robathol. It’s like an oil that you can apply on during a bath and then rinse off and pat dry. It works really well on flaky dry skin. I had an episode of flaky skin on my face so I used it to wash my face and it’s definitely improved. Maybe you can check that out.

Very best of luck to you!

George asks…

Best Skin lighting cream?

I use to have eczema on the nape of my neck and after i used the eczema cream and it went away i was still left with dark skin discoloration TT_TT i have been recommended black and white cream to lighten my neck skin back to the regular color…right now it is about 3x times darker then my regular color….if not any creams does anyone know anything else that can help?? ^^

Thank you

admin answers:

Use an aloe-vera based cream!! Aloe is very good at helping your skin rebuild itself from injuries including skin coloration.

I use a cream called Corium 21 (I had eczema myself, on my arms) that works very well for me and it makes my skin look like porcelain. I love it.

Jenny asks…

I have eczema around my eyes………?

I added a medicated eczema cream to it for about 3 days now, it’s rough, it’s not itchy, infact it’s feeling pretty moisturized except the redness wont seem to go away..
How can I get rid of the redness?

admin answers:

Try using Dr Hess Udder Ointment. It is fabulous on eczema but also works great on all skin care needs such as dryness, diaper rash, chafing, cracked heels and more…Register with them and they will send you a 20% coupon good on your first order!

Richard asks…

Question about infantile eczema??

My son has infantile Eczema and he is receiving treatment from a doctor that includes over the counter eczema cream and prescrition steriod cream. We asked the doctor if he was getting it due to an allergy to our cat and she said that it is not caused by pet allergies. Is what she says true? I am just not sure that I believe her because whatever we do it just does not seem to get any better. If anybody has suggestions for treating it that would be welcomed as well. Thanks.

admin answers:

Sometimes it doesnt get better, it can come and go and they will most likely grow out of it. A lot of little kids get it. My cousin has two children under three and they both have it, and it comes and goes.

Mandy asks…

Eczema and

Well basically I’ve had eczema all my life and within the past year it has started on my face. I’ve been able to just about handle it on my face and make my skin look normal but i have abit of a problem now. On one of my cheeks where i have eczema, i have spots that are under the skin and my eczema cream seems to be making them worse. And if i use spot cream on them it makes my eczema worse. Any ideas on how to deal with this? Or how to get rid of these spots under my skin without irritating my eczema too much?
The spot cream I’m using is called freederm. And the eczema cream i use for my face are mainly moisturisers with the use of a light steroid cream called hydrocortisone ointment. I only use the steroid cream when flareups occur. Don’t like using the steroid cream too much as it thins the skin apparently.

admin answers:

Hi..Ive also had eczema my whole life but never had it on my face but i can imagine how it sucks. I dont know why your eczema cream isnt working for it but the spot cream sounds like a bad idea. What kind of cream are u using??? Ive used Triamcinalon all my life and its always worked well. You can get it in different doses according to how bad your eczema is. But you have to go to your doctor to get, its not over the counter. Or i would try soaking a rag with the aveeno oatmeal bath powder and holding it on your face for a while.

Lisa asks…

How do you treat your babies ezcema?

we actually have it under control now . . . I’m just curious what others have used. It seems a humidifier, baby oil, & the eczema cream with winnie the pooh on it is working wonders. How about for your baby?

admin answers:

Hydrocortizone. My son had this problem before til he was six months old. He doesn’t really have issues with this any more. But his doctor recommended that I jusst apply a little hydrocortizone like lotion to his face or wherever. It really works great & clears it up pretty quick. I’ve used the Aveeno brand of hydrocortizone & also the cheap store brand. They both work equally as good.

I figured out that his skin was sensitive to Johnson’s & Johsnon’s baby wash products. So I switched him to Aveeno Baby Creamy Wash. It’s for sensitive skin & is unscented. That worked great also. I would just splash some baby cologne on him after his bath to make him smell good. His skin isn’t sensitive anymore & I actually use Johnson’s Cucumber & Melon Baby Wash. I think baby’s skin is just sensitive to everything early on in there life. You have to think of how their skin is been protected completely in your womb & all of a sudden it’s exposed to so much.

Definitely have a tube of Hydrocortizone handy. Just dab a bit on any spots as they appear.

