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Mark asks…

How can you get rid of red patches on the side of face wihtout buying a product?

I dont have acne or get many spots, just a small red patch on the side of my cheeks neer the edge of my face. I have tried using a good moisturiser (“simple” cause i know its doesnt have any nasty chemicals in it) but it has only reduced it a little. I dont want to buy any product and i try to stay away from skin makeup as much as possible, and powder only partially covers it and i dont want to start wearing a foundation, cause it is bad for skin, so what will reduce them?

admin answers:

K now Im going to be honest, but uts going to be hard and takes time. My sister hads red patches on her skin also. She has to on her leg. It could be eczema, because thats what my sister has. If you dont wan’t to buy any products, then heres what you can do: Keep using lotion, and you don’t want to soa your face..meaning don’t keep your face in a large container full of water(yes I know that sounds stupid, but many people have done it and it just becomes worse), taking a shower and wetting you face is totally fine. Those are the only options, sorry. But If it is eczema then it pretty much stays with you for your hole life(but it can go away, its just very hard) or you can make it less noticable by doing those two things. If nothing helps then I suggest you se a dermatologist. The gave my sister a speacial cream that she has to apply two times everyday. It really does become less noticable. Whatever you do don’t scratch it, or mess with it, because its just going to grow bigger, and then appear in other spots on the body. My sister continued to scratch it, and not only did it get bigger, sperad, but also harder to get rid of.
But if it isn’t eczema then it might be scars from pimples. I know you said you don’t get many spots, but if you had them and popped them, then they become a scar. You can make those go away by:

.Baking soda: poor one teaspoon of baking soda into a cup(or any thing really), then add two teaspoons of water. MIx them to make a kind of like face mask substance. Then apply on the spots and rub for 60 seconds, then wash it off.

.Fruits: Eat many fruits.

.Water: Water keeps the skin hydrated.

.Tamato: Cut a tamato in to two peices and apply to face.

Hope all ends well with you:)

Helen asks…

How do I get rid of this eczema scar?

I have an eczema scar between my nose and lips it looks like a mustache a lottttt of people make fun if me as I am a girl you might say ignor them but I can’t in all my pictures you can see it how can I get rid of it?!?! I need to before school starts

admin answers:

My GYN recommended Mederma cream for some scars I had. Walmart sells it, but it is quite pricey.

Edited: I was so glad you hadn’t closed this question! After speaking with my daughter who works for a highly respected dermatologist in Vegas, I had to get back to you with what I was told. Since Mederma Creme is so costly, I didn’t want you to purchase it based upon what I may have incorrectly said. My GYN had recommended it for other type of scars & I thought a scar is a scar.

Additionally, when I came back to your question, I saw the answer Allison gave and wanted to let you know she is correct. My daughter said Mederma Creme is recommended, as an almost better than nothing, and maybe if scar is fresh it might help fade it a little, but there isn’t any type of cream that will take eczema scars away as Allison did say. My daughter started to tell me something further that can be done, which I’m going to assume might be an office procedure, but she had to go.

If you want me to get further info from her, email me and I can talk to her further or even have her email you.

It seems Allison also offered some ideas on ways to cover it up with makeup, so maybe you can work with her ideas.

I’m just glad I was able to get back to you in case you went all out on the Mederma Creme with some high expectations. I’m sure it would be easy to place some hope into anything recommended that involves something that causes you to feel uncomfortable.

Good luck with it and do feel free to contact me if you want to know more about what a dermatologist says without having to go in and pay for the information.

2nd EDIT: Was talking to my friend of 40 years & landlady for past 6 yrs. She said she had eczema and Mederma cleared her scars. I don’t see scars on her face, anyway never noticed, but will certainly scrutinize her face closer next time I see her! Lol

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