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Nancy asks…

How to stop scratching my eczema while I sleep?

Ok so when I go to sleep I have a clear face but when I wake up in the morning I have red marks on my face were I have been scratching my face, the next day I put gloves on my hands before I fell asleep and when I woke up in the morning I had no gloves on and red marks on my face.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can stop this? I can not buy anything right now because it is almost midnight but I need to wake up tomorrow with no red marks on my face so what would you suggest I do? I was thinking on tiring my hands to my legs so I can reach my face but I’m not sure what with, does anyone have a better idea?
I can get cotton gloves but not tonight as everywhere is closed, that’s why I included need tonight but can’t purchase anything. ;(

admin answers:

Try cotton gloves I think you can buy them in the pharmacy.

Helen asks…

Any tips on how to control eczema?

I’ve been struggling with my eczema flare-ups for a few years now on my legs, arms, and back. I can usually control it pretty well, but just recently my flare-ups have gotten so much more frequent that it’s not allowing time for my skin to heal. What causes my flare-ups is caffeine (Yes, I know it sucks to be allergic to it.). I can’t even touch anything with caffeine in it or I’ll start to itch. Which makes my job difficult when I have to work around products made with chocolate.
Anyway, I think my body is getting used to my usual products for treating my flare-ups since they haven’t been working as good. My daily routine is applying my Rx Betamethasone Valerate cream and then applying Curél Itch Defense lotion.
Is there anything that I could add to my daily routine to help better control my flare-ups? Any products? Medications? Tips?
I am 21 years old, a full grown adult. So as long as I have my allergy, I’ll have my eczema. It won’t dwindle down like it would for a child or teen. I just need to learn how to control it better.

admin answers:

When I was your age, I had eczema on my hands and feet – don’t need to tell you how horrible it was – my hands were like raw meat for 5 long years..
Saw the doctors and was told the same as you – this will never go away, all you can do is control it..

I started doing my own research.. And what I found has completely 100% CURED my eczema – I have not had an outbreak in 20 years.. It’s gone..

All skin problems like eczema come from having unhealthy skin.. So, the skin is unhealthy, and that allows things like eczema, psoriasis etc.. To get a foothold. The skin isn’t healthy enough to stop the problem. So, the number one thing to focus on is to have healthy skin..

I was on cortisone type cream – didn’t help.. I was told to moisturize 8 times a day, didn’t help..
Finally, I found what would work.. I hope this will help you!
Our bodies make Gamma linolic acid (GLA) and this sort of ‘seals’ the skin surface.. But if the body isn’t able to make enough GLA, then the skin isn’t protected, it isn’t healthy.. There are 2 plants that make GLA – the borage plant, and the primrose – by taking borage oil or primrose oil – available at all the health food stores and some pharmacies – you GET the GLA without having to rely on your body making enough.. It is a supplement, but really a food – it’s just oil, so no side effects, no addictions etc.. I have no idea why my body wasn’t making enough, but as long as I take borage or primrose oil daily, I have literally been fine. It did take a few weeks though, to fully clear up for good.. The oil is not cheap – the seeds from the plant are handpicked etc..
Try taking vitamin E, as well, also known to be good for the skin.. Both these oils moisturize from the inside out.. Much better than slathering yourself with moisturizers..

Definitely avoid anything you are allergic to – stay away from the caffeine, even if the oil works..
Take extra Vitamin C – which is an immune booster, and helps reduce stress (stress often triggers skin conditions)
Drink lots of plain water – stay hydrated
Avoid harsh chemicals on the skin, INCLUDING soap, non-soap cleaners AND moisturizers.. These all dry out (damage!) your skin at this point.. Stay away from them for now, at least..
Moisturize with raw coconut oil – the polynesians have been using it for hundreds of years and have beautiful skin and hair! It is all natural, no additives, no chemicals.. I have been using it for years, and it feels good on the skin! Apply very little, and if you put on too much, just blot it off.. You could use other raw oils, such as extra virgin olive oil, but I have found that to be too heavy, clogs pours.. There are probably others (shea butter?) I don’t know, because I only use the coconut oil…
For washing.. Skin has an acid mantle – everytime you use soap, you strip off the acid which again, makes your skin vulnerable.. Apple cider vinegar restores the acid mantle to skin and hair.. So in a bathtub of water, you would add 2 cups of apple cider vinegar.. To a sinkful of water, just to wash your face etc.. Add just 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar – if you can find the raw apple cider vinegar, that is BEST – it is loaded with vitamins and minerals.. And is a natural deodorizer.. Don’t worry about the vinegar smell, it goes away when it dries.. You won’t smell like french fries.. 🙂
Do not use any other type of vinegar – again, apple cider vinegar is natural.. White vinegar is all man made chemicals, very hard on the skin.. If you use soap, be sure to rinse in the vinegar water.. To restore the acid mantle.. For example, you could take a shower, use soap (very little), and then fill a jug with warm water and splash of vinegar, and dump that over yourself.. Air dry if possible.. Or wait a bit and then pat dry..
I hope this will help, but whatever you do, keep looking for ways to improve your skin health, and the eczema will go away..

Daniel asks…

I need a recommendation for a good hand cream/lotion?

My hands are extremely dry, sensitive and I have flair ups of eczema. I feel I’ve tried lots of creams and lotions with little luck. Can anyone make a recommendation for something I can get at Walmart?Thanks

admin answers:

Neutrogena -Norwegian formula
fast absorbing hand cream
I use this all the time and love it.

Charles asks…

Can anyone give me any advice about dealing with eczema please?

My 6 month old daughter has it, and we are battling to keep it under control. We use Oilatum in the bath, and 50:50 all over twice a day – more often on the problem areas. We have Fucidin H which is ok for the dry scaly problem bits, and are trying Eumovate for her tummy, which looks more like a rash than scaly. Her clothes and bedding get an extra rinse cycle, its always a non-bio powder. We avoid wool next to her skin. I hate to see her scratch and pull at her skin, especially when she is tired.

We are seeing our GP AGAIN tomorrow, but I’m learning that everyone has a different experience with eczema. Do you have any good advice, or can you recommend any good websites/books etc?

Thank you in advance for your help.

admin answers:

I know how you must be feeling, I am 65 and was born with eczema. I grew up with all the remedies that have been mentioned here, but the most important thing is to protect your little one from scratching, as the itch from eczema is really upsetting. Little cotton mittens or gloves can be found at most pharmacies. My mother used to tie me into a pillow case at bedtime, but I was very young and cannot say if it worked. At one stage they used to put splints on my arms and legs to stop me being able to scratch! I used to have oatmeal added to my baths and later, the oilatum and other similar remedies.
Over the years, it has improved greatly. Funny enough, each time I had a child, my eczema faded a bit more.(I had 4!) I now find I can get by with using the Avon fragrance free shower gels, hand wash, moisturisers etc. And no longer have to use all the creams and potions prescribed by the Doctors. I cannot shower or bath without using a moisturiser all over, but I do find life quite a lot easier these days.
I hope your little one grows out of her symptoms soon and that you can help her not to feel too embarassed about her condition as she gets older, if it does not clear up soon. The doctors used to say that every 7 years your skin will change and the eczema should fade. I believe it will if you treat the symptons early enough and don’t use any toiletries with perfume in them.
Good luck.

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