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Steven asks…

can you have herpes without an outbreak I have just nerve pain?

My penis is red in some spots. I went to urologist and derm treated for fungal and eczema my dermatologist thinks It is the nerves in my penis causing the symptoms of burning, and itchiness. The glans is also extremely raw it hurts when i walk and it rubs on anything. The derm doesn’t believe it is any kind of infection. It is itchy when I put lotion on it and if I dont put anything on it burns really bad. I have had this for 10 months. I haven’t had anything that traumatic happen to me tha would cause a nerve to be pinched or irritated. I read that herpes can cause nerve pain. But the only sexual encounter I have had was with a girl who was clothed and all she did was give me a hand job. Please help. any ideas what this could be?

admin answers:

Whatever it is, it is more then just nerve pain. If that was all it was, there would be no inflammation.
In reality, whatever is causing the inflammation is what is causing the pain and itch.
If your dermatologist isn’t providing any results or doesn’t seem to motivated to do so, maybe you ought to get a new doc.
What you describe sounds very much like a fungal or yeast infection, maybe he just didn’t treat it correctly.
A second opinion from another doc may be in order.

James asks…

Can sulfur supplements be safe for kids under 6 with severe eczema?

Someone saw my sons skin and told me that sulfur supplements would help his skin but I was skeptical cause hes so young.
Also hes allergic to milk, soy, rice, fish, and malt so we have to be very careful what we give him.

admin answers:

Synthetic Sulfur supplements may actually trigger allergic reactions in many people…………….. Sulphur creams and ointments have been remarkably successful in treating a variety of skin problems ………… Organic creams would be the safest and best option if you choose to do so.

Foods rich in sulphur are ~ lean beef, dried beans, fish, eggs, cabbage, kale, garlic and brussel sprouts.

Eczema and unexplained skin rashes can be symptoms of having a delayed allergic reaction to foods that you are eating ……. Immediate food allergies give prompt and dramatic evidence of their presence….. Delayed food allergies, on the other hand, can be more subtle and difficult to recognise………. Keep a detailed food journal and record the foods you give your little one to eat and how he/she feels throughout the day to enable you to recognise the symptoms of a delayed food allergy……. Could be milk and dairy products or wheat or even the sugar contained in high sugar fruits such as oranges, apples, bananas, mangoes .

Other symptoms of delayed food allergies are ~

Chronically swollen glands;
Chronic digestive problems, including the symptoms of IBS;
Recurring infections such as sinusitis, tonsilitis, ear, respiratory, urinary and so forth;
Recurring inflammatory conditions, such as gastroinestinal inflammation, arthritis etc.;
Difficulty losing excess weiht;
Unexplained bouts of severe fatigue after eating;
Tendency to hold water that is not associated with the menstrual cycle;
Dark circles under your eyes (sometimes called allergic shiners);
Frequent stuffy nose or postnasal drip that lasts for several hours after meals; also clearing your throat frequently after eating;
Anxiety and heart palpitations withing several hours of eating;
history of gallbladder disease;
history of acne;
history of antiobiotic use;
Mental fogginess after eating;
Bouts of low blood sugar;
headaches …………… Read a book called “What your Doctor May Not Tell you About IBS” by Richard N. Ash, M.D. And eliminate your symptoms and live a pain free, drug free life ..

Ditch the milk and dairy products i say …….. Many many people find it extremely hard to digest lactose contained in milk and dairy products.

Take a calcium & vitamin D3 rich supplement perhaps in a liquid form (easiest to assimilate) to ensure your child gets all the needed calcium on a daily basis ….. You can get them especially formulated for children of that age …..and pump up their intake of fresh fish such as salmon and tuna and leafy and green vegies & fresh fruits~ the vegies are rich in both calcium and protein and the fish are rich in magnesium (antistress mineral), protein, EFA’s~ essential fatty acids (which are also fantastic for lowering blood pressure,levelling out any mood or stress levels you may have and bolstering your immunity), calcium and vitamin D (the vitamin D is essential for effective calcium absorption) ……..♥

The calcium found in vegies and fruits has a greater impact on bone health than calcium from dairy products anyways…. A study published in The Americal Journal of clinical nutrition (2002) found that a high intake of vegies and fruits has a positive impact on bone health, but dairy did not.

