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Richard asks…

What is the best I can do for my son’s skin?

My son has bad skin it’s called something that starts with an E but I cant recall how to spell it. anyways I wanna know what kinds of baby soaps, laundry soap’s and lotions I should use for him. so i can keep the break outs under control.

(He has dry patches on his skin that itch and are red and are rough to the touch)


admin answers:


Scientists believe that eczema is inherited, so there’s no way to prevent the condition. However, because specific triggers may tend to make it worse, flare-ups can be prevented or improved by avoiding possible triggers such as:

animal dander
dry winter air with little moisture
allowing the skin to become too dry
certain harsh soaps and detergents
certain fabrics (such as wool or coarsely woven materials)
certain skin care products, perfumes, and colognes (particularly those that contain alcohol)
tobacco smoke
some foods (Which foods may be eczema triggers depends on the person, but dairy products and acidic foods like tomatoes seem to be common culprits.)
emotional stress
excessive heat
Also, curbing the tendency to scratch the rash can prevent the condition from worsening and progressing to cause more severe skin damage or secondary infection.

Aveeno has great products to help with eczema. Check out this link

Laura asks…

What kind of rash is this?

I’ve been wearing big hospital pads because I recently had my son and I’m bleeding. In the crevices between my legs wear the underwear line goes I started noticing some itching…I looked and the area is red with white pimple looking things. It’s very itchy and uncomfortable. Idk what yeast infection on skin looks like nor do I know what a heat rash would look like in that area. Someone help me out please.

admin answers:

I got the same thing. As far as I was concerned it was similar to a baby’s diaper rash, so I put diaper rash cream on it, and it cleared up in a few days.

Betty asks…

My 6 month old recently got some small red dots on his neck?

They are all under his skin you cant feel them at all, some of them are even kinda purple?? Im trying to keep him as dry as possible there, he is teething and drooling alot!

admin answers:

Does the rash still stay there when you press down on it with a glass or using your finger would be easier on the neck. If it does disappear then its probably heat rash or irritation due to dribbling but you would be best to ring a doctor if the rash doesnt disappear…..does your baby still seem his normal self?

Paul asks…

Whats something good that gets rid of heat rashes?

admin answers:

Try not to scratch the rash. You should try putting some moisturizer on it to help keep the skin hydrated. Make sure to use a moisturizer that’s water-based rather than oil-based.

You should wear loose, light clothing. Staying in a room with air conditioning or fan helps. Take frequent baths or showers without soap. Baby powder will help to keep skin dry. Apply it sparingly so that it doesn’t cake. Don’t treat with ointments or petroleum jelly.

George asks…

3 weeks old little red bumps on face and head?

why does my baby get little bumps and/or red bumps on her face and head sometimes? and just a couple will appear around the creases of her skin, like her armpits or something. a couple times i noticed a few of them look like pimples sometimes. she was two weeks over due and born c section style. why do these appear ?

admin answers:

It’s most likely heat rash. The reason I said heat rash is because you say it comes up in her armpits as well. It could be a combination of both baby acne and heat rash. Either way just don’t pick at anything. If it’s baby acne it will go away in a few weeks.

Lisa asks…

if you get heat rash does it itch? and what are some ways to prevent from itching?

admin answers:

Yes, heat rash does itch (it is a rash, after all), but you can make it itch less with baby powder.

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