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Ruth asks…

Eczema, the rash that itches…?

I’ve had this off and on for about 10 years now… it’s been a lot worse and I’m down to just 2 small patches now, instead of all over my body. My question is, what’s the best thing you’ve found that helps your eczema? I’m not asking for people to look this up, I’m looking for people who have this horrible skin rash or something similar. What seems to calm it down the most? I’ve heard all sorts of stuff having to do with caffeine intake, but is this real?

admin answers:

I’ve never heard the caffine intake thing before though so I can’t help ya with that

I find that using unscented fabric softener and detergent helps me a lot and avoiding perfume and scented lotions and things like that.

I know your pain, I’ve had eczema for my whole life [22years]

Ken asks…

rash/eczema under my lip for over 2 years?

I have what I have been told is eczema on my lip, and i suffer from eczema anyway so i don’t doubt that it could be, as it itches and looks the same and stuff. however it simply wont ever go completely away, whereas my other eczema will. I use vasaline as the docter told me do about 20 times a day, dont lick my lips(the docter said it could cause the eczema) and make sure its always well moisturised, but the most that ever happens is that it goes less red and cracked but there is still a slight raised bit which is pink. Does anyone know what it could be? or if it’s possible for eczema to be infected? as my boyfriend has developed eczema now too since we got together, and my sister has recently developed it.
I’ve been to several different docters loads, all they do is tell me to stop licking my lips and dont beleive me when i tell them i’ve followed their advice.

admin answers:

I had an awful red eczema rash on my forehead that was there on and off for years, never totally clearing up, i also once had it around my lips so i know how rubbish it is. None of the creams the doc gave me cleared it up and some made it worse.i then realised it seemed to get worse after i had been eating oats, so i didn’t eat them for a while and it started clearing up, have you had an allergy test? Also i found that E45 itch Relief cream was fantastic at taking away the redness and itching and it has now cleared up completely! Hope this helps !

Mark asks…

Question about rash/eczema on my son?

I asked this question earlier but I’m going to ask it again. My son has these small little patches of bumps on him (mostly on his butt, a little patch on his lower back and 2 tiny patches on his sides). They are very small bumps and the area around them are red. Is this eczema? We’ve had new diapers on him the past couple of days, could that have caused it. We also introduced mangos to him a couple of days ago. If it is eczema does it spread? And will it go away for good once it’s gone or is it a reccuring thing? Sorry for all the questions

admin answers:

It might be eczema, and it could be from either the new diapers and/or the mangos.

At the pharmacy you can get over the counter hydrocortisone cream, that is safe to use, and will help the rash go away. If he is prone to eczema, he might get it again, but it could be a baby kind of eczema, and it may never show up again. Figuring out what he is reacting to is a matter of trial and error.

I hope it works out for you.

Thomas asks…

Eczema? Nipple Rash? Paget’s DISEASE????? HELP PANIC!?

Okay I’m really worried because I’ve had a nipple rash on my right nipple for a while and I am really, really worried about it cause I finally worked up the guts to google it and it sounds like Paget’s disease but that can’t happen! I’m only thirteen and it says Paget’s Disease happens to women between 63-66. And it’s nowhere near as scary looking as the advanced ones even though I think I’ve had it for over a year.

I’m like, panicking right now. Oh yes and I have always had eczema, on my inner elbows, inner knees, eyebrows.
nothing stupid like ‘thats gross’ because i know… and it’s really not helpful when i’m seriously considering the fact that i might have brreast cancer and might die before i turn 20.
help help help

admin answers:

Go to the DOCTOR! Tell your parents that you need to see a Dr. And try to see a female if you can. Since you are only 13 it’s probably NOT serious, but whenever you have an unexplained rash, you should go to the doctor!

Good luck!

Charles asks…

Why does the skin get red (rashes, eczema, etc). Is it the blood vessels dilating that make it red?

I cant find any information that explains about the function of how the skin gets red. For example skin gets red with seb derm but is it blood vessels that cause this redness?

admin answers:

No it’s not the blood vessels. Skin can become red, itchy and flaky for many reasons. Dry heat, deep scratches, sunburn poor fluid intake are all part of what you’d be best off to see dermatologist

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