Dairy products contain animal proteins, which speed the elimination of calcium from the body and make it more acidic. This can cause calcium to leach from the bones and cause problems with magnesium (essential for healthy nerve and muscle functioning and for heart health ) absorption, leading to osteoporosis. In addition, we absorb only 30 percent of the calcium found in milk, compared to 40 to 70 percent of the calcium found in vegies and fruits.

Pretty disturbing actually when you consider the way the milk and dairy industry pump us with their commercials to drink more milk !!

Cow’s milk contains proteins that are difficult for humans to digest; when these undigested proteins enter the lower digestive system, they putrefy and cause digestive problems. Dairy products encourage the production of excess mucus in the body, burdening the respiratory, digestive and immune systems. Not surprisingly, when you ditch the milk and dairy people more often than not experience markedly fewer colds and sinus & respiratory infections.

Lactose intolerance can cause acid reflux, alternating bouts of constipation & diahorrea and will also lead to a compromised digestive system thus laying the groundwork for a body which is extremely susceptible to developing nose, throat, sinus, ear, bronchial, bladder and other infections as well……. Other symptoms of lactose intolerance are mucous in the stools, bloating and cramping, digestive troubles such as constipation, belching and burping, gassiness and wet f*arting (sorry, no other way to say it), ribbony and stringy shaped bowel movements or rabbit pellet shaped movements are all symptoms of lactose intolerance…… Oh, also achy bones, irritability and moodiness, tummy aches and headaches and migraines can be indicative of a calcium deficiency brought about by your body’s inability to effectively absorb the calcium from milk and dairy (lactose intolerance).

Please also ensure that whichever supplement you decide to buy doesn’t contain any lactose, wheat, yeast, gluten, preservatives or flavorings, sugar or yeast as none of these have any place in a good quality supplement anyways.

Hey, an easy way to tell if you are allergic to a particular food is to take your pulse before eating the food ~ timed over a period of 30 seconds then double the result (your pulse will probably be between 52 and 70 beats per minute) ~ eat the food you suspect you are intolerant or allergic to and take your pulse again 15 minutes later ~ if it is 20 beats or more higher you probably have an allergy to the food.

You have only vibrant health & vitality to gain by ditching the milk and dairy products mate …………. I sincerely do wish you the very best of health & vitality ♥

hope this helps you a bit

peace 2 u

Mark asks…

Why am I getting hives on my arms and legs?

I had eczema from the Accutane I was taking but I got it all under control and I haven’t even been taking Accutane for a few months. This morning I had a mild form of hives on my forearm, just below my thumb on the back of my hand and on my legs. They are extremely itchy and red. Why is this happening and how can I get rid of them?

admin answers:

Benadryl will help them go away while the medicine is in your system, but hives are an allergic reaction to something (duh, im sure you already knew that) so you just have to think about any new things that you have come in contact with in the past few hours, i was getting hives really bad a few weeks ago and couldnt figure out what it was, so i went to the dr and he wanted me to make a list of every new thing that i came in contact was the jacket i got for christmas…i had it washed and everything too, so who knows..but yeah…i do know that hives will come soon (like within the hour) of you coming in contact with something

Donna asks…

How to stop eczema around the lips?

I have had eczema since I was born, I am now 21. My problem is when I get stressed or cannot keep a regular sleep schedule due to work my eczema flares up terribly. I get it on my legs, hands and arms.
For some reason, as the weather has got hotter the eczema has been getting worse around my lips. They’re swollen and cracked. It makes me feel very insecure about myself and I feel so ugly. Apart from the mental distress it’s also very painful.
Is there anything I can use to stop my eczema flaring up? I took some allergy tablets on a night shift an my eczema didn’t get worse, which was good. But I don’t want to become dependent on them when there are other alternatives.
I have been on prescription creams since birth and at the moment I am on betnovate. It’s a good cream but over use seems to thin my skin too much and make it worse in the long run.
If there are ANY tips on how to clear my skin using natural or sensitive products please let me know! I’m running out of options! Thank you very much for reading. Take care.

admin answers:

I highly recommended cocoa butter it contains vitamin e. When my sister had an allergic reaction which made her have dryness on her face it cleared up in a couple of days it’s extremely useful! Try Palmers’s cocoa butter lotion.

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