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George asks…

Can a baby have excema on his face only?

My 5 month old son has a rash on his face since he was 1 month old.The doctor said he was allergic to milk we changed the formula and the rash went away but came back a week later.The doctor said it maybe eczema and to put vaseline on it but 2 weeks later and it’s still there.

admin answers:

Yes, my son has this also. It started as a baby and he still has it at 4. I only notice it in the winter, when his skin gets dry all over – and those bumps come out on his face. You can try Eucerin, Lubriderm, Aquaphor (which is basically just really expensive vaseline if you read the ingredients) – just don’t use anything that has perfume in it!

Jenny asks…

How to get rid of craddle cap on my 7 year old?

Any one have any good ideas on how to get rid of craddle cap? The problem is that my daughter is 7 and I cant seem to get rid of it totally and it keeps coming back!

When she was little, I use to put baby oil on her head and massage those areas with a soft toothbrush but it is harder now that she has long hair!

My sister is a cosmetologist and she recommended Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner, but that still isnt doing the best job. Any good ideas?

admin answers:

Seborrheic dermatitis or cradle cap is a non-infectious skin condition and is a form of eczema that’s very common in infants, usually beginning in the first weeks of life and slowly disappearing over a period of weeks or months. Unlike atopic or contact eczema, it’s rarely uncomfortable or itchy. Wash the hair (with a mild baby shampoo) more frequently than before. This, along with soft brushing, will help remove the scales. Stronger medicated shampoos (antiseborrhea shampoos containing sulfur and 2 percent salicylic acid) may loosen the scales more quickly, but they can be slightly irritating.

Tea Tree Oil can be helpful, but not full strength, as it can burn or irritate the area. Dilute it with water.

I also find that hydrocortisone cream or liquids, which can be purchased at the drug store are very helpful. Check with your doctor, first, to ensure a hydrocortisone is safe for your child.

Also, over the counter medicated shampoos formulated for Seborrheic dermatitis will work great. Just be sure to massage it into the scalp and let it rest on the scalp 5 – 10 minutes.

Here’s some medical advice I found online.
Many cases of seborrheic dermatitis are effectively treated by shampooing daily or every other day with antidandruff shampoos containing 2.5 percent selenium sulfide or 1 to 2 percent pyrithione zinc. Alternatively, ketoconazole shampoo may be used.10 The shampoo should be applied to the scalp and beard areas and left in place for five to 10 minutes before rinsing. A moisturizing shampoo may be used afterward to prevent dessication of the hair. After the disease is under control, the frequency of shampooing with medicated shampoos may be decreased to twice weekly or as needed.

Joseph asks…

I have a really bad rash how can i get rid of it?

Every time i come out the bath or shower i get a really bad rash as if me skin is very dry, ive tried putting baby lotion and body lotion onto it, it does help for abit but it does come back again. When its really cold i also get it very bad and me clothes rub against it which is painful. When its real bad its very itchy as-well. What can i do to keep rid? I don’t really want to go to the doctors with it.

admin answers:

Try using a hypoallergenic soap and don’t use really hot water when you take a bath/shower. Use a hypoallergenic lotion on your skin while it’s still wet. Do not use any products with perfume or artificial coloring added. That may be adding to the problem. Also, try not to bathe/shower every day, especially in the winter. It’s really not necessary and it’s more difficult for the skin to produce necessary oils in cold weather.

I know you don’t want to see the doctor, but you may have a skin condition such as eczema that needs prescription meds to control.

Donald asks…

Have any mothers out there found that they are allergic to their babies wipes?

My hands have been itchy and red and get little blisters. At first I thought it was eczema but that cream did not seem to work. I have stopped using all creams and fancy soaps. The only thing I can think of is the baby wipes, bu that seems unlikely. Has anyone else had this happen?

admin answers:

Buy unsented ones huggies do a pure or a natural 1 you could try those!

Ruth asks…

My 17 month old son only sleeps about 6 hrs in a 24hr period. Could this be a symptom of a health issue?

He has never been much of a sleeper. Generally healthy 8lbs at birth eats well and is growing normally. Only health problems are eczema and has had ear tubes twice (first set at 8mo second at 15mo).
He seems healthy and happy. Always hungry but not sure if this has anything to do with his sleep pattern.

admin answers:

No, some babys just don’t sleep as much

Richard asks…

How often can I bathe my 6 month old?

I bathe her every other day, but I’d really like to do it every day. I’ve heard every day is too much because of their sensitive skin. I just hate the idea of only using baby wipes on her between baths. Any advice? Thanks!

admin answers:

My son has eczema, so I have had to do quite a bit of research on this!!

Water can either take moisture away OR add moisture. If you just bathe her without moisturizing, than you shouldn’t do it but a couple times per week. But, if you put lotion on her afterward, within 3 minutes after her bath, you can bathe her every single day and her skin will actually be BETTER because of it.

Use a fragrance free lotion, like CeraVe, for best results

Laura asks…

Can you use baby oatmeal for a child with eczema instead of the normal oatmeal?

My child (11 1/2 months old) has a break out of eczema and I am out of regular oatmeal to make her a bath with; but I have a ton of baby oatmeal. So I was wondering if this was okay to use and/or just as good or if this is a no no. Please help!

admin answers:

Yes, it should be fine, provided it is just pure oatmeal with no formula added. Formula contains sugar and that won’t help her skin.

Good luck!

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