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Robert asks…

What are the causes of giving babies shots?

Tomorrow I will take my baby shes 2 months old to get her shots but im so nervous ive heard so many negative things any advice oj mothers that gave babies shots I want to wait for her to be bigger but I dont want her to get sick

admin answers:

Why do you think your baby will get sick if she doesn’t get shots?

My children have never gotten any shots, and they are very healthy. They have no health problems at all.

But most children do get shots, and most (54.1%) of those same children have some sort of chronic health problem, such as chronic ear infections, allergies, asthma, behavioral or learning disorders, etc. Etc. And that’s not even counting all the children with eczema.

It’s your choice, and your responsibility to do the right thing. Don’t allow any shots if you are nervous. Wait until you have learned enough so that you are no longer nervous. You can always give a vaccine later, but you can never take one back once it’s been done.

Do NOT give Tylenol before or after the shots.
1) Tylenol before 1 year old may significantly increase the risk of developing asthma.
2) Tylenol before or after shots makes them not work as well.

Sandy asks…

Can you use baby oatmeal for a child with eczema instead of the normal oatmeal?

My child (11 1/2 months old) has a break out of eczema and I am out of regular oatmeal to make her a bath with; but I have a ton of baby oatmeal. So I was wondering if this was okay to use and/or just as good or if this is a no no. Please help!

admin answers:

The best soap alternative you should be using in her bath is called ‘aqueous cream’. You will find it over the counter at your pharmacy.

Donald asks…

How do they check for melanoma/skin cancer?

I’ve been getting a lot of moles lately. Soon I’ll be going to the doctor to see if I have melanoma. How do they check? Is it only to see if I have melanoma or can they see if I have other skin cancers?

admin answers:

Varying methods are used depending on what the moles look like.

IF you have any very sharply defined, very pin-point-y spots that have appeared quickly..

Moles that are colourless, ‘cauliflower-y’ in shape, raised..

IF a spot is very raised and feels like a hard pellet..

A perpetually never-healing lesion that scabs over and never goes away..

Any spot that causes pain..

IF a mole has changed recently (in size, colour, shape, texture)..

Basal cell carcinomas develop on areas exposed to the sun, (head and neck), but can occur anywhere on the body. Appear as flat, firm, pale areas or small, raised, pink or red, translucent, shiny, pearly areas that may bleed after a minor injury. Large basal cell carcinomas may have oozing or crusted areas.

Squamous cell carcinomas may appear as growing lumps, w/rough, scaly, or crusted surface. May also look like flat reddish patches in the skin that grow slowly. Tend to occur on sun-exposed areas (face, ear, neck, lip, and back of the hands). Less often, form in the skin of the genital area (tanning salon go-ers).

Kaposi sarcoma generally starts as small bruise-like areas that develop into brownish or purplish tumors under the skin.

Adnexal tumors appear as bumps within the skin.

Merkel cell tumors are usually firm, pink, red, or purple nodules or ulcers (sores) found on the face or, less often, the arms or legs.

Mycosis fungoides begin as a rash, often on the bum, hips, or lower abdomen. It can look like skin allergies, eczemas, and other types of skin irritations.

Sometimes it’s just a tiny, (insignificant-seeming) little dot that when biopsied ends up being of concern so it’s good that you’re going in and taking care of yourself. It really won’t hurt and you’ll have peace of mind.

My dermatologist won’t even allow me to elaborate on the self-inflicted dangerous tanning I used to do.. It makes him shudder. I used to BAKE in the sun. On aluminum foil. Using baby oil.. (of COURSE I never used sunscreen)..for hours and hours. Thank God I stopped all of that nonsense a long time ago and if I want colour I use self-tanner. But the damage is done. That’s the case with all sun-worshipers even though we come to our senses eventually.

Every year I go in for a skin check. Some sun freckles I have (especially on the chest and upper back) he will freeze with liquid nitrogen. Doesn’t hurt. It’s just ultra-freezing pressure and not painful. In a semi-short period of time, (hours) this will start to look like a pinpointed burn (which is exactly what it is.. A freezing/burn) It will take 1-2 weeks to heal completely so if you’re about to get married or some event is taking place where you’ll be photographed, etc., reschedule the appointment until it’s over with (that is IF the suspicious spot is located in a prominent place like the front of your nose, etc.).

