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Donna asks…

Why do parents think having a baby born in the spring is great?

Other than having warmer temperatures, Having a child born in the spring is a bad idea. I say this because their health is worse than those born in the Fall, plus, those born in the Spring are conceived in the Fall, having to deal with colder temperatures and less sunlight, thus having the pregnant woman have less Vitamin D for their baby. So in my opinion, I think spring birthdays are overrated and what do you think?

admin answers:

Those born in the Spring, have a whole spring/summer to go through before fall and winter. I’ve had a spring/and I’ve had a winter baby. You’re not going to be taking a newborn out in the weather very much anyways.

Spring is great for outdoor birthday parties. But that’s the only thing I can think of when it comes to being any better than any other season. And it only happens one day out of the year.

I delivered my first in the winter. (He is by far the sickest) When you deliver a baby earlier/later in the year, RSV is up and going. That’s what I blame my child’s allergies/asthma/eczema from. After getting that RSV early his immune system just went down hill. As for my spring babies, I’ve conceived both of them in July. He is by far the healthiest and went over a year before getting any kind of sickness. I am currently 9 weeks with baby #3.

It can also just be due to the child’s genes.

Carol asks…

Anyone seen a pediatric dermatologist or Pediatric allergist for baby Eczema?

I’m wondering what tips they have? We don’t have either in our city. Should I consider driving 3-4 hours to see one. Will they be that much different than a pediatrician or regular dermatologist?

I read one mom said the first thing they told her to cut out was all dairy?
Should I try that (breastfeeding) at this point I’m desperate and will try anything to get my baby well.

admin answers:

Yes; our son started having Eczama and some allergies when we introduced solid foods to him. Our pediatrician suggested us to see a pediatric allergist. She tested the allergies for the food that we already knew that he had allergies… Since then we visit her once a year, and they do tests. We keep track of his allergy levels…

I believe, it is good to see pediatric allergist (or dermatologist) if it not too much of a hassle. Check with your pediatrician… Depending on the level of the eczama, s/he may tell you to visit or no…

For our son’s eczama we have used Aquaphor a lot… Give a try… He is now 5 and he doesn’t have eczama (but still allergies unfortunately 🙁 )…

Mark asks…

What yogurts can I give my 5 month old baby?

My baby is 5 months and has been eating solids/ jar foods since she was 4 months old. I wanted to no what yogurts I can start trying her on? I don’t need anyone trying to tell what I can do, I already have other children who ate from 4 months old, but it’s been a while as thy are 3+ years old. Plz any decent answers. Thank you

admin answers:

It is ok to give baby yogurt as long as its not high in sugar obviously. You can buy fromage frais called little stars that are designed for weaning and say they are suitable from 4 months. My son also likes plain natural yogurt. Doesn’t have much taste to me but he enjoys it specially with a bit of his apple puree mixed in. However I wouldn’t recommend yogurt if she has eczema as dairy makes it worse.

Sandy asks…

Anyone know good eczema home remedies?

My son is 7 years old and since he was a baby he has suffered from eczema all over his body BUT now it seems worse especially because he scratches a lot. Anyone have homemade remedies that help or know of over the counter meds that help….

admin answers:

Pure neem oil, in a dosage of 2-4 drops well mixed in a cup of warm milk with sugar should be taken daily for 40 days

George asks…

Has your toddler ever had little tiny bumps spots on their butt and it was itchy to your toddler?

If so what did the doctor tell you it was? It’s located on the side where you pull the trap to the diaper. It kind of looks like a rash and it’s reddish, it’s very itchy to her. And how long did it take for it to go away? And what did the doctor tell you to put on it?

admin answers:

If it’s not just a normal diaper rash, ask the doc if it’s eczema.

My babies had that and we used to put lotion on them after a lukewarm bath. Don’t use any bath products with scents or dyes…try the same with your laundry detergent and see if it changes any.

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