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Ken asks…

How often should I give my baby solid food?

Now my dear daughter is turning 6 months. I have been giving her solid (mashed food) for the last couple of weeks, and she likes it :). I give her only one meal of solid food per day, and it’s at noon time. the remaining is breastmilk.
– should I increase the solid food meals?
– what are the things I can try to give her right now (can I start giving her some chicken/ meat/ peas/ spinach etc…?)

admin answers:

At first he’ll eat solid food just once a day. By around 6 to 7 months, two meals a day is the norm. By around 8 months he should be eating solid food three times a day. A typical day’s diet at 8 months might include a combination of:

Breast milk or iron-fortified formula
Iron-fortified cereal
Yellow, orange, and green vegetables
Small amounts of protein such as poultry, lentils, tofu, and meat

There are certain foods that you shouldn’t give your baby yet. Honey, for example, can cause botulism in babies under a year old.

Foods to avoid: 4 to 12 months
How to make baby food at home

Making your own baby food is quick and easy. Watch a professional chef demonstrate how to do it.

Honey: Honey can harbor spores of Clostridium botulinum, which causes botulism. An adult’s intestinal tract can prevent the growth of these spores, but in a baby the spores can grow and produce life-threatening toxins.

Cow’s milk and soy milk: Stick with breast milk or formula until your child’s first birthday. Why? Your baby can’t digest the protein in cow’s milk and soy milk for the first year, they don’t have all the nutrients he needs, and they contain minerals in amounts that can damage his kidneys.

Choking hazards to watch for

Large chunks: A chunk of food larger than a pea can get stuck in your child’s throat. Vegetables like carrots, celery, and green beans should be shredded or cooked and cut up. Cut fruits like grapes, cherry tomatoes, and melon balls into pea-sized pieces before serving. Cut meats and cheeses into very small pieces or shred them.

Small, hard foods: Hard candies, cough drops, nuts, and popcorn are potential choking hazards. Seeds may be too small to choke on but can get stuck in a child’s airway and cause an infection.

Soft, sticky foods: Soft foods like marshmallows and jelly or gummy candies can get lodged in your child’s throat.

Peanut butter: The sticky consistency of peanut butter and other nut butters can make it tough for a young child to swallow safely.

More choking prevention

Avoid letting your child eat in the car. It’s too hard to supervise while driving.
If you’re using a rub-on teething medication, keep a close eye on your baby as it can numb his throat and interfere with swallowing.
See a printable checklist on how to reduce your child’s risk of choking.

Foods to avoid: 12 to 36 months

Get age-by-age advice about food safety for older babies and toddlers.
The latest on children and allergies
Doctors used to recommend waiting until age 1 or even much later to introduce solid foods that are common allergens, especially with children at risk for allergies. But the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has changed its tune because studies show that these delays probably don’t help keep allergies from developing.

It’s still a wise idea, though, to introduce new foods gradually, waiting several days after each new menu item to make sure your baby doesn’t react badly to it. And if you believe that your baby is likely to have food allergies – for example, if allergies run in your family or your baby has moderate to severe eczema – check with his doctor to determine the best strategy for introducing allergenic foods like eggs, milk, peanuts, wheat, soy, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish.

Thomas asks…

Why are my boobs SO itchy in the shower?

Hey! Thank you for reading! So I am 17 and my boobs have been itching in the shower for awhile now and it’s always when the water is warm. I can’t help but to scratch them so much that once I get out I have scratches, or bruises, and they start to sting to the point I’m in pain. All my life I have dealt with eczema. Could it be eczema? I am really scared and unhappy with how much I can’t help but to scratch them to death! My boobs are 36D, so I pray to the baby Jesus they are not growing…

Thank you for your help!

admin answers:

Go to a dermatologist as soon as you can- so that he/she can check out your skin and prescribe the proper ointment for your skin. It could be eczema.

Carol asks…

How do you get a 4 month old to quit scratching his face and head?

When he is fussy he scratches himself really badly!

We have tried:

Mittens (He pulls them off.)
Swaddling him for nap, etc. (He breaks out of the swaddle.)
Cutting his nails (He still digs in with what finger nail is left, quite successfully.)
He does have eczema. 🙁
He gets the baby socks off, too! Even small ones!

admin answers:

First, take him to a doctor to find out what is causing this itchiness.It could be a mild form of eczema, or maybe just change baby soap/shampoo/body lotion/detergent etc.You can get baby gro ‘s with built on mitts that won’t come off too.

Susan asks…

My 7 week old has eczema. I use eucerin but he still scratches. Is there any other calming Cream I can use?

Any other eucerin calming cream? He trie to scratch his lil face all the time. :-(.
I jus wanted to know what other parents use before I go to the doctor and sit in waiting room for 2 hours.

admin answers:

Two of my children have had eczema since infancy. Thier pediatrician told me to wash them in Dove which is even more gentle then most baby soaps. Just be careful not to get it in the baby’s eyes. Then cover them with a thin layer of Vaseline. There have been times that we needed to get a prescription cream for them which helped more to releive the itching and swelling.

Sharon asks…

How can I get rid of cradle cap?

My daughter has eczema and her scalp has been so dry. I’ve tried to put baby oil in her hair and let it set, but it seems not to help. I even tried putting olive oil in her hair and washing it out. She has very sensitive skin and cannot use fragrances. Can anyone help? Thanks

admin answers:

My Dr told me to get Neutrogena t-gel, it did help some but my daughters hair is blonde and it started dying it darker! So don’t use it if her hair is light.
Then my mom said she used head and shoulders. That worked really well. Just be careful not to get it in her eyes, it burns really bad. I did that once and i felt so bad 🙁

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