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Helen asks…

my baby has red spots on his tummy what is it?

he has he these before and so has my daughter.

admin answers:

Do a search for heat rash. See if the images/symptoms match what your son has. If they do, try to keep him cool. I usually keep a box of regular corn starch in the fridge. When the kids have the heat rash (also called prickly heat), I’ll use the corn starch like regular powder and put it over the affected area.

Try to keep the area dry. When it gets wet it can sting (at least this is what I’ve found with my babies).

It’s the regular corn starch you’ll find in the baking aisle. I keep it in the fridge because the coolness helps them get relief quicker.

Hope your baby feels better!

Donna asks…

how to tell ur fiancee goodbye forever?

im very depressed i try so hard to be happy to be someone that can be someone who everyone will go to for help. especially him and for the last nearly 4-5 months i feel like i cant do anything. i don’t want to hurt him but i think that this is the only for him to be truly happy. how to i tell him goodbye forever and to forgive me without it seeming like im running away or giving up. i’ve been on anti depressants and to therapy and nothing seems to work anymore.

admin answers:

WO. Slow down girlfriend. I don’t think good-bye forever is necessary.
How about I’m not ready to set a date. Or I want to postpone the wedding.
If you’re depressed you don’t want to do anything crazy or rash. You want to get your head straight. Maybe a weekend to yourself. A weekend away from him and you might realize that life without him is a pretty giant bummer as well. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. So you’re not ready to get married. (For the record, I am a depressed person- and someone married me- so there’s hope).
The thing is flawed people choose to love other flawed people. Could turn out that he’s far more boring than you are depressing. Maybe he’d be doing you a favor, by saying good-bye forever…but that’s not really his call to make. If you’re willing to laugh at his jokes, who is he to protect you from his sense of humor? Protecting people from YOU is classic depression style thinking. But REALITY CHECK that’s not your job. All you have to do is figure out if anything would bring you joy today, next week, next year. Do you need to move to the sun, out of the heat, work with animals, get a haircut? What will make you smile? What can you do to ensure smiles in the future? Tanning salon tuesday, toenail painting thursday, walks in the park under rainbows…
Start making a list. And if fiance can’t do any of those activities, doesn’t like that future, then you’ve got real problems. But right now your number one problem is making that list.

Mary asks…

whats the best way to get rid of heat rash?

i have heat rash around my balls and on my leg so what can i use to get rid of it (every day items you would have lien around your house would be good)

admin answers:

Corn starch, baby powder, it is necessary to keep clothes off as much as possible and let the air dry as much as possible, baking soda will also work, I try to keep that area dry rather than creams like they use for baby’s rash.

Donald asks…

How can I get rid of a heat rash under the breast area?

admin answers:

Get some corn starch and use it as powder after you clean the area. Baby powder isn’t any good for this.

David asks…

5 month old with red, hot cheeks and small rash?

My 5 month old son has recently started to develop red, hot to the touch cheeks they flash red around when he eats. He also has a small rash on both temples. Neither the rash or the hot cheeks seem to bother him but I am wondering/worrying.
Coincidentally, I have started supplementing with formula. But the cheeks get red regardless of formula or breastmilk.
Anyone have any ideas what could be going on?

admin answers:

I have 3 boys and two of them had a similiar problem. It isn’t anything to worry about, and I do not believe it to be food allergies. My son’s cheeks get very red and overheated on a regular basis. Has he been sick? Is he developing a cold? Those are the most frequent times this happens to my youngest son. He is 9 months and this started around 4months when he got sick. Sometimes it gets reall dry and chapped. Aviod overheating, and buy some Beadreaux’s Baby Kisses, it will help the dry “rash” to go away. I swear by this! It si hard to find, try Toys are Us or BigY. My oldest still gets very rosie cheeks and is also as heat sensitive as my youngest.

Nancy asks…

Little red bumbs on the back of my thighs and bum cheeks?

I noticed I have these little red bumps on the back of my thighs and the inner bottom part of my bum cheeks. I have no idea what they are, they DONT itch at all. They’re just there and its really annoying me because it’s visible and I’m going away in less than 2 months for a summer vacation and I need them to go away by then so I’m really desperate. They’re not severe, they’re really small but visible and they don’t have a white tip they’re just red. Thank you veryyyyyy much

admin answers:

That is heat rash. Try to wear cotton underwear and breathable clothing. It may not itch, hurt, or have any other symptoms, but what you are describing sounds remarkably like heat rash- and it often occurs where there are folds of skin or friction- such as the bottom portion of your bum and top of the thighs. It often occurs when you sit on something very hot, like concrete in the sun, but is always due to sweating. You can make the “rash” go away by using gold bond powder or even baby powder, and once again- VERY important to wear fresh, cotton undies every day.
If you swim, take your suit off Immediately and hang it up. Keeping a wet suit against your skin will make it worse.
Just try to remember: Wet makes it worse, Dry makes it better. (Hence the powder)
Good luck!

Sandra asks…

Anyone have any experience with prickly heat or heat rash?

My 11 month old son developed a rash this morning, and the closest thing I can find about it online is that it might be a heat rash. I’ve eliminated everything I can think of…no new foods lately, no new laundry detergent or bath soap, hasn’t been around strange children lately (he’s not in daycare) and he hasn’t been around any pets/animals. It wasn’t there this morning when I left for work, but it showed up shortly before lunch. He seems fine otherwise…no fever, vomiting, diarrhea, appetite is fine, color is good, he’s playful. The only thing I’ve noticed is that he was slightly cranky tonight, but not horribly so.

This patch, about the size of a half dollar, is directly above, well, to put it bluntly, the crack of his cute little butt. 🙂 The rest of his skin (including his diaper area) is flawless.

Teeny little red bumps, almost like blisters. Does anyone have any idea what this may be? Have your children ever had heat rash, and if so does this sound like it?

admin answers:

Sounds like heat rash to me. With the weather i wouldn’t doubt it –
make sure that you have him down to the bare minimum, and that he is hydrated, maybe even a cool bath

my baby book says

symptoms:light red rash in spots or large blotches; occurs in hot weather

what to do: Remove clothing – call Dr if it lasts more than 24 hours for a prompt appointment, or if other symptoms occur

Sandy asks…

What’s the best home remedy for heat rash?

admin answers:

What ever u do do not use baby powder or anything with perfume in it make sure you take a cool bath or shower pay dry it dont rub it and use corn starch i used it on my children when they were little guys and i tell everyone to use it.its the best

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