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Robert asks…

Why does my kid itch all the time?

My 3 1/2 year old son itches his back/butt (I guess tailbone area) all the time. He gets baths with Gerber baby wash, not anything harsh. I ripped the tags out of all his underwear. I don’t see any sort of rash or bumps. Still he itches his buttocks/lower back incessantly. Has anyone seen a preschooler behave this way? What was wrong with them?

admin answers:

Maybe he has a mild case of eczema – which would be more aggravated during the cold months – switch to a more emolient cream and use Dove soap/body wash – even the baby washes can be drying – or maybe he scratches as a habit, maybe consult your pediatrician

Maria asks…

How can I get rid of spots quick without creams and stuff?

I was in the bath the other day and I had some bubble bath and I got out and I looked in the mirror and I had spots all over my shoulders and spots on my head and I never get spots!

admin answers:

That would be the bubble bath irritating your skin I’m afraid. I have the exact same problem and do they get itchy? A bit like eczema. If so stop using bubble bath altogether until they clear up. When they have cleared up trying using a sensitive bubble bath such as the one E45 makes which shouldn’t irritate your skin. Don’t be fooled thinking baby bubble bath will help as it doesn’t and I find most of them worse for my skin!

In the meantime try using an antiseptic liquid in the bath such as dettol. Use a little in the water and should help clearing up the spots.

If the problem continues speak to your doctor.

Jenny asks…

Why is it important to talk to parents about their children’s skin care?

Hi, I am a little stuck on this question for my Childcare level 3 NVQ. I am not sure what subjects in the skin care you should talk to the child’s parents about, and why?

admin answers:

Talk about babies and nappy rashes. As a childcare provider you may notice things, or things may appear during the day, which the parent may not have noticed, or needs to be told about. Eczema….you may need to know which things may aggravate it.
Infectious skin conditions such as impetigo need to be talked about as soon as possible, especially if the child is in an environment which this can spread easily to other children/adults.
Keeping hands clean/washing routines. Not all parents enforce this at home, and in a setting this would need to be enforced a bit more.

Just a few ideas?? Hopefully that will help a bit.

Charles asks…

If you found out that your favorite body lotion increased birth defects, would you use it?

I found out that the fake scents and plasticizers in lotions called ‘phthalates’ increase the risk of birth defects. Should I keep using this? Would you?

Should this information be on the label – sort of like the warning on cigarettes, booze and drugs?

admin answers:

There are a lot of risks with the chemicals in body care products. Thle US Cosmetic Industry is barely regulated. People like me have been fighting for ‘Truth in Labeling’. That means that manufacturers should state the risks relating to certain chemicals in their products, such as benzoyl peroxide/salicylic acid/glycolic acid and others that increase risks of such things as skin cancer, Reye’s Syndrome, eczema, asthma attacks, allergy symptoms, allergic reactions and tons more.

If you want to sign the petition for ‘Truth in Labeling’, please click my picture and follow the link in my profile. There’s also a great honey and oats mask for you to try to help heal dry skin from winter. Try olive oil for a body lotion instead of conventional products that increase your risk of having babies with birth defects. Most of the conventional lotions DO contain ‘fragrance’ and plasticizers known to increase this risk.

The government will take forever to get legislation passed to protect consumers. With the rate of skin cancer tripling in the last 30 years and the age of first onset of skin cancer dropping like a stone, consumers are going to have to make the difference – we don’t have time to wait for government slugs to get these warnings on the labels! Please sign the petition. Thanks.

Betty asks…

Is there a good diet for pregnant women with nickel allergy?

I was diagnosed with a pretty serious nickel allergy several months ago. My allergist recommended a low nickel diet which has been difficult, but I’ve noticed improvement of my symptoms. I just found out that I am pregnant and I’m worried that avoiding foods will deprive me and my unborn child of important vitamins and nutrients.

admin answers:

Hi there, the best thing to do is talk to your allergist. Because your allergy were several months ago he might have prescribed a very restrict diet in order to get you better quickly.
Now that you are much better (I believe so), maybe your he can revise it.

Nickel is found in many foods, and oral ingestion can lead to eczema as well. While it is impossible to maintain a nickel-free diet, certain foods have extremely high nickel contents; among them are chocolate, canned vegetables, oatmeal, almonds, legumes, and shellfish.

