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Charles asks…

My toddler is getting a terrible heat rash from his graco car seat. Any solutions for helping stop this?

I know its obvious why childrens car seats are made with water proof material..but in the summer its proving to be very uncomfortable for my one years skin…heat rash!!! Any advice on a better seat or a way to reduce the heat factor in his graco one?

admin answers:

Go to babys r us or some other childrens specialty store… They make special carseat covers that allow the buckles to go through.

The towel is a good idea but the buckles must be able to be in place properly

Linda asks…

What are the uses of essential oils?

I smelled them at the health food store and most of them smelled like dog poo. What are these oils used for?

admin answers:

That’s pretty funny. I’ve never smelled an essential oil that smelled like any sort of manure.

When you smell directly out of the bottle, you are getting something way more concentrated than you’ll ever use. Typically, one puts 3 or 4 drops of an oil in a couple of teaspoons of carrier oil before using it. Carriers are grape seed oil, almond oil or other unscented vegetable oil.

Then the oil is rubbed on the body, or diffused (heated so it will evaporate) into the air or put in the bath. These have medicinal properties. You can put a few drops of lavender into cornstarch and make your own baby powder that heals and prevents diaper rash. One drop of peppermint oil will flavor two or three cups of tea.

I use one drop of patchouli oil in about a teaspoon of body lotion to scent my skin. It lasts about 24 hours. You can make your own anti-perspirant with sage. There are just tons of ways to use these oils. You just have to buy a book and study up on some of them to be really impressed with what they can do: kill germs, alleviate indigestion, act as a diuretic, aphrodisiac, heal wounds, soften skin, relieve depression and on and on.

Oh, and some of them smell pretty good diluted and/or mixed with other oils. Some of the pleasant ones are Orange, Patchouli, Rose, Cinnamon leaf, Chamomile and Ylang-ylang. Lots of these are used in perfumery.

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