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David asks…

What is this small speck like bump on the inner right butt cheek?

It doesn’t hurt but has been there for a few months. It does not feel like an ingrown hair. It is close to my butt hole. It does not itch or anything, but it’s just annoying being there. What could this be? I’ve tried popping it, but it will not pop. I thought if I left it alone for awhile it would be gone, but nope, the darn thing is still there. It is smaller than a penny in size. Will it eventually go away, it hasn’t in this long of a time? I’m a 28 year old male, and I have never had this happen before, so I am unfamiliar as to what it might be. Please give me any advice you have. Thanks.

admin answers:

There is a very large possibility that its just heat rash. There may be only one, but its common to happen in that area. Both girls and guys get them, and though you may not remember it, you probably had it (heat rash )when you were a baby.

Donna asks…

6 months pregnant with my second child, could i be getting milk already?

My breasts are red and itchy as well as the very top of my belly. They are giving off a lot of heat as well but they are not sore and nothing is coming out. What could this be? Should I call the doctor?

admin answers:

I would ask the OB. Sounds like it could be a heat rash. It’s too early for your milk to come in. When it comes in you’ll know. Very very painful, swollen and heavy, and will leak. Usually doesn”t come till after you have the baby.

Mary asks…

Why do I keep getting this diaper rash?

I keep getting this terrible diaper rash (I had my mother look at it and it was the most humiliating thing in the world so that’s how I know.) The only reason I can think of is my bowel movements, and they happen very irregularly and when they do they’re stressed and bloody a lot of the time. And I eat right! *sigh* I just don’t know what to do, it burns and itches and goes away and comes back after a month or two after I apply cream for about 3 – 5 days. -_- How do I stop this? Why is this happening?
I’m sorry, what I means is it LOOKS like a diaper rash.

admin answers:

Put baby powder , it really helps with diaper rash and make sure to stay cool because it is most likely occurring because of this heat and make sure to apply an A&D ointment as well

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