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Joseph asks…

Six month old’s hearing was checked and doctors said there was fluid in his ears?

I was just wondering what causes this and if anyone elses child has had this same problem. They said that it might be affecting his hearing since it is putting pressure on his ear drum. He didnt do so well on his hearing tests and they said hopefully this will clear up the problem but they cant guarantee anything.

admin answers:

Make sure you keep his ears checked. Constant fluid in the ears can cause significant hearing loss and cause problems learning how to communicate. My son had many ear infections. However, in between the fluid stayed. At 9/10m I thought he was delayed in his speech & thought he may be having trouble hearing (knowing from past experiences that the fluid does cause hearing problems). The pediatrician said he was fine. Finally at 12m, he still wasn’t talking or babbling, just making vowel sounds (ahh,oohh) I took him to an ENT. He has his hearing checked. The audiologist said his hearing was like he was walking around with his fingers stuck in his ears. Thats why he didn’t say consonants. He didn’t hear them. The ENT checked his ears & scheduled him for tubes. He got tubes at 13m (on the dot) and they corrected his hearing 100%. During all this time I was getting him into an early intervention program to have him evaluated. They evaluated him and he did have a speech delay & they started him in speech therapy at 14m. He’s 18m now and has improved alot.

Don’t let this happen to you. Have his ears checked again in a week or 2 and if the fluid is still there, have them checked again in another 2 weeks. If the fluid is still there and not going away (you have to check it often to see if its going away & coming back or just staying-so waiting a month you wouldn’t know which happened). If its still there, go see a pediatric ENT or one who takes babies that young. Ours does all ages & I love him. Don’t let you son end up like mine. I’m just glad I did finally act on my instincts.

Good Luck!

*edit* comments after reading the other answers- fluid is not an infection. 2 separate things. Also, not allergies. My son was on Zrytec nightly for his allergies/eczema and still had the fluid. Just babies natural tubes are higher I think than adults so they sometimes need help draining. As you grow, your natural tube moves which is why is mostly a childhood problem.

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