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Sandy asks…

Why is the prevalence of celiac disease underestimated?

is it because most people are asymptomatic or that the disease occurs later in life? Or maybe because not many report cases of celiac disease…?

Your help will be much appreciated!

admin answers:

I think several:
1. In the US the doctors were educated to believe that it was a rare disease. This was erroneous, of course.
2. The symptoms can be subtle and mimic other diseases. Most people are not diagnosed until the develop gastric issues, and even then, most doctors don’t automatically think “celiac”, they dump it into the lactose intolerance and IBS bucket and move on while the patient suffers and gets more damaged.
3. Even the celiac specific dermatitis can be misdiagnosed as eczema, etc. (but most dermatologists do not miss it, but it happens).
4. Getting a official diagnosis can be hard IF you are not lucky enough to have your biopsies come in positive. For many docs, that is the deciding factor, no matter what your blood work is saying, is the “gold standard” biopsy. Damage can be patchy, and blood work can be false negative if the person has been on a gf diet for some time.
5.Some people just go gf, refuse a gluten challenge, and live their life gf. That certainly can account for some under reporting. As well as people who simply die of other things and it never gets diagnosed!
Celiac can occur at any time of life.There are baby celiacs, child celiacs, and adult celiacs. It is genetic and hard wired into our systems, when and why it gets triggered, no one really knows, but there are plenty of theories.
Anway, right now “they” think 1 out of every 300 people are celiacs. I bet the number is really much higher!

Chris asks…

Has anyone ever gotten dry skin like this while being pregnant?

On my chin, neck, and chest I have skin that seems to be dry with bumps almost looks like eczema, lotion n creams seem to help some i stay away from anything that could irritate it. This has only happen since I’ve been pregnant could this be something related to being pregnant or could it just be dry skin. I don’t use facial cleansers because I think it may make it worst. And it doesn’t look bad just hideous because i had great skin before i was pregnant looks like i have a rash or eczema

admin answers:

Ohh yeah… Mine got really bad with my first baby and now im pregnant with my second and its beck 10 times worse! I take vitamin B6 everyday which keeps it looking ok and manage-able but it doesnt go away unfortunately 🙁
I did mention it to the doctor when i was pregnant with my first and they didnt seem to care

Paul asks…

Does Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream work?

My daughter is 1 month old (5 weeks today). She has red bumps and patches on both of her cheeks and also her chin. I was searching the web to see the best kinds of cream to help heal her rash quickly. If you have anything that you would like to recommend you are more then welcomed.

admin answers:

If it is the one for eczema then yest it works. I would also suggest using the Aveeno eczema body wash for babies also. We were using the regular aveeno baby wash because it smelled so good and it seemed to agrivate her body more so than just the aveeno eczema was so we switched completely.

A tip though about face rashes. Try really hard not to kiss her after you have just eaten. I realized that my constant kissing her chubby cheeks was making her break out. The oil on your face and lips is not good for the baby’s skin. You don’t have to stop completely, by around month 2 my daughter’s skins seemed to toughen up a bit and wasn’t as sensitive and the kissing began again!!!!

David asks…

Were you breastfed or formula fed as a baby?

Do you think this affected your relationship with your mother?
Or your weight or intelligence as an adult?

admin answers:

I was formula fed. (My siblings were all breastfed, at least for a few months. [This was back in the late 50’s and early 60’s, when few women breastfed for more than a few months.] But I was a ‘good’ baby who never cried to be fed. My mother was trying to be very modern (for the early 1960’s) and feed us on demand. I never demanded and lost so much weight that the doctor concluded that she must not have enough milk for me.

I don’t think it affected my relationship with my mom.
Nor did it affect my weight.
Intelligence? Impossible to say. I’m a pretty bright gal, I think; but who knows if I might not have been a bit brighter if I’d been breastfed.

I think it did have some influence on my health. I’m the only one among my siblings to have significant allergies and eczema.

Joseph asks…

What are the different types of baby acne a newborn can have?

does it look and spread like a rash

admin answers:

Typically it looks like a red bumpy rash on their face. Its very normal. Don’t pick at it all though. My son had baby acne pretty bad and what worked for us is baby aveeno for eczema. It cleared it up in a couple days

Lizzie asks…

Can bed bugs harm me when I have c-section and my lil baby?

I will be having a c-section and am scared that the bed bugs will feast on me and multiply and I’m afraid they might bite my new born.I’m having a pco to come in my place to kill the bed bugs. But what if the bed bugs aint all killed by the time i get back from the hospital. My husband hasn’t gotten bitten like me. Will my open wound from surgury make me more affected and bumpy?

admin answers:

They won’t harm you any more than they’ve been harming you until now. They don’t discriminate in the way they bother you, regardless of your health circumstance.
Bed bugs bit my newborn right and left (we didn’t even realize it at first, because we’ve officially been bed bug free for a while before baby was born, but then I saw one on her one day, and one on a book I was looking at while holding her on a different day, and we saw some bites, but i originally mistook it for baby eczema, well, one day while changing her sheets, I saw her crib, mattress and sheets were infested with them, but we took care of it, and she didn’t really suffer so much from it. Tell your hubby to go to a bug extermination store and buy a product called D- Force HPX it’s the only thing that really works to eliminate bed bugs (my husband swears by it!!) — not even professional extermination did what this product did.

Good luck .

Maria asks…

Which baby brand product do you use on your baby?

and what all products do you use for eg.bodywash,shampoo, conditioner….also how old is your baby/

admin answers:

For my 3 year old who has eczema–I use Dove soap for his body. I’ve used that or Cetaphil since he was about a year old. I’ve always used J&J shampoo on him.

For my 5 month old I use J&J baby wash for his body & hair. No signs of eczema in him. After bath I use J&J baby oil gel all over him to keep his skin soft.

Pampers diapers on both and Huggies wipes.

Sandra asks…

I need a good face soap/moisturizer for the kids?

Their faces get all this little bumps on them. They get really dry during the winter too. If I could find a good face soap and moisturizer this year, I’d be so happy. All the baby products I’ve tried really don’t seem to do anything but make them smell like a baby….

Any suggestions?
No, it’s not ezcema, it’s not bad at all. Honestly, I think it’s a combo of cold weather and drool! 🙂

admin answers:

It’s not eczema is it? Ry gets eczema pretty bad in the winter. She gets raised bumps (almost looks like an allergic reaction). I use Aquaphor soap and Eucerin lotion. Works VERY well for Rylee.

The baby lotions do tend to dry out the skin more.

Helen asks…

My newborn has dry skin. What causes it? and how do I get rid of it?

My son is 5 weeks old and has dry skin on the back of his scalp and dry skin right where his eyebrows are. What’s causing it?? and how do I get rid of it??
I’ve put Johnson and Johson baby lotion on it .. but that just covers it and it’s right back the next day! It’s not eliminating it.
And what is causing it?? He is strictly breastfed and I drink plenty of water … he shouldn’t be getting dry skin? He’s not dehydrated.
What can I do????

admin answers:

I would recommend seing your pediatrician about it before you decide to use too much product.
I thought it was cradle cap but they noticed that it was going to different area and found that it was actually eczema, and there is a whole new procedure to deal with it and many products make it worse. So check with your pediatrician.

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