The freezing/burn healing process is the same as any small laceration or abrasion. (keeping it clean, dry and covered, using antibiotic ointment).

For suspicious-looking (they know what to look for) spots.. He/she will likely numb the area with a little topical numbing solution and do a biopsy. IF it’s deep, he will numb the area with an injection. (doesn’t hurt). He/she will remove a (very miniscule) bit of the spot to send to the lab for analysis.

Darker spots that are not suspicious but bother you in an aesthetic-sort of way can be removed via electric needle (hurts slightly but really it’s nothing) or via liquid nitrogen. Some dermatologists use very precise lasers for removal and some opt to use a scalpel.

You don’t have to worry about this because a very tiny portion is sent to the lab and they do all of the work. Yes, they will be able to determine if something is precancerous or not. In some circumstances, the Dr. May choose to go in and extract a deeper sample to send to the lab and in that case, will generally do this via ‘Twilight’ or similar. (as if you were having oral surgery. Where the patient isn’t undergoing general anesthesia but “Twilight” = you would feel no pain at all).

Make sure to point out which spots you’ve had since birth (or childhood) and if anything has changed. Try not to stress. You’re doing the right thing and everything will be fine. Think positively.

Look at these images below. These are ‘suspicious-looking’ spots that would cause a dermatologist to take a closer look, as well as investigate and biopsy:

WebMD-slideshow-lesions and skin cancer:

More images of suspicious-looking spots:

More spots:

Daniel asks…

Should I be nervous that my toddler got blood on her from a gay man?

I know it sounds crazy. I have a gay friend, but I don’t know if he has HIV or not. But he had a cut and blood got on my daughter when he was holding her. I am not sure where on her body the blood touched, but I used a baby wipe and wiped her all over, then I washed her hands when we got home. She doesn’t have any open wounds, but bad eczema on her legs, and now I’m afraid something could have gotten into her bloodstream. Should I be as worried as I am?
I guess I should have been more clear. I have gay family members, so I know they do not all have HIV. And yes, I would post the exact same question if the person was straight.
I apologize that I worded my question insensitivly. If you look at my past questions, you would see that I trying to come out of the closet myself. I do apologize, I am just a worried paranoid mom.

admin answers:

Sweety… Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for your question… It was a good question! I am a woman who happens to be gay. I know some men who are HIV postive. Do you know this friend well enough to be able to ask him his status? If your baby has eczema she certainly could be at risk and if you are frightend, your friend will be perfectly comfortable telling you what his status is… That’s YOUR baby and you have every right to feel that maternal instinct to love and protect your daughter… Just ask him outright.

John asks…

Why does my face skin turn too dry and peel out in Winter ? Is it a vitamin deficiency?

Noting that i use the best brand names moisturizers.

admin answers:

Because the air in your home and your job is so much dryer. The heat sucks the moisture out of the air and its rough on the skin. First…buy a humidifier. Not only will it improve your skin…but it makes breathing much nicer since the air doesn’t dry you out as much inside. Second…buy some Cetaphil. Forget all those name brand products that are supposed to be so great. I have the softest, smoothest skin you will ever feel. People actually ask to touch me just because it looks so smooth…and then lose it when they feel it and its so buttery…and Cetaphil is the answer. A dermatologist gave it to me years ago because I have very bad eczema…I’ve had it since I was a toddler. Since she gave me the sample about nine or ten years ago, I have used nothing else…and you can’t see a trace of eczema on me…anywhere. I haven’t used any prescription products for eczema since about two weeks after I first got those samples.

I put the Cetaphil on in the morning…and I stay completely moisturized all day…no matter what the season is. I never use anything else…and I advise everyone I know to buy it. It literally changed my life. My eczema was terrible. My skin would dry so badly that it would crack and bleed. NEVER HAPPENS NOW. NEVER. Not only is there no eczema on my skin…but I have skin that feels like the skin of a baby…smooth and silky. What more could you want from a moisturizer.

Cetaphil comes in round plastic jars that are white and have blue lids. You can get it at the pharmacy or at Wal-mart or Sam’s Club. Its not as cheap as the average moisturizer, but its less expensive than the high end stuff…and a little bit goes a long long way…so its worth every cent you pay for it. If you go buy some you will not be disappointed…I promise.

Oh…and Yakuza is right…drink plenty of water and watch the water temp in the shower. Water sucks the oils out of yoru skin…so you gotta lube up after a shower.

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