Lizzie asks…

What to do for baby eczema?

My little guy is 6 months old. He had his first immunizations at 11 weeks (instead of 8 because they couldn’t get him in the clinic before that due to being overbooked). After his first set of immunizations he developed eczema. The doctors swear it isn’t related, but I find the timing hard to believe. It was literally 2 days after his shots that the first patch became noticeable.
The doctors have prescribed numerous creams, they’ve had me switch formulas to see if it was an allergy to lactose, etc. It wasn’t. None of the creams have worked, and some of them in fact made it worse.
The eczema doesn’t seem to have any adverse affect on my son. He doesn’t complain about it (to the contrary, he is an exceptionally happy baby). And I am happy that it doesn’t pain him, but I would still like it to go away. He has patches on his face, particulary his cheeks, his wrists, and one on the back of his right leg which is about the size of his knee cap. He sometimes has flare ups and his entire back and chest are covered in the rash.
Currently I am bathing him once a day in an oatmeal mixture, and applying Spectro’s Baby Eczema cream to his entire body right afterwards, plus at night time. This has seemed to stop the eczema from getting worse, and he has not had a back or chest flare up since I started this (3 weeks ago).
However, the eczema on his face and wrists and back of leg are still there. They aren’t getting worse, but aren’t getting better either. I don’t know what to do to heal them!!!
Has anyone had similar situations and found a remedy that works to heal and not just prevent?????

admin answers:

I would use this lotion, it is called Renew. It is the only lotion that has worked on my niece, and we also use the shampoo, and body wash.

Mark asks…

Is this eczema or something else?

For as long as I can remember i’ve always had little bumps on my legs and my elbows… i didn’t ever think anything of it since they wern’t that noticeable. This past year though I’ve gotten rashes about 6 times… most of the time being pretty harmless, except for one time when i woke up and i looked like i had two puffy bee stings under my eyes. Recently I just got it back again. It had been cold out so I had been keeping this portable heater close to my legs and I started getting itchy. Soon enough it spread to my arms and stuff and the past 3 or 4 days i’ve had the puffy bee sting looking eyes again. This time though the itching all over my body has been crazy and I have lots of little inflamed bumps. I still can’t help but itch sometimes, even though I know it’s not good to do so. I put some natural eczema cream on about 3 days ago and it felt too lotion-y for me. I want something that feelings cooling and stops the itching. Then someone suggesting putting hydrogen peroxide on it and I did and the next day after it has felt like my face and neck is raw. I’m now trying this other eczema cream which is working a lil better, but it sometimes bugs me cuz it feels like vasoline. I’ve seen a little improvement, but I wonder if that’s cuz it was already on it’s way out. So does this sound like eczema or something else? Did the hydrogen peroxide burn my skin?

admin answers:

I know how you feel! I have very sensitve skin as well and I have broken out with a rash SIX times this month. First time was a horrible itchy rash from my DO (can’t have anything scented!) and it spread from under my armpits, to my chest area,down to my elbows. Then when it FINALLY cleared up, I got three more. One was due to stress, the other due to excessive drying of my skin. (using rubbing alcohol to clean ur face is NOT the best idea) The rashes were no where near as bad as the first. Just itchy, blotchy skin. Feels really hot and if I got too hot, I would immediatly get a rash. As far as the type of rash it is, the only way to get the exacte diagnosis is going to the dr. ( i dont have ins so i can’t) However, since I know how u feel I can give some advice!
Don’t expose ur skin to anything tht will dry it out, get in the habit of reading lables before u buy things. Gold Bond Medicated Body Lotion Extra Strength has aloe vera and vitamin e. Gives a great cooling sensation when the itching is too much. The ONLY thing I have found so far to get ride of the rash in THREE days, is cortizone cream (found at walmart). It helps with itchyness and drys out the rash. Also, once the rash is gone, I would strongly recommend puttinga really thick cream on the parts where u are most likely to break out! I like the Nivea Body Cream(also at walmart) Its very soothing and doesn’t give you that icky feeling. Just remeber to avoid ANYTHING tht will dry out the skin or where the label says “not recommended for sensitive skin”
However if you must ALWAYS put some type of lotion or cream on.
Hope this helps! It works wonders for me!

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