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Mary asks…

am i allergic to the humidity?

whenever it is humid outside or even in the house for whatever reason, my neck, shoulders, chest, arms, and head get these little bumps that looks like mosquito bites. after a shower, the bumps appear within seconds and itch for maybe 25-30 minutes. am i allergic to the humidity?

admin answers:

It’s not an allergy, it’s a heat rash. Applying baby powder to those areas can help prevent that.

If it happens after your shower, have you considered that it might be a sensitivity to your soap/shower gel? Try switching for a few days.

Lizzie asks…

when do you start to feel better….. so sick and tired still?

hi ladies, i am pregnant with twins as you know and this is also my first pregnancy, i’m going on 15 weeks and still feeling so nauseaus and tired, i have litterally been sleeping all day for the last 15 weeks and still so tired when i actually do get up. i thought the second trimester is better i feel like i am getting worse. do you think it’s gonna be like this for the whole pregnancy or will i eventually feel a bitter better and energetic. just looking for anyone with experience and stories on this please

admin answers:

I too am not having twins but I started to feel better around 16wks
after the morning sickness had gone away
but it doesnt last long then you start to get the ligament pains and before you know around 25wks right before your 3rd tri you start to feel really bad
now because you are having twins your belly will get alot bigger alot faster
I have only gained 10lbs at 33wks along but my belly is sticking out and it gets so painful to sleep
you are up all nite you are always hot!!!!!!!! The heat rash effected me all through my 2nd trimester lunch time i would break out in hives that burned
you sit up all nite long the baby pushed up under your ribs
you feel you pelvic area starting to get sore form the stretching

oh and remember the word is MOST women dont feel any pain with braxton hicks
me I feel pain
and I am not a pain Whimp I have had major back problems through my life and have had times where pain was so bad they had me on 6 vicoden at a time so u would think a lil braxton hick would be nothing for me well it is not as bad where i feel like i even need ! Vicoden but it is a pain omg and the HEADACHES I have them all the time

I trully hope everything gets better for you and that you coast throught your pregnancy I have an easier one and it is something that once you look back your like ok that wasnt so bad but man i dont want to do it again

Baby Dust!!!!!!!!

Jenny asks…

Would you tan if you knew you were pregnant?

So i am not pregnant, but my best friend is. She decided to go tanning even though she is in fact pregnant. I just wanted to get some opinions of what you all think about it. She said the only way she wouldn’t go tanning is if i could convince her its really bad and unhealthy. What can i tell her to make her rethink her decision?

admin answers:

As I understand there are no studies that prove using a tanning bed is bad for an unborn baby and sunbathing is similar, but there is some info that suggests that UV rays can cause a folic acid deficiency. Folic Acid is very important during pregnancy and helps prevent neural tube defects. The concern is usually related to the fact that pregnancy makes your skin more sensitive. Exposure to sun and UV can cause skin issues such as hives, blotchiness, heat rash and can make skin more susceptible to burning. I’ve read that using bottled products may be the best bet, just be careful what chemicals are in them.

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