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Sandra asks…

Should I be concerned about this red acne/rash on my daughter’s cheek?

About mid week of last week I had noticed this red rash/acne on my daughter’s cheek and hasn’t gone away on its own. Does anybody know what this is or if anybody else experienced this with your newborn baby? Please explain.
My daughter is 7 weeks or she’s currently 1 month old.

admin answers:

Hi i have had this with all of my kids (i have 3) and its just usually baby acne. Although my second baby actually had eczema, which is also somewhat common in babies.
Their skin gets oily easier because their pores are not yet adjusted because of hormones etc.
Give it about a week. You might need a cortizone cream to get rid of it, especially if it is the eczema. It looks yucky, but it will likely dissapear.
Sometimes this can be a sign of allergy as well. Just keep an eye on it, and if it seems to get worse and stays for more then a week or so take her in.
You can get a cortizone 0.1% over the counter and try that.
Just dont get in the habit, as they can become dependent on it.
Good luck:)
EDIT- by dependant i dont mean the child gets addicted, lol, that sounded stupid after i read it, i just meant that you might need to use it more instead of it going away on its own, :>)

William asks…

What are the chances of out growing a food allergy if you started getting your allergies when you were a baby?

admin answers:

Xashex – Many children will outgrow their food allergies, while other children may not. This is dependent on the type of food in question, as well as the severity of the reaction. It depends. Food allergies in children aren’t always a life-sentence for avoiding certain foods. Many children outgrow their food allergies, depending on the type of food they are allergic to. Most children outgrow allergies to milk, egg, soy and wheat, typically by 5 years of age. However, only a small proportion of children outgrow allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish.
The severity of reaction is also a factor in whether a child will outgrow a food allergy. If the child’s reaction to eating the food was hives or eczema, the food allergy is much more likely to be outgrown compared to if they experienced anaphylaxis from eating the food. Some children have allergy symptoms from just touching or smelling the food; these kids are probably very sensitive, and much less likely to outgrow the food allergy.

Here is an approach to determining whether a child has outgrown a food allergy: First, take into account how severe the reaction to the food was. Ensure that there has been a significant amount of time, at least one year, since the last reaction, so that there has been some time to allow for outgrowth of the food allergy. Next, repeat allergy testing. The skin test may still remain positive even if the child can eat the food without symptoms. The size of the skin test reaction may be helpful in predicting whether the child has outgrown a food allergy, as is the level of a RAST test to the food in question. If the skin test and/or RAST level to the food is favorable, then will perform an oral food challenge in the allergist’s office. This procedure, which occurs under close medical supervision, given the potential for a severe allergic reaction, takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete. The child is given small amounts of the food to eat, with increasingly larger amounts every 20 minutes or so, closely monitoring them for any signs of a reaction. Once an entire serving of the food is eaten, the child is monitored for an additional 1 to 2 hours. It is only after passing an oral food challenge that you can truly consider that a child has outgrown a food allergy, and is no longer allergic to the food.

Lisa asks…

What is the best lotion for EXTREMELY dry skin?

My arms are extremely dry, and they have little bumps all over them. They have always been this way, but have gotten worse over the past year. What is the best lotion to use to relief this dry skin? I have heard the Eucerin and Cetaphil are good…which is better, or do you know of anything else that works well? Thanks!

admin answers:

Triple Cream. It is in the baby isle and almost any department store and places like Walgreens or CVS. My son and I both suffer from Eczema and psoriasis. This lotion is the best at getting rid of the bumps and scales. Make sure you exfoliate just before you do it because then it can get deep in your skin. It sucks I know, but good luck. Remember winter is when your skin dries out the worst!

Lizzie asks…

Moms that did not breastfeed their first child?

Did you breastfeed your second?

I breastfed for a couple months on and off but I was incorrectly told I had to stop due to medication usage. I gave her breastmilk from a friend on and off so she still got some until she was a year. I was devastated though and to this day I still feel guilty about it. I’m determined to feed baby 2 if/when he/she comes.

admin answers:

No, not my 1st. Unless the first 5 weeks of doing so while supplementing counts.

Yes to my 2nd and 3rd.

You know what? I felt incredibly guilty about it until very recently. My oldest has horrible allergies, eczema, asthma, had tubes in his ears right after his 1st birthday, and is always getting sick.
I chalked it up to not breastfeeding him and felt really guilty about it.

My two younger children have recently gotten sick just as often, have the same horrible allergies, eczema, and ear infections. In fact, my youngest is going to see an ENT regarding tubes later this month. The only difference is that they have not yet been diagnosed w/ asthma and my 2nd child shows no signs of having it (youngest has had wheezing problems twice with upper respiratory infections).

I’ll never buy the smarter thing. My non-breastfed child is makes all A+’s and is in the gifted & talented program.

I have kissed my guilt good-bye and it feels so good.

Robert asks…

How does a baby get eczema?

What does it look like where on the body does it appear?? Im asking because my baby has dried cheeks and im wondering if its from this or maybe from me cleaning him too much when he spits. It doesn’t bother him it’s not inchy If it’s just dry skin what can I use to help it go away.

admin answers:

Often children’s skincare products can contain unnecessary ingredients such as colors or fragrance. But also look out for harsh preservatives, like parabens, which can trigger an eczema flare-up.

I found a really useful site that lets you compare the ingredients of several leading children’s brands, its from a company called exederm

They make ultra hypoallergenic skin care products for kids with eczema or dermatitis

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