When we are pregnant is good to have a very mixed variety of foods in our menu. This will bring a health 9 months period for you and your baby. The fresher the better.

Hope it will help,


Nancy asks…

How can I clear out my sensitive skin?

I just want my skin to be normal. I currently have egzima and cokdsores and I get boils and. I need to know how to get rid of all this ? Irate it please give me some home remedies for cold sores aswell

admin answers:

Here’s part of my natural regimen. What I left out is that I use castile soap, currently Dr. Bronner’s brand, to wash my face daily. Sometimes I use Yes to Tomatoes.

You can use cornstarch or arrowroot powder to sprinkle on the skin to help soothe the irritated skin; or, you can use cool aloe vera gel on the skin. Calendula cream/gel may also provide relief of the itching.

Herbs are great for blood cleansing and purification! Good blood cleansing and alterative herbs include: Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Echinacea Root, Goldenseal Root, Manjistha, Illex, Cerasee, Devil’s Claw, Cleavers, and Celadine to name a few. Red Clover should be added to the herbs above due to its blood building properties, as well as Cayenne that helps improve blood circulation throughout the body and also serves as a catalyst for other herbs. For little babies with eczema, these teas can be made and added to a bottle (and sweetened to taste with maple syrup or agave nectar)

Vegetable juice greatly helps to cleanse and purify the blood, especially green colored vegetables, spinach, kale, parsley, etc. Vegetable juice cocktails should be drank daily (4-8 ounces).

Modify your diet! Go RAW or VEGAN! Simply avoid all acid-forming foods and eat a more alkaline-based diet.

I also recommend adding liquid oxygen drops (i.e. Oxy-Drops) to one’s drinking water, which should be alkaline water or distilled water. If you can’t find alkaline water, drink regular distilled water.

Soak in warm/hot water, 2-3 boxes of sea salt, and 3-4 drops of Lavender oil. Soak daily! It really helps if you have an oxygen or ozone machine to ozonate your bath water. You can ozonate your water for about 45 minutes (while the water is hot) before entering the tub. A baby can also soak in this water, however, only use half a box of sea salt and 2-3 drops of Lavender oil. The water should also be warm and not hot, of course!

Refrain from using perfumed soaps and only use natural soaps (see Dherbs.Com Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual for a listing of natural soaps), i.e. Kiss My Face brand.

If and when you shower, make sure you use a filtered showerhead to prevent those harmful chemicals from coming into contact with your skin.

Avoid lotion and only use botanical oils on your skin, i.e. Olive oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, etc. However, the best oil to use on your skin for any condition is Dherbs.Com Oz Oil. This specially made oil is saturated with ozone, an enhanced form of oxygen.

Wear only natural fabrics, i.e. Cotton, linen, hemp, raffia, etc.! Avoid wearing artificial fabrics, i.e. Polyester. Synthetic fabrics can irritate the skin.

Dherbs.Com products that can help heal eczema include the Full Body Detox, 10-Day Supreme Blood Cleanse; Detox Tea, Blood and Lymphatic Formula, Vitamin C Formula, Acid Buster, Mucus Buster (tea and/or capules), and Electric Greens Cell Food.

Dherbs.Com also has a Anti-Viral Roll On consisting of many of the above essential oils which can be used for blisters (including cold sores). Virus Buster and the Anti-Viral Roll On are a part of our Anti-Viral cleanse and regimen and are both sold separately on Dherbs.Com.

I highly recommend oxygen therapy in the healing of genital herpes. Oxygen (or ozone) destroys all viruses and parasites in the body. It greatly helps to purify the blood. An oxygen or ozone machine (c. $400) is best as you can use it to oxygenate or ozonate your bath water (for a good 30-45 minutes before you get in), your drinking water (for about 10 minutes), and your enema water (for about 30 minutes).

For external outbreaks of painful lesions and blisters, I recommend Aloe Vera Gel, Calendula Gel or Cream, Country Comfort’s Goldenseal and Myrrh salve, and/or Dherbs.Com Oz-Oil.

The greatest tool in healing from genital herpes or any disease for that matter is the MIND! For as a man/woman thinketh, in his/her heart so is he/she.

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