Your Questions About Eczema

Ruth asks…

How do i make my eczema better?

I Have eczema everywhere!!!!! Its on my arms, legs, and stomach. Its not really bad its just everywhere, and doesn’t look pretty! I have had it for as long as i can remember. I also have hand eczema, and my skin is peeling and it won’t stop. My hands have been peeling for about two months now. And they feel raw and itchy, i hate it!!! My feet are starting to peel too!!!!! I put lotion on all the time, it doesn’t work!! HOW DO I FIX IT?!!!!!!! D:

admin answers:

I had a case of extreme eczema or it is what i think it is to be eczema. I had cracks which ruptured my skin on my hands and feet and it would bleed every day for 12 years. I went around the world going through hundreds of doctors who couldn’t fix my condition. Until one day, I found NativeRemedies. (Skin Dr.) It relieves skin irritaion, blistering, and weeping skin. It is a homeopathic formula too according to this bottle. After a month, my hands and feet were miraculously clear! Seriously… It’s rediculious that i’ve wasted so much money on doctors but the solution was found by me. Try it, it should help a ton.
Oh yeah, it also might take longer than a month but it will get rid of your eczema.

Helen asks…

Eczema on my hands are driving me insane!! Anyone else having the same problem?

I got hand eczema for the first time in 2011 when I was pregnant with my son, almost 2 years ago.

I went to my doctor and he prescribed me lotion, but there is steroids in it and if I use too much of it, it will thin my skin out. These past few days it has been spreading to my wrist and forearm.
It is driving me completely insane!!

I soon have to go back to my doctor for another prescription since he never gave me refills on my last one.

Does anyone else out there have ezema on their hands that have some great home remedies to keep it in tact?

My hands are really sensitive to everything. I wear cotton gloves while cleaning, do the dishes, laundry, etc. Sometimes when my hands are having a bad break out, my husband has to get in the shower with me to wash my hair and body because it stings so much.

It is taking my whole life away! It is very embarrassing going out in public when I know people will see them, like checking out a store, etc.

I’m a stay at home mom, and I feel so bad some-days my kids are wanting me to play and do certain things with them but I cant because I am in so much pain, discomfort, and annoyed with the itching!
I get soo frustrated with it some-days I feel like chopping my hands off, lol! I would never do that, but just explaining how awful it feels.

Is there a way to prevent it from spreading? Or is it just another bad trait that comes along with it?

I keep it moistened as much as I can and avoid things that I know will cause a flare up.
When it’s gone, I’m great. But after about 2-3 weeks it returns again and sometimes last for a whole month! It is summer now and I’m so embarrassed that it is getting more visible since it is spreading to my wrist.

I would like to hear anyone stories about coping and any advise you would like to share. Thank you!


admin answers:

For me natural treatment worked better than prescription medications. . I cleared my eczema with SerenaSkin herbal remedies in less than 2 weeks. They do not have side effects like steroid creams. Itching subsided after first application of ointment and spray, I felt a relief right away, and I also took eczema extract to prevent future flare ups. It has been several months ago and my skin is still clear.

Michael asks…

How to get rid of lots of acne?

In middle school and I have so much acne. I use cetaphil and my parents won’t get me anything else or bring me to a dermatologist. Nobody else in my family has acne and I am the healthiest! I…
-drink lots of water
-wash my skin
-eat healthy
-change m pillow case and sheets
-take a shower everyday
-Take vitamins
What am I doing wrong!!! Ugh I’m getting so insecure! I have eczema I think and a bunch of these smaller pimples. That are noticeable on my cheeks too! Should I stop using cetaphil and just use water on my face!? Since summers coming can getting tanner help? Thanksss!

admin answers:

Don’t touch your face (or whereever your acne is) with your hands. Your hands can easily get dirty if you don’t wash them often and using your dirty hands to touch sensitive skin where there is acne can cause infections. Plus don’t pick at your acne. Keep as far away from them as you can… Good luck!

Donald asks…

My hands/fingers are swelled and they itch, help!?

My hands and fingers on both hands are swelled and they itch. I got some Mosquitos bites on my hands but I don’t think that’s he problem. Are there any good home remedies that can help out? I don’t know if this is important, but I am a Type 1 Diabetic and I have Graves diasese. Thank you! 🙂

admin answers:

7.Dyshidrosis. (pomphylox, the id reaction, chronic hand eczema, dyshidrotic eczema) Google images and …… Does it look like this?
It is allergy to a dermatophyte, which is any kind of skin loving ‘bug’. Mold, yeast, bacteria, virus, parasite, pollen. It could be anywhere on or in your body. The rash on the hands(or feet) is just a red flag. Take anti-histamines for immediate relief. Fexofenadine 180mg, and 8 hours later 60mg, then every 8 hours 60mg. (Allegra to Americans and Sanofi-Aventis give out samples if you ask nicely) This is not the cure. But it will stop the itching. Go to dyshidrosis@yahoogroups for more information. Http// (my website).

