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George asks…

I have a 2 month old who has eczema. Does that for sure mean she has food allergies?

I ate a lot of peanuts during pregnancy and nursing. His dad is allergic to shrimp.

admin answers:

Anton: Despite what others have posted, eczema is a common symptom of allergy. It may be an environmental allergy or as a result of diet. Since you are nursing, your diet crosses over into your baby’s diet. You can try going on an elimination diet or better yet, talk to your pediatrician about a RAST test. This is a simple blood test that will identify allergies. Because your baby is only 2 months old, they may want to wait a little longer. In the mean time, try to keep the baby’s area as dust free as possible, wash bed linens in 140 degree water, and keep pets away as much as possible. I am including some links for you to browse regarding eczema in general and eczema and food allergies in young children in particular. Please keep an eye on this. Because your baby is so young, this could forshadow asthma. Better safe than sorry where that precious baby is concerned!

Chris asks…

Isn’t it dangerous to use cortizone cream on a baby?

I was always told on my pediatrician not to use cortizone cream on children under 6 because it was steroids and could cause harm to the child. The label on the tube says not to use it on children also.
My friend tells me that I’m crazy, and put it on her infant grandaughter for diaper rash (her know-it-all daughter who is perfect and an expert in everything said it was ok to do)…..Any doctors have any advice on this?

admin answers:

My daughter has eczema and since she was 4 months old the doctor has told me that during red, itchy outbreaks I can put hydrocortizone 1% creme on the areas 2 times each day, but he told me to avoid using it in her diaper area.

Sandra asks…

Is baby lotion good for eczema/ dry skin?

I have dry skin and was wandering if baby lotion would be beneficial. I’m 19 and often use oilatum (not sure how to spell) but would like to try something else. Is it okay for adults to use too?

admin answers:

Yes you can use it if you like.I have eczema and my kids do too ,we can’t use it b/c it has fragrance and burns when we use it.I use Aquaphor, Eucerin,Cetaphil or any fragrance-free lotion.Best time to use it is after a shower when skin is still damp.Prolonged baths and hot water deplete the moisture in your skin.I use unscented Cetaphil soap to clean with,and also use the bar to was my daughters hair ,it works great.I also use triple antibiotic cream on my hands b/c they split open and bleed.

Linda asks…

Yeast infections causing autism in babies?

I’m 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant.
I’ve had so many yeast infections during this pregnancy it’s not funny. moms friend tells us the other day that having lots of yeast infections while pregnant can cause your baby to have autism. I’ve never heard this before, but I guess her son has autism. This reasoning just sounds weird to me. Does anyone know about this? I’m getting a bit worried now!

admin answers:

Your mom’s friend does have part of the info correct.

Yeast is candida overgrowth. It’s an infection. Those with diabetes (higher blood sugar) are prone to it, those on antibiotics because they kill off the live active cultures in the gut (digestive system, and main home base for immune function), pregnant women, anybody with any type of immune disorder.

It’s not that weird, basically autism which is a neurological disorder that is social communcative based, is also autoimmune. So those with autism do not have a healthy immune system such as those with diabetes, dyslexia etc. Therefore, these people are more prone to yeast infections.

This is not a chicken or the egg which came first scenario, those with poor immune systems do develop more yeast infections, those with autism have a poor immune system and are more prone to yeast issues too. Having autism doens’t necessarily mean there will be yeast issues, only autoimmune issues that can manifest in a variety of ways with chronic ear infections, chronic constipation, sinusitis, infection, illness ect.

However having yeast issues does not mean an increased risk for autism. The autism being autoimmune causes the yeast issues not the other way around. That’s like saying anyone with a yeast infection is diabetic, well no but those with diabetes battle yeast more than those without autoimmune issues but anybody with yeast infections doesn’t equal diabetes just as it doesn’t equal autism.

Having yeast issues when preggo is a typical finding. Having excessive yeast issues not preggo suggests some type of autoimmune disorder where the body attacks itself which could be anything from diabetes, autism, any type bowel disease, allergies, eczema, asthma etc. When you have 1 type of autoimmune disorder it increases the chances of others, so they go together.

Having yeast issues while preggo is not at all causal to a child with autism.

Are you certain your mom’s friend isn’t autistic herself? That is pretty lacking in social skills to blurt that out, she reminds me of me. She didn’t mean to be rude, I strongly suspect autism for her.

My two sons with autism, 1 had chronic yeast issues as a baby and toddler, the other is 4 and has never had a yeast infection at all, he does get sick more frequently than the others and has irritable bowel syndrome

I’ve had years of my life where I had chronic yeast issues, and I’ve had years where I had no infection at all

brody’s mom-are you sure he is fine, he is lacking eyecontact there in the pic lol!

Donald asks…

What is a good lotion for my baby?

Hi, my 4 month old baby boy has really bad dry skin on his cheeks n forehead n arms n the bottom of his legs. Does anyone know any good Lotion or anything that might help his skin? Thank you:)

admin answers:

Triple Cream… It is safe for babies, and is formulated specifically for babies with eczema and very dry skin. It is inexpensive and you can find it at WalMart, or BabiesRUS.

Mark asks…

Ive tried every body soap there is dove oil of olay and even there?

new improved wont dry your skin stuff but still i get dry skin if i use any kind of lotion my skin turns beet red if i use baby oil i get red and my shower gets to oily solution please?

admin answers:

You obviously have sensitive skin and need to use gentler, low fragrance or fragrance free products. When showering, use a gentle wash like Johnson’s baby soap or Cetaphil cleanser rather than soap or body wash, which contain harsh detergents and perfumes. After showering, use a fragrance free moisturizer like Cetaphil to soothe skin.

If using gentler, fragrance free products does not help, you need to talk to a dermatologist. You may be suffering from skin allergies, eczema, psoriasis, or other skin conditions.

Ruth asks…

What is the best eczema relief for babies?

admin answers:

Heredity plays a vital role in passing eczema from one generation to another. Other children can outgrow eczema when they reach their adolescent stage, and to be able to do so, it is best that you try to boost the your child’s immune system by giving the proper diet and nutrition. All natural skin care moisturizer is of great help to relieve intense itching and pain caused by eczema. Let him try to avoid scratching the skin for a break in the skin can cause a secondary skin infection, it is best to keep fingernails short and try to cover affected areas with gauze. Avoiding outbreaks will entail you to keep away from skin irritants and allergens as well as, things and routines that can easily make patients sweat. For more tips about preventing eczema flare visit

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