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Maria asks…

How to get rid of persisting eczema?

I had eczema as a child, and it stopped at about 8 years old. It has now been back for about 3 years and CANNOT get rid of it.

I’ve tried:
various eczema creams, both chemical and completely herbal
eliminating dairy/wheat
moisturising every 2 seconds
supplements such as omega 3,6,9 for good skin

and other things but nothing seems to work

any suggestions?

admin answers:

My daughter had the same problem. Her skin was that bad it scabbed and bled all the time. We tried heaps of creams and stuff, none of it worked. My sister put me onto this aloe vera drinking gel and within 3 months we saw an awesome improvement in her skin and her allegies. We also used the aloe plant on her skin. I would recommend you try some.

You can email her below.

Carol asks…

What are the best Natural Alternative solutions for treating eczema?

I have been to a doctor today & he said I have eczema, which started after Christmas, there are so many possible factors, allergies etc. While I am ruling them out one by one I need to treat the eczema, I don’t want to take anti-biotics or use steroid creams. I know a LOT about holistic & nutritional things, but I would like to know what the natural solutions are for treating eczema, I will be applying E45 Cream to all affected areas (arms, shoulders, neck) daily. I will be going back to the doctors in a week or two. Proper answers please, no “take drugs” comments, I want answers to the question I am asking, what are the natural alternatives?
Thanks for the replies so far, I eat VERY healthily, I know almost as much as Gillian McKeith, & believe in holistic lifestyle, I eat cooked rice & millet pasta, with plenty of cold-pressed hemp seed oil, tomatoes, herbs, take plenty of supplements, I also eat cooked Quinoa, & steamed vegetables with garlic & have had 2 colonics recently, (also removed hundreds of intestinal worms). I plan to try to slowly convert to raw foods. I think that the cause of this eczema could be allergies, or food related, I have been eliminating possible causes one by one & have found that heat starts me itching, but I started eating organic “quinoa & rice with garlic” snacks by Biona after christmas, I worked out that they contain about 6grams of salt in a bag (i would eat one bag a day, i know that 6g is the most you should at in a day but now I believe that this is the biggest cause of the itching, Salt. So I won’t be eating these for a while to find out if the itching & scabs improve.
So for now, I would like to know what natural & holistic methods exist for helping to heal the scabbed skin & stop the itching (although if salt is the cause of the itching it should stop soon as I have stopped eating so much salt). I will also be drinking plenty of water to try to get more hydrated as I was dehydrated before. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll try some of the cold pressed hemp oil on my skin, & I think perhaps the goats milk helping people is probably because of the high fat content, so I will continue pouring the hemp oil on my pasta & in soups. Keep the suggestions coming though, I appreciate them.

admin answers:

The best way to cure your eczema is through your diet. You are what you eat, do you want to be a flaky pastry, or a crumbly bit of bread?
Cut out dairy, meat and wheat and eat raw living vegan foods. I am a raw food vegan, my husband and I eat 100% raw vegan foods. Our website is under construction at the moment but there is quite a lot of info, links and books on it already for you to see.
OK, so you may not want to go raw overnight, so I’d advise at least to begin with cut out dairy, then meat and wheat.
I have been vegan for 10 years, during that time I have lapsed back into dairy a few times. Each time my skin has immediately become itchy and dry and ugly. Then after just 2 weeks with no dairy it is back to beautiful and comfortable again.
To explain briefly, eating cooked foods, meat and dairy make our blood acidic, this creates an acidic body. So when you sweat your sweat irritates the skin. When you start to clean your diet up you go into a more alkaline state and your sweat is no longer irritable to you. Our natural atate is alkaline. And disease free.
Eating cooked foods, meat and dairy dehydrates the body. It takes much fluid to digest these things, this takes away fluid from the skin and dries it out. Raw foods digest themselevs, using up none of your liquid, energy or digestive enzymes.
Cooking food destroys 80% of the nutrients, vitamins and all the enzymes.
Change your diet. Eating purely raw foods has brought me a level of happiness and health I never imagined possible. My husband and I work to help others achieve this too. Please have a look at our website, and then check out the links and see what raw food and veganism has done for thousands of others.Good Luck, feel free to email me at my website with any questions or if you just want more info. Good Luck, and don’t take the steroids!!!

Robert asks…

How do you tell weather you have acne or eczema?

This is a very humiliating topic for me to talk about, so bear with me please. I have bumps on my back and arms (Not like obsessively just like a patch here and there on my back and the bumps on my arm is a little more than on my back but it’s stretched out more.) How do I tell the difference between acne and eczema? I need to know so I can treat it properly. Thank you all so much!

admin answers:

I have been strugling with different types of skin problems, acne, psoriasis, and so on.
My skin looks relatively nice because I have been consulting my dermatologist for years and been on many different treatments. You could be suffering from both conditions. Or it could be something else. It could be hormonal, bad diet, alergy etc…
The best thing is to go to a professional and get biopsy test. Dermatologyst dont care how bad things look, they are used to seeing the worst. Dont be shy and just go and show your skin to a doctor with good reputation. Just to give you an example, I had been diagnozed with 3 different types of acne! Some are food related – dairy and wheat, some are hormonal and i also have viral type acne wich spreads when picked or if used same towel too long…. You cant diagnoze your self! Again, go see a dermatologyst. There are many treatments out there, and you dont need to suffer

Charles asks…

Have you ever taken allergy shots for eczema?