This condition is your immune system over-reacting to the presence of a dermatophyte.
The most common dermatophyte is Candida in its dimorphic, mycelial form in the intestines. Which is often diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. (IBS)
The cure is really simple, but I very much doubt you can get your doctor to prescribe it for you.
You need a two week course of NYSTATIN by drops, 2 million units daily. That is 5 drops 4 times a day: then a 2 week break, then repeat. If this does not work (and I would bet the cost of your doctor visit it does.) you need a drug called Toctino, to be taken for 90 days. This is expensive, and not great for your liver, you will find a cheaper way on the links at
I am studying this condition, also called the ‘Id reaction”. Can I ask you to tell your doctor to refer to page 651, chapter 17 in the 1st volume of the Textbook of Dermatology by Rook, Wilkingson and Ebling.?
You have to realize this is NOT contact dermatitis, and it is not eczema This is a special sort of allergy, and must NOT be treated with steroids and cortisone creams and injection at all. This makes it spread..
All the creams you put on your hand will do nothing for the cure of the condition, but soaking your hand in warm water and vinegar will neutralize the histamine and give you a couple of days relief from itching until the histamine builds up again. Neuragena Norwegian Formula glycerine cream under cotton gloves at night is the least irritant.
Some people find bleach baths help, same applies, neutralizes histamine. But also reduces the fungal load on the skin, and if your dyshidrosis is caused by a seasonal airbourne mold, this is the best treatment.

Podiatrists see a lot more of this condition in response to Tinea, which is athlete’s foot. MD doctors have only out of date treatments and it is a dogma that steroids will take down the inflammation. True, but they cause the spread to new histamine receptors. In fact, it is my theory that steroid/hormonal changes, ie puberty, the pill, pregnancy and pumping iron and the peri menopause which are all hormonal/steroid changes are the inciting cause for the yeast Candida Albicans to morph into the opportunistic pathogen of the mycelia form. This is why it is not detected on allergy tests. Everybody has Candida, but not everybody has candidiasis. Only the mycelial form of Candida seems to cause the major histamine reaction which is Dyshidrosis

Patient Questions:
Do you have any symptoms of IBS?
Do you have athlete’s foot? Ringworm? Any persistent fungal or bacterial infection?

Are you on the Pill? (or HRT)
Did you take a course of steroids or antibiotics at about the time the condition started? (prescribed or not…)

Thinking back to when this started: Did you move to a new house? Area? Or a new job? Was it moldy?

Were you trying to get pregnant? Pregnant? Just been pregnant? Breastfeeding?

Thinking back to when this started: did you have a stomach upset that persisted, did you suddenly become ‘intolerant’ to food that had previously not caused you any problems.

Can you add any information about the starting point of the condition? (Hospitalized, new relationship, rash, holiday, stress)

Sandy asks…

Can anyone give me an idea about what’s wrong with my hands?

There is like little red bumps on my hands mainly my right one. There little not many are there just some by my fingers on my palm. They itch too and if I itch it some clear liquid comes out a little. I have anti itch cream I’ve been putting on it. Can anyone give me an idea?

admin answers:

It sounds like it could be eczema. Whatever you do, no matter how bad it gets, don’t itch the red bumps. It’ll only make them worse and possibly leave scars. This website has some decent info on it: Check out the treatment’s section. It helped me get rid of my eczema.

A quick way to relieve the itching, when it gets really, really bad, is to ice it. It’ll cool your skin and chill out (no pun intended) your nerve endings to give you a bit of relief if the other treatments aren’t kicking in.

Ken asks…

I have a rash between my fingers, on the nets?

On my left hand, there are red, itchy, watery rashes on top of the nets between my fingers. These usually appear at this time of year (warm times) and then go away in a few months. To make things worse, my left arm is in a cast, squeezing the fingers together and making them hot. Only the first half of my fingers are covered, but I can’t see the parts with the rash, though they are very itchy.

What is causing this and how can I treat it in my condition?

admin answers:

Sounds like you have eczema, although a doctor is the only one who could tell you for sure what your condition is. If you are really concerned, schedule an appointment with your local doctor and they can prescribe you some cream to get rid of this.

Thomas asks…

Can you have herpes without an outbreak I have just nerve pain?

My penis is red in some spots. I went to urologist and derm treated for fungal and eczema my dermatologist thinks It is the nerves in my penis causing the symptoms of burning, and itchiness. The glans is also extremely raw it hurts when i walk and it rubs on anything. The derm doesn’t believe it is any kind of infection. It is itchy when I put lotion on it and if I dont put anything on it burns really bad. I have had this for 10 months. I haven’t had anything that traumatic happen to me tha would cause a nerve to be pinched or irritated. I read that herpes can cause nerve pain. But the only sexual encounter I have had was with a girl who was clothed and all she did was give me a hand job. Please help. any ideas what this could be?

admin answers:

Yes it’s possible to have herpes with out having any signs or symptoms of it. Herpes doesn’t cause nerve pains, herpes also is not related to eczema, break outs usually last for about 4 weeks not 10 months.
Genital herpes causes pain full raised blisters or open paper cut like sores on the genitals. It’s not typically related to other diseases or illnesses.
I would suggest getting a second opinion and ask the doctor to run a test for herpes and stds.
It’s possibly but unlikely to get herpes from a hand job. Some one would have to touch a break out then with in seconds touch your genitals, or they would have to have herpes on their hands which is also not common to have.

Daniel asks…

On my left ring finger on both sides of my nail are dark red splotches?

It’s on my left hand, ring finger near my nail.
I have no diseases.
I am female.
I just noticed them today.

admin answers:

If it’s itchy, it could be Hand Eczema or Scabies. If not, it could be a fungal infection.

Steven asks…

What causes the many small bumps to appear on my fingers annually? Could it be from washing my hands 2 much?

I noticed for the 1st time 5 yrs ago. Along the interior of my fingers and close to my nails are these small, soft bumps. The bumps are the same complexion as me, but as bumps portrude they are a little lighter than me. I get them maybe once a year or twice, Im not sure. By the time I get to the doctor they’re gone and he just tells me it was probably minor after I explain. Please help!

admin answers:

I get the same thing – I think it’s some form of eczema, but I’m not sure – good luck!

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