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John asks…

I might have eczema on my eyelids, but it’s uncertain. Could it be my mascara or eyeliner?

I’ve just recently been getting swollen eyelids, but I don’t know if it’s from my mascara or eyeliner. I’ve been using cover girl mascara for a very long time and never had any reaction to it. I bought some liquid eyeliner from maybelline over the summer and never had a reaction to it. I just recently bought eyeliner from physicians formula (that I only put on my bottom lids) and a while after that I was swollen on my bottom eye and one of my top eyelids. I can’t figure out what is causing my eyelids to swell up!! Any help?

admin answers:

If you had eczema on your eyelids you would have constant problems, not just one time from using makeup. It sounds like you had an allergic reaction to the Physician’s Formula eyeliner. Stop using any makeup for a few days so your eye has time to heal. Using cool compresses on your eye will help. After a few days, once your eye is back to normal, go back to using only Cover Girl and Maybelline products, since you haven’t reacted to them before. It’s also possible that you are developing eye allergies, if you have seasonal or year long allergies it’s possible that they affect the eyes as well, but that’s something to ask your doctor about.

George asks…

What happens if you have stomach cancer while pregnant ?

My friend said her mother had a type of sickness in her stomach and when her mother was giving birth to my friend’s brother, he died. My friend was born after her dead brother and she was born with eczema. What type of sickness could her mother have had and did it cause my friend’s eczema in any way?

admin answers:

Eczema has nothing to do with cancer. It is an allergic reaction of the skin. I, too, had it when I was young, and things like heat and scented laundry detergent would cause it to flare up. Allergies can be inherited from parents, but your friend didn’t get it because her mother had a sickness in her stomach.
On a side note, eczema can get a lot better when a person ages. I only get it now if I wear jewlrey that had nickel in it. Some people just have extra sensitive skin.

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