I am allergic to: pollen, various trees, dust, mites, nuts and eggs. I have atopic eczema and seborrheic eczema. It was never a big deal, but this year it has flared up on my forehead and I hate it! Thats why I am considering starting an allergy shot treatment. Have you or anyone you know taken allergy shots for these allergies to fight eczema? Can you tell me about your experiences with allergy shots? Thanks a lot.

admin answers:

Hi Tesoro

Here is a herb remedy that will work.

1. Take 1-3 droppersful of Echinacea Plus Tincture (at or another qualified site) to strengthen the immune system.

2. Rub Garlic oil ALL over the affected area (Garlic will kill anything if you use enough of it)

3. Give 1-3 glasses of Activated Charcoal Slurry per day (to absorb the toxins out of the blood)

4. Mix equal parts of Aloe Vera Gel, Slippery Elm Powder and Activated Charcoal Powder together (absorbs the toxins externally)

5. Apply a thin layer of this mixture over the AFFECTED area(s).

6. Continue this treatment, until the desired Results are achieved.

This is healing at it’s highest point.

Eczema is often called Dermatitis, and may be a symptom of an omega-3 fatty acid deficiency. Eczema can be due to allergies, allergies secondary to digestive disorders such as hydrochloric acid deficiency, rashes secondary to immune diseases, genetic metabolic disorders, and/or nutritional deficiencies, especially of niacin (vitamin B3) and B6, as well as other B vitamins.

To minimize your risk of developing eczema, avoid irritating substances, wear natural nonirritating materials, use soothing ointments, and check to see if dietary, nutritional, and/or and allergy-causing factors need to be considered.

Other ideas that will help:

Juice Therapy: The following juice combinations can help speed healing: black currant and red grapes; carrot, beet, spinach, cucumber, and parsley; and wheat grass juice.

Nutritional Supplementation: Vitamin A and GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), an omega-6 essential fatty acid found in high quantities in evening primrose oil, have both been shown to improve the symptoms of eczema. Vitamin E. Other useful supplements for preventing and reversing eczema include vitamin B complex, vitamin B6, vitamin E, magnesium, and zinc.

Topical Treatment: Apply evening primrose oil directly to cracked and sore areas of the skin. A topical paste made from ginkgo and licorice root extract has also been shown to improve eczema symptoms.

Best of health to you

Betty asks…

Real eczema remedies that have worked for you?

I am an eczema sufferer and I was wondering if any of you guys out there have effective home remedies to cure it or any happy-ending stories about your experience with treating it?

I’m sick of using these steroid creams because their effect fades away overtime. I am also sick of surfing the internet only to find ‘ex-eczema sufferers’ who “understand your painful situation and know the cure just for you!” but hypocritically end up forcing you to pay $30 to buy their book.

admin answers:

Hi, you can try one of the natural treatments available on the Internet – some of them do work. For my eczema I use herbal cream by Champori quite successfully. It takes just few weeks to clear the spots and then they stay clear for months on end.
Try it: Champori doesn’t need a prescription and comes with money back guarantee so if it doesn’t work for you – it’s free.

William asks…

Is it possible to develop eczema at 22 years?

I noticed earlier this winter my thighs itched really bad, and so did my stomach whenever I laid down for bed. So after listening to people’s suggestions I started using baby oil. My skin does not itch as much, but my lower abdomen is flaky and my sides are dry (like you can see lines or something). And lately I cannot seem to wash my face without it breaking out. I now resort to not washing my skin and only using clearasil wipes (which has worked to clear me up). Is it possible for someone to develop eczema as an adult? What can I do to relieve the itching (if I forget my baby oil my skin itches moderately). What about the dryness feeling on the sides of my abdomen? Or the breaking out on my face. PS I noticed the baby oil has started to cause me to break out on my chest, so now it is only applied on my abdomen legs and arms. And speaking of acne, I developed the acne before I developed the dry skin.

admin answers:

Yes of course. Eczema is a cause of dry skin. So when you have dry skin, you have high chances of developing eczema as well.

Dry skin

Products that are effective to eliminate dry skin

Chris asks…

How do I get rid of eczema right now? All I can find is tips for long term stuff.?

I have a patch on my face that I need to get rid of for an interview. Eczema runs in my family and I’m not worried about long term. I know it happened because I let my face get really dry. I just want to get rid of this one spot asap. Please help.

admin answers:

I’ve had eczema all my life. I know what you’re going through, and I feel for you. I’ve tried all kinds of stuff: elimination diets, Chinese herbs, steroidal creams and ointments, Metrotrexate, and other stuff I can’t recall right now. And yes, short-term remedies are in short supply.

I recommend a two-pronged approach: The first heals you up and the second lessens / eliminates future problems.

Go see a dermatologist, one who specializes in atopic eczema, a.k.a. Atopic dermatitis. You want someone whose facility includes a UVA/UVB lightbox, so it’s probably going to be at a medical school university hospital. (I go to George Washington University Hospital). If you have difficulty making an appointment, get your current doctor to call on your behalf. Follow your doctor’s advice closely and provide feedback willingly. I can only speak for my own experiences, but I found Cyclosporine a good short-term solution (but bad long-term) and starting light treatments.

As for not causing further problems, start a food diary and see if you can pick up on patterns. Do elimination diets for a week or so and introduce foods individually and track how you do. Keep your skin moist. My trick there is to shower each morning and immediately after toweling off I apply a layer of Cetaphil to retain the moisture. Watch your soaps and shampoos — I use Ivory sensitive skin and Neutrogena shampoo and conditioner only. If you’re not doing so already, use a sensitive skin detergent. I like Arm and Hammer as well as All. Regular Tide is said to be the worst detergent there is for eczema patients.

Hope that helps!

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