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Laura asks…

When do you start to produce colostrum?

Im 14w+3d & my nipples look like they have eczema!! Does that mean i’ll start soon?x

admin answers:

Keep an eye on those nipples, they can get dry and cracked, especially if colostrum sticks on them for a while! Most of the time, colostrum production starts in the second trimester (after 14 weeks). Some people leak it out a lot, especially in their last trimester. Some women never see it at all until baby starts swallowing it!

James asks…

How often should you bath a 3 month old baby?

I was told not to bathe every day….is this true?

admin answers:

It depends on your babies skin type. As an example my son had severe eczema. Bathing him every day would have caused a major skin problem for him. I used to bath him every 3-4 days.

He is 1 now and he gets a bath every other day unless he gets dirty. =)

Linda asks…

Contradicition – cow milk based formula is ok, but cow milk is not?

Can someone out there tell me why doctors say it is ok to give your baby cows milk based formulas, but you should not give your baby cows milk before they are at least 1 year old? Seems like a contradiction.
I’m not talking about SUBSTITUTING formula with cows milk (I breastfeed). I’m trying to understand why formula is considered safe, but cow milk isn’t.

admin answers:

In addition to supplementation with vitamins and iron, the protein in cow milk based formula is modified. The modification makes it easier to digest.

Let’s look at the issue historically. Until the late 1960s, infants were often started on cow milk around three months of age. This was increased to six months, then to one year.

One of the issues was cow milk protein intolerance. More than a few infants, especially those with a family history of food or other allergies, developed wheezing or eczema. A few developed chronic diarrhea or malabsorption. When the lining of the intestines were biopsied, patchy lesions of varying severity were often found. Other infants developed a protein losing enteropathy where small amounts of blood and protein entered the stool, resulting in anemia and low protein.

While the number of affected infants were relatively small, less than one percent, it was felt to be serious enough to recommend that infants remain on a cow milk protein modified formula for longer periods, up to a year.

At the same time, many mothers were ahead of science by promulgating the advantages of prolonged breast feeding.

Michael asks…

Is a humidifier necessary for newborn?

I am thinking for buying a cool mist crane humidifier for my soon to be born baby because I have a coupon for it. She’ll be born in December in a cold climate. Is this something that is a good idea or should I just wait on it?

admin answers:

You said your baby will be born in December which, of course, is a dry month. Having a humidifier will be beneficial in many ways.

Most babies do not require a humidifier but it definitely does not hurt to have one and most likely you will need one when she gets sick. It’s not a matter of if she catches a cold, but when. Since you have a coupon I highly recommend purchasing it now, while it is in your budget.

A humidifier will keep your baby’s mucus nice and moist, which is essential to keeping germs from getting into her body which can cause illness. It will also help with baby eczema, which many babies experience. Baby eczema is not a threatening condition and does not hurt your baby, but it can cause discomfort.

In addition to all of these benefits the humidifier will create white nose which has been scientifically proven to help soothe babies to sleep. Plus, if you are going to have your baby sleep in your room and breastfeed the humidity will help keep you skin moist, reducing the chance of having cracked nipples.

Joseph asks…

My newborn has eczema on her face, what can I do?

I also suffer from eczema a think i have past it on to my newborn. I am very wary about putting anything on it at all, but really want to give her some relief from it.. any suggestions?

admin answers:

Put MOTHERCARE baby lotion the good expensive one on her face 3-4 times a day. Use petroleum jelly at night.

Avoide using baby soap on her face. Newborns face can cleaned by wet cloths (DO NOT use wipes its got products which can be harsh).

Use rich moisturising washes when bathing. Don’t soak baby for long. JUst give baby quick wash.

If problem persisits consult ur peadiatrician coz i am not, just a mum.

George asks…

What to look for in Egg allergies in babies?

My Dr said at my daughters 6 month check up that it was okay to give her egg yolk now.. She is now 8 1/2 months and had egg yolk for the first time today.. she isnt allergic to anything yet nor is there any allergy history in my or my husbands background. Just wondering if she will be allergic how long does it take for signs to show and what signs should i look for ? She seems fine so far..
okay thanks!!

admin answers:

Babies sometimes will have an allergic reaction to eggs. If that happens, they can’t eat eggs for a while most kids outgrow this allergy by age 5 and can eat eggs with no problem after that.
His or her immune system isn’t fully developed and can’t handle the protein in eggs. Most children who are allergic to eggs are allergic to the protein that’s in the egg whites, but some react to the protein in the yolk.
The immune system, which normally protects against germs and other problems, uses antibodies to fight the egg protein like it’s a harmful invader. A baby who is allergic to eggs might feel sick or get a rash after eating eggs or any food containing eggs. The reaction could happen fast or it might take a few hours.
Here are symptoms
skin: hives, eczema, flushing, or swelling
digestive system: belly pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, or itching around the mouth
respiratory system: runny nose, wheezing, or difficulty breathing
cardiovascular system: rapid heartbeat, low blood pressure, or heart problems.
In rare cases, a person could have a very serious allergic reaction, which can cause anaphylaxis. Immediate medical attention is needed because the person may have breathing problems and a drop in blood pressure.

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