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Helen asks…

I have spots on my legs they are only visable when my legs are warm, really bad during the summer!?

What could this be?

admin answers:

Sounds like some kind of heat rash, or you could even have a slight allergy to the sun?

When I was a baby/toddler, I used to get little blister/spots along my face/body if I was in the sun too long as I’m very pale. I grew out of this but not everyone does, some people don’t even realise they are allergic until they are teen/adults.

I’d go and see your GP just to be sure.

Hope this helps xxx

George asks…

Can i use benadryl creme on my infants face for itching? ?

It’s either heat bumps or baby acne. But she bangs and hits her face constantly because she can’t scratch yet. She is loosing sleep at night because she is itching.

admin answers:

You shouldn’t use Benadryl on babies under 2 years of age. If the baby has a rash call her pediatrician and have it checked out.

Michael asks…

i get really bad heat rash and i’d like to know if there’s some sort of cosmetic product out there?

i get really bad heat rash and i’d like to know if there’s some sort of cosmetic product out there that could easily cover it up, but doesn’t look like i’ve put something there to cover it up. i get it on my face (cheeks especially) and my chest.

and because it’s heat rash it’ll come and go as it pleases so i’d like to i’d like to be prepared always

admin answers:

Are you sure that it’s a heat rash? As for covering it up while using cover up can help. Covering up heat rashes can make them worse it’s better to treat them than to cover them up to treat try baby cream

Lisa asks…

Could it still be a heat rash?

Certain areas in my legs, mainly the outer sides of them, got randomly itchy, so of course I scratched at them insanely. And then the spots that I itched most get really warm. This happened to me a few weeks ago, as well. I looked up a heat rash, but I hadn’t been sweating when it happened; it’s pretty cold here, actually. But could it still be a heat rash?

admin answers:

If those areas of your legs are exposed to cold winds then it could be chillblains.

Scratching allows infection into the skin and makes the problme worse.
If that is the cause – then once you get rid of it the way to avoid it is either cover the areas up or GENTLY rub them warm before moving from a cold area to a warm area.

Otherwise use a mild cream like a babies Nappy Rash cream [not the barrier creams though – they would make it worse] to moisturise the skin.

UPDATE: Just remembered the cream name – Drapoline. You might also try Oilatum Lotion and soap

William asks…

How to get rid of a rash on your vagina ?

admin answers:

First, you need to figure out why the rash is there. Is it a heat rash? You could try wearing 100% cotton underwear. If you take baths, do not use bubble bath. If you have discharge make sure you wear a panty liner or a pad. To keep the moisture away from your delicate skin. You could try creams used for babies diaper rash if its external. If it is itchy inside, you may have a yeast infection, which can be treated by purchasing meds/cream from any pharmacy. Good luck <3

Donna asks…

My 7 month old’s first diaper rash. Is it from the heat or the diaper?

What can I do other than put cream on it? I have been using all kinds of diapers and none have ever given him a rash before. We live in texas, so it is pretty warm here today and he was kind of sweating a little. Could that have caused it?

admin answers:

Put a little bit of corn starch baby powder in his diaper. This will help with both types of rash. I hope he feels better. Also if you can let him air out.

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