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Chris asks…

when i drink apple juice my face and my hand skin flare up?

i start to drink apple juice and now i must stoppppppppp becouse especially my face skin looks bad …my eczema get worse…WHY???Its possible to have allergy to apples?? Why ?Its possible to have allergy to apples?? Why ?

admin answers:

It is possible you have an allergy to malic acid. Apples, particularly apple juice and apple cider vinegar, contain malic acid. There is such a thing as an allergy to malic acid, as there is to citric acid and other food and drink based acids.

Just avoid them. How are you with eating apples? If you can eat an apple without any reaction then just stick with that but if you get a reaction from eating apples too then avoid them and products containing apples [juice, etc] altogether.

It might be a good idea for you to get food sensitivity and allergy testing done. You could see your GP about that as you might be able to get that done on the NHS but if not you could do that privately. You might be allergic or sensitive to other foods/food substances and any number of these might play a role in your having eczema or causing flare ups at least.

Best wishes.

Susan asks…

Top of my hands are itching likr crazyy?

The top of my hands are itching and the hair folickles are raised up( looks like little bumps) and the itching is spreading to my fingers. The itching gets worst when it comes in contact with heat. Does anyome know what it might be??

admin answers:

Perhaps its eczema

Robert asks…

How to get rid of water blisters?

I have tiny water blisters all over my hands and have for several days. I have eczema which only makes it worse so does anyone know how to get rid of them.

admin answers:

They will disappear on their own without any treatment. Since you have many of them the best thing to do is to leave them alone and let them heal without doing anything. And talk to your doctor to see if you need a prescription ointment for your eczema if you don’t already have one.

Donald asks…

Does it sound like I have a yeast infection?

Around the opening of my vagina, down to my bum is super itchy, and very dark red. My vagina smells like vinegar and it wasn’t sore before but in my sleep I scratched it so much it now feels like it could tear very easily.
Any help would be much appreciated, as I also suffer from eczema but this is worse.
I also have clearish discharge with white lumps.

admin answers:

Re: the eczema part. Give this a try, hope it helps. I have a friend that suffers from serious eczema conditions on hands, arms and legs. When she started she drinking Evolv for fatigue purposes she discovered that it has kept her from having breakouts and her skin is in a much healthier state. Evolv works from the inside of your body. The research shows that the formula in Evolv Increases Circulation, Rid Body of Toxins & Free Radicals, Fights Fatigue, Improve Mental Clarity and best of all it taste just like natural spring water so you won’t have to get used any new taste. The formula based in Evolv is called Archaea Active. All Natural, No Calories, Sugar, Caffeine, Sodium. It’s a little pricey but worth it. Good Luck!
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Linda asks…

are there any natural over the counter remedies for extreme exema?

I am losing my thumb nail on my right hand and have a really sensitive spot on my right hand on the back side that itches very bad sometimes. a co worker mentioned that it may be exema. i just want to try something.

admin answers:

Pure shea butter helps with eczema as well as calendula. There are MANY different herbal products that have calendula in them. It’s a wonderful healing herb. Even if you bought some bulk you could make a strong tea (ie decoction) and soak your hand in the calendula.
Healing thoughts!

Sandy asks…

Does anyone work in precision engineering?

And get problems with their hands breaking out in spots and getting itchy?

admin answers:

Many years ago I though it a good idea to clean an aircraft engine component, without gloves, in a bucket of MEK (methyl-ethyl ketone). I suffered a nasty chemical burn and since then have dry, itchy, and sometimes bloody eczema on my hands. Every time I get solvent on them it’s very much aggravated. So, I suspect, if those are symptoms you are having then I would ask if you are being exposed to solvents.

Industrial dermatitis sucks!

Betty asks…

What is the best brand of rubber gloves to get for my girlfriend in the U.K? as she has very small hands.?

My girlfriend wants to start wearing rubber gloves to protect her hands and nails, plus she hates touching left over food and getting her hands too wet because of her eczema. But she can’t find any brand that fit her. Please can you suggest some?

admin answers:


David asks…

Is there an organic formula for dry skin?

My hands and feet get dry skin and crack every year around fall and winter time. I’ve tried using lotions, but most of them have small traces of alcohol that end up drying out your skin in the long run. Is there a natural formula with oatmeal or something you can mix up at home? Your ideas and suggestions would be great! 🙂

admin answers:

Try using Dr Hess Udder Ointment. It is the best healing ointment I have ever found for dry skin or eczema. You can find it at Good Luck!

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