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Joseph asks…

Treatment for what I believe to be heat rash?

I’m not proud to admit it, but I wore a skirt today and my thighs were scraping together most of the time. It was uncomfortable, and now that I’m home and have time to look at it, the skin is irritated and broken it some place on my thighs. I think it’s a heat rash, or what else could it be? And how can I treat it?

admin answers:

Baby powder or cornstarch

Sandra asks…

How can I get rid of these spots, lumps and rashes?

I have tiny red spots on the top of my foot and I have a red rash on the bottom of both of my feet. I have big and small spots that go all the way up my leg. But not many. My hands also feel hot and are starting to get bigger. There are lumps just at the start of my fingers too. Sometimes they sting but not much. Please help I put a cream on but it it only works for dry skin.

admin answers:

Since they are mainly on your legs and feet, you probably brushed against a plant that either stings people or that you’re allergic to. Try putting some ammonia (I think that’s what its called) on it, it comes in a thick pen looking thing, and its for bites and stings. You can buy it from Boots or a pharmacy. Or, it could be heat rash, in which case try to wash more often or use baby wipes so the sweat doesn’t cause more rashes or spots. It is a common problem when is hot. If it gets worse or nothing will help or you feel ill, go to your doctor. If its on your fingers too, you could have touched a plant that made this happen. Or maybe a body cream. Hope I helped 🙂
BTW, Nair is a harsh hair removal cream. It wont get rid of the bumps, and could burn your skin if you use it on already hurt/irritated skin.

Maria asks…

What are things i shouldn’t buy and that aren’t really needed, however are still on baby list?

I’m having my first baby and i don’t want to make the mistake of buying things just because they’re on the BABY LIST! I want to buy everything my baby needs not luxuries that he/she will never use on need.

admin answers:

Baby powder. This stuff has not been recommended for use on actual babies in decades. Even my mother was warned against it by doctors. We have far better barrier creams to prevent rash, baby powder just cakes on the skin. And babies can get it into their lungs.

Many lists also list baby oil AND baby body lotion AND baby massage oil AND baby cream. Of course you typically only use one. The same with baby soap AND baby wash gel AND baby shampoo. My son is 11 months old and I’ve still only ever used the shampoo, and we’re still on the first bottle. In the rare case a baby is so dirty you need to use soap for his body (and don’t forget you clean the dirty parts like his bum multiple times a day already) baby shampoo works fine as soap.

Do get a good rash cream though. I’m all for using store brands where possible, but this is where the name brands like Bepanthen and Sudocrem really make a difference.

Scratch mittens are pretty useless. Just keep finger nails trimmed. I actually think that given a baby’s instinct to suck his hands as a way to soothe himself scratch mittens are pretty cruel.

Waterproof sheets are often still mentioned, but these days they are considered a SIDS risk, even if not used under the baby’s head. The same goes for crib bumpers, even the breathable mesh ones. Basically the only things that should be in the bassinet of crib are a good, thick and firm mattress, a fitted mattress sheet, and the baby. Lose all the frills.

For breastfeeding the lists often mention a breast pump (don’t buy until your supply is established and you can judge what you will need), bottles and nipples (unless you run into problems, which you should not assume, you won’t use these or that pump for at LEAST 6-8 weeks), a nursing pillow (may be useful, but I would wait with buying until you’ve tried nursing while reclining, because you often won’t need a pillow), and a sterilizer (for occasional pumping and bottle feeding a pot of boiling water works just as well.

For formula feeding you of course will need bottles and nipples, and many lists don’t put ENOUGH of them on there. I’m looking at a list I used for reference when pregnant with my first, and it lists 4 bottles and bottle nipples. FOUR. For a baby who will be having at LEAST 8 bottles a day, possibly up to 12. While it is possible to clean bottles after each use, life with a baby can be so hectic you don’t want to be forced to do the dishes while at the same time trying to soothe your screaming baby.

I never got a bottle warmer. Slowest way to heat a bottle EVER. I don’t know who these parents are that find them useful, but in the middle of the night when your baby is screaming with hunger you just don’t have 4 minutes for just the warming part of preparing a bottle.

I had what I thought was a reasonable supply of a few shirts, sweaters, pants and socks. My son never wore them. They sleep most of the day, so it’s most convenient for you and most comfortable for them to keep them in sleepwear all day. Over here it was one piece footie pyjamas all the way. Nothing riding up, no socks to lose, nothing tight, easy to get out of the way for diaper changes.

Paul asks…

how to get rid of heat rash? 5 points best answer?

i got really bad heat rash and school starts in exactly a week and i get heat rash SUPER easy and it last a pretty long time how can i get ridof is p.s i have no baby lotion or powder or corn starch or oatmeal how can i cure i?

admin answers:

Medicated powder

Lizzie asks…

There’s a rash on my baby cousins body. What should I do?

I’m babysitting my two month old cousin and I see rashes on her neck, chest and back. should I call for help or what? Please help.

admin answers:

Call her mother or your mom and let them know. It could be multiple things. It would help if you gave some more detail. If you think she is having an allergic reaction take her to the E.R. IMMEDIATELY. If it did not just spring up all of a sudden and she had it when her mom dropped her off, then you need to ask her mom if she knew about it and what it might be. This could be heat rash, babies easily get heat rash/prickly heat. Try leaving her shirt off of her and put her in the bath tub in lukewarm water. Don’t use soap, it could be she’s irritated by a soap or laundry detergent being used in her clothes. Just pour lukewarm water over her body to rinse her off then leave her in just her diaper. It could also be the beginning signs of infant eczema, but like I said without a lot of detail from you as to exactly what it looks like and how fast it spread, when it started, etc. It is very hard to pinpoint what it could be. But it never hurts to take her to a doctor, and if you suspect she’s having an allergic reaction, even if it’s very mild, I would take her to the E.R. Right now and let a professional look at her. They are much more qualified to give you an answer and you wouldn’t want to treat it the wrong way simply because 10 different people think it could be 10 different things. Good luck, hope she gets better soon. Call someone RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

Sharon asks…

should babies use sunscreen lotion my doctor recommended not too but my son has some body rashes was worried?

my baby is 3 month old. if yes which sunscreen would you recommend. having rashes over body for babies is it common can someone suggest some natural cure?

admin answers:

They say not to but if you want to just find one with leastincredients and most natural. I’m not exactly sure what it means though. Just look at the different ones and smell them too.. Nothing with too strong smell because it might irritate his skin and maybe not water proof either so you can wash it off once you get back inside. I know Aveeno has some sunscreens, we have always used the pink coppertone one ( its like 50 spf ) and its always been good. No burns or rashes.
Even with sunscreen you need to keep him in te shade and put a brimmed hat on him. If he gets a reaction to it ( rash) so not use it again.
Babies do get rashes, depends what kind to what you do with it. Ask the dr. If its like a heat rash, try putting some cornstarch on it ( not cake it on but lightly dust it all over. It absorbs the moisture and helps for diaper rash, heat rash etc) if its more like excema rash, he needs a prescription lotion for it. My daughter had it and after trying three different prescription lotions we found one that cleared it right up.
You shouldnt put the sunscreen on if he has a rash, hes already irritated by something and adding the sunscreen would make it worse.

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