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Michael asks…

How can I stop sceatching my eczema?

For the last year or so I’ve been getting what seems to be eczema on only my legs. Over the last month particularly it has been really bad. I can’t stop scratching it especially at night. I have scratched it so much that my calves have been scratched raw in some places. I did get some cream for it which sometimes works but sometimes makes it worse. Over the last week it’s appered on the back of my knees too and over the last couple of days pimple like things have appered at the top of my calf and bottom of my knee. I have no idea what is causing it. I know for sure it’s not my body wash or washing powered. Any ideas how to stop scratching?

admin answers:

Go but some high end lotion or baby oil to soothe the dryness. As for scratching slap it instead. Works for me!

Helen asks…

How can you clear up eczema fast?

I’ve always had eczema. But all of a sudden, it’s BAD. I’m 14 and a cheer leader at my highschool, so it’s super embarrassing when people are like “what’s wrong with your skin?” Please help. I’m major insecure about it

admin answers:

Really the best things to do are to get cortisone lotions with a small percentage of steroids (no perscription required) to put on the areas that are especially bad, use unscented hydrating lotion (the best are behind the pharmacy counter & do not require a prescription). Avoid putting anything scented on your skin or anything that could cause irritation (tanning products, lotion with glitter, etc.) And lastly, drink lots of water to hydrate from the inside.

I know how embarassing it can be! Just be confident and know that eczema doesn’t define you or how beautiful you are.

Charles asks…

Is a swollen gland for 5 weeks a health concern?

I am 15 and i have had a swollen gland( i think) in my neck for over 5 weeks. I also have had crazy itching all over my body. i know these are symptoms of hodgkin’s lymphoma, and i am in the right age group for that, could that be a possible cause or am i just paranoid? I am pretty healthy and not havn’t been unwell for a while.

admin answers:

I had the exact same symptoms as you. It turned out to be thyroid cancer. I don’t want to scare you or anything, because the chances that you do have cancer are very small. You could have eczema (a skin condition) and the gland could be nothing.Glands often swell with no known cause. Maybe you have a minor infection. However, it would be prudent to see a doctor. They might do an ultrasound of the gland. Ultrasounds are very good at finding suspicious lumps in the neck. If the gland looks normal on ultrasound, chances are you will be fine.

Sandy asks…

What are some methods to soothe irritation caused by a product to the skin?

I recently made a rice toner and used it on my face.The toner brought on itchy red bumps all over my face by the next morning. I’m positive this isn’t acne but some sort of rash. I’ve been using oatmeal masks to help calm the irritation but it is still very visible. How long after the oatmeal masks will I see improvement or what other methods will help this problem?

admin answers:

I dont think that this is acne but some sort of allergy to this rice toner you have used. I have very sensitive skin and often break out in rashes for all different reasons. If you get eczema this toner may have inflammed this causeing what looks like a rash but may be eczema or dermatitis. When you break out in rashes like these its best to use simple moisturisers such as sorbaline until the rash subsides and also to avoid makeup. I have been using cetaphil wich is great for sensative skin. Ice packs and aloe vera gel are also helpful in decreasing the redness of the rash and I would also try an antihistamine such as zertec, as these also help with inflammed skin and rashes

David asks…

What is the best acne medication for someone with really sensitive skin?

My son is 14 1/2 years old. He has extremely sensitive skin…eczema and roscacia (sp) and then bad acne. We have been to the dermatologist and she gives him all these harsh products that Absolutely do not help him. He has tried all over the counter and prescription stuff with no help, his skin is too sensitive for it to work. The acne is causing him to be withdrawn and very self conscious. PLEASE HELP!

admin answers:

Your dermatologist may have suggested Cetaphil products to you. I would recommend that he use the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (It’s in a blue/green bottle, and you can find it at Walmart or Walgreens).

Another suggestion that might help – buy your son some hypoallergenic pillow cases. Wash them at least once a week. Combined with the Cetaphil face wash, that works really well for me.

EDIT: Don’t get Proactiv. It contains benzoyl peroxide, a harsh chemical that isn’t helpful at all for people with sensitive skin.

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