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George asks…

I need to take my daughter to a dermatologist for her Eczema, what type of questions do i need to ask?

we need to ask the question as a review for my next military posting, some of the key things we are thinking of asking is; what is causing it, how does it compare to the average for Eczema and what are the long term ramifications. Can anybody think of anything else that may help.

admin answers:

Make sure you find out what kind of body wash and stuff she can use. Including laundry soap. My bf and his brother have it, and they can only use a certain soap and detergent. Oh the eczema lotion by aveeno makes there’s clear up too. You need to see if you can find out what she’s allergic to, food or whatever. If she’s really active (like sports) at school, ask if there’s anything she needs to watch for during that, and if the temperature she takes a shower in matters. My bf always said hot showers and swimming makes him break out, but…who knows. Hope I helped.

Ruth asks…

How can i restore moisture to dry course brittle hair?

My 7 year old has had really stubborn dandruff associated with her eczema for the past 2 months. Ive tried using shampoos like Head & Shoulders, Dermarest and T- gel with no success, these shampoos have only caused her hair to become dry and brittle. The only shampoo that does work for her dandruff is nizoral (Ketoconazole) which unfortunately is sold out everywhere due to a shortage in production and her pediatrician refuses to give me a precription of ketoconazole 2% due to her age. So now she has the dandruff and the dry brittle hair. If i cant get rid of the dandruff, I want to atleast be able to restore the moisture in her once beautiful soft hair. any suggestions would be appreciated. Note: She has had allergic reactions to natural/organic shampoos such as the Shea Moisture haircare line.

admin answers:

Most of the organic shampoos on the market are truly not organic. They might have an organic oil or two, then call organic. They still contain lab chemicals derived from coconut in most cases. I grew up having a problem with dandruff, and it continued into adulthood. I suggest harvest moon shampoo and conditioner(sold on the henna hut website). I prefer the aloe, but the neem kind could be helpful. I also use it as a face and body wash. It has worked wonders!
The best thing I have found is Sukesh Ayurveda. It has healed my scalp and it makes my hair strong to the point that is glistens. It would be suitable for a 7 year old. Having an adult apply and rinse it out would be helpful.

Daniel asks…

Does anyone have any good recommendations for treating eczema in a 3 month old?

I’ve tried hydrocortisone cream for a few days. I lotion her skin with Aveeno two to three times per day, keep the heat low, have a humidifier next to her crib. Does anyone have any suggestions? Does Aquaphor work?

admin answers:

First and foremost:
Is there anything that can cause contact dermatitis?
The main culprits would be the detergent you wash her clothes in, the soap you wash her with, and the lotion you put on her.
Any of these things especially if they are scented, and even if they say “hypo-allergenic” can cause dermatitis.
I am not sure if Aveeno is scented or not, sorry, but I’d switch her to things that have no scent added. It’s the leading cause of dermatitis.
Other things that may affect her are your lotion, your perfume, and animals, such as cats or dogs.
The other cause of eczema is dry skin, that cracks and lets the allergen inside. Keep her moisturized but with something unscented and hypo-allergenic. The only thing that works for me is Eucerin cream and Desitin.
Hope this helps, and bless her sweet little heart. She is so young to have to deal with this.

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