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Sandra asks…

What causes acne and how to get rid of it?

I have acne its really annoying mr i need to know what causes it and how to het rid of it

admin answers:

Hi Y,
Try this it will help you cure your acne/pimples scars,
Here is the immediate/ fast cure for pimple is homemade,simple and natural…

1.You can use ice:Wrap ice cubes/crushed ice in a piece of cloth and put it on the affected area for few seconds…wait few minute and try it again.This will help freeze the skin pores and remove the dirt and oil in the skin.Do this repeatedly throughout the day,It does enhance blood circulation.
2.Use Fresh Lemon Juice:It’s rich with Vitamin C, Dip a clean cotton swab into a fresh lemon juice not bottled one with preservatives,apply it before going to bed…it helps to dry up pimples very fast!
3.Use Honey:This is a great healer,it has natural antibiotics that will help heal skin infection and also prevent them too. Dip a clean cotton swab into a natural/fresh honey,apply it on the affect area leave it for half an hour/apply before going to bed.Wash off with lukewarm water.
4.Use steam:yea you got it steam…when you cook,boil water.Fill a large container with the hot water and allow the steam to come in contact with your face,it will open the pores for the skin to breathe all the oils,dirt and bacteria will come out.
5. Tea tree oil:It is a great cure for PIMPLES,it’s a simple and natural way to cure it…it contains terpinen-4-ol a good antibacterial agent,apply tea tree oil directly to your pimple and it will cure.
6.Use Aloe vera:This is the real deal! With is anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties it will help cure skin scars eczema/pimples/acne fast.Apply aloe vera gel on the affected area or you mix it with vitamin E oil and apply,leave it overnight and you wash off with warm water in the morning.Repeat this till it disappears.
N:B – If your pimples do relocate, The reason why pimples relocate to other places is because you do allow the pores,dirt,oils from the pimples to touch other places…and please hold on/don’t take too much oily foods.
Medical help:Visit your hospital/doctor for prescription of FERROUS its a drug that will help wash/wipe the toxic from your body system/blood.

John asks…

Is the swelling I have on my foot and ankle caused from limping?

I have very sore eczema on the sole of my right foot.When I walk its making me limp.Is the limping causing my swelling?
Im in A1 health,just turned 50 and hav`nt been to a doctor for at least 20years until recently to get some cream for my eczema.

admin answers:

If you’re other ankle is swelling too, it would be water retention.

Jenny asks…

What cause eczema in a one year 3 months old girl?

she has very small red pimbles and she scrachs her skin so hard.. in some places not all over her body.

doctor said its eczema and recommened me not to use baby oils or lotions..

admin answers:

Almost surely a food problem. Dairy or gluten most likely. You probably not nursing but using formula.

Charles asks…

What is a good sensitive skin care regimen?

Hello! I recently developed sensitive skin due to Mary Kay products. I am SO upset! I had beautiful normal skin and now it is shot to sh*t with eczema on my eye lids and red blotchy spots on my cheeks. I hate you Mary Kay!
Anyways, I recently bought Aveeno’s eczema therapy lotion, but it’s not doing too much to help with the dry eyelids and red splotchy cheeks. I also switched my foundation to Gernier’s BB cream instead of a normal matte like foundation as i heard it is better for your complection. 🙁
I want to use what’s best for me and is going to help improve the appearance of my face.I love makeup and cannot go without wearing any. YIKES! Can someone help me? I am looking for both a good line of makeup to use for sensitive skin, but especially a good sensitive skin care regimen. Thanks! 🙂

admin answers:

I’ll recommend a British product line for you to look into.. Salcura

Salcura dermaspray gentle worked rapid results for our child as a baby, he had horrible eczema on his wrists and ankles and itched so much we had to bandage him to prevent him from scratching till he bled. Spraying his skin the first time, caused him to stop itching in seconds.. The skin subsided about 50% in redness after only the first 24 hours of use. We sprayed him whenever he itched. Which was about 3 times a day.

I don’t know if you’ll have the same results as our son but for him it worked miraculous results.

The last place we bought this was from expresschemist_co_uk, but maybe you can find it for less elsewhere.. Do research on all products you put on your skin before you buy.

Good luck.

Carol asks…

Baby Eczema: how likely is it that my baby would have a reaction to organic 100% coconut oil?

Or was it likely one of the other 4 products I’m trying on him. I know I should have done one at a time! I was just so desperate to help him I just started them all at once. Here is what I have:
Hydrocortisone – he’s been on this a while, so I know it isn’t this
Coconut Oil- the rash seemed to appear before I started this
*Aveeno Ezcema Lotion- I think it was this because I put it on his forehead and bum and that’s where he has a little pin point rash reaction.
And 2 other creams from babies r us called Triple Cream Eczema care & Triderma

admin answers:

According to eastern medicine Eczema comes from something wrong in the diet – not on the outside— high allergen foods likw like gluten corn or nuts could be causing it.

Just an idea. Aveeno has gluten in it so thats interesting he reacted.

Coconut oil is low allergen and its great for skin. I use it on my baby all the time.

Mary asks…

Is wheat germ good or bad for your skin?

I heard that it’s supposed to be good for your skin and that it prevents acne, but I recently read that it can cause acne. So is it good or bad for your skin?

admin answers:

Wheat germ,its anti-free radical properties, can delay skin aging; moisture resistance, can fade fine lines, stretch marks, scars, increase skin wetting force, on dry, dry, aging, wrinkled skin extremely helpful. Can reduce the face traces left by acne. Suitable for all skin types, for dark spots, psoriasis, eczema have a certain effect. Also has a sunscreen, sunscreen for face